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Sports Ministry to hold peace sporting event in January


By Aurelious Simon Chopee

South Sudan will organize a national sporting event next January to promote peace and unity in the country, Edward Settimo Yugu, Director General for Sports in the National Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports has said. The Ministry on Tuesday conducted a consultative workshop at Multi-Services Training Centre in Juba with Director Generals and Sports directors from the ten states and the two administrative areas to agree on how the event could be held.  The workshop was facilitated and sponsored by Japan International Cooperation Agency JICA.


“All this and even the consultative meeting is being sponsored and facilitated by JICA, and they are going to assist us on how to bring peace through sports. Because everybody knows that sports are a tool that can bring peace and unity, the meeting is to check the readiness of the states to participate in the event” Settimo said in a statement to journalists.

He said the event to be held in January would bring youth under 19 years of age to compete in nationwide sports in football and athletics for both boys and girls, in order to promote peace and unity. He said JICA would also facilitate and sponsor the January event aimed at creating peace.

“The consultation is on how the Ministry can help support the states ministries in ensuring their participation in the national day” he added.

He said the ministry’s plan was to agree with the state ministries to transport their participants while the national ministry accommodates them during the tournaments.

Senttimo said JICA would stand with the Ministry to support the work plan and the sports associations in the country and the athlete who would go for 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

George Yugu, Acting Director General for Sports in Central Equatoria State said his state is ready and prepared to participate in the event stressing that all facilities are ready to ensure the state wins during the tournament. However, he said transporting participants from the other parts of the state would need support from the Central government.

“Even our ministry officials including some directors do not have means of transport. So it will be very hard to transport these participants as far as Kajo Keji, Morobo and other far counties” he said.

 On his part, Bol Makuei, Director for Sports and Recreation in Northern Bahr al Ghazal expressed the readiness to participate. He said the time given is enough to lobby for funds to help the state team to prepare. However he said his government will only be able to transport participant once to Juba.

He expressed optimism that the sports event would be able to bring peace within the societies.

“I think if these young men come together in sports they would forget about their differences and embrace unity” Bol said.


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Yirol West Youth welcome new State

By Emmanuel Thon

The youth association of Yirol West has welcomed the creation of Eastern Lakes state which was curved out of Lakes state through a Presidential Order issued on Friday last week. In a letter congratulating President Salva Kiir, the youth said that the new state will go a long way in easing tension and insecurity that has dogged the state for a long time.

“We thank you for having stood firmly with Southerners in the dark days of the civil war till now. We believe that by the time your term ends in the future, the Southerners will have achieved their full dreams and vision as envisaged earlier.” A letter signed by Mou Magok Dhuor reads in part. “This separation will ultimately defuse tensions created by thieves who operate in between borders of both communities hence a fair way of introducing amicable co-existence in our geographical areas of settlement. This would further more stop rampant cattle rustling which has always been the day’s subject between the territorial boundaries of Yirol West, Yirol East and Rumbek East Communities.” The letter adds. The youth called on all people including the politicians who might be affected by the new development to welcome the move so that total peace is realized in the greater Bar el Ghazal. They promised to continue supporting President Kiir as he struggles to bring about a prosperous and peaceful South Sudan.

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Chamber of commerce launches 2015 Quality Awards

By Daniel Majack Kuany

South Sudan Chamber Quality Awards (SSCQA) 2015 has launched quality awards to be awarded to outstanding businesses that serve with excellence in the country.

The awards 2015 commenced on Thursday and the winners will be announced on 4th of December this year.

Simon Akuei_Deng

“We encourage all the businesses dully registered in South Sudan to showcase their innovative ideas by filling the forms distributed by the chamber as a prerogative for entering the Quality Award competition 2015,” said Simon Akuei Deng the Secretary General for Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber Quality an annual event was initiated last year that looks to promote a culture of quality service and excellence in business and awards those best companies in various business categories that are operating in the country.

In 2014 South Sudan Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (SCCIA) awarded 27 companies /businesses and appreciated a number of individual business owners for their outstanding performance and contributions towards the development of a vibrant private sector in the country.

Simon Akuei Deng, at press conference yesterday in Juba said the concept of these Awards is to publicly recognize outstanding creative and innovative businesses and to appreciate the men and women who are behind the success of those businesses with an aim of building a national annual platform that recognizes business excellence in South Sudan.

 “As part of the SSCCIA policy advocacy, Chamber Quality Awards is a prestigious annual event that aims to promote a culture of quality service & excellence in business and to award best companies in various business engagements who have excelled tremendously in providing high quality services and products to the people of South Sudan,” Said Akuei. He explained that Chamber Quality Awards do not just promote quality and excellence services, but encourage businesses to be more successful.

 He added that thousands of companies have been registered as members of the South Sudan Chamber of Commerce to compete for the most prestigious South Sudan Chamber Quality Awards.

“The winners are the companies/organizations that set the highest quality and standards of services for the people of South Sudan and set example for others to follow across a wide range of sectors with over 30 award categories focusing on every aspect of business,” He stressed.

Akuei noted that, this year the Awards will have special emphasis on the agricultural sector among others to promote sectoral development. 


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Rift Valley Railways adds 120 wagons to its rolling stock

Regional rail operator, Rift Valley Railways (RVR) yesterday announced that it will add 480 new wagons to its fleets in an effort to augment its haulage capacity.

Speaking during the 6th East and Central Africa Rail and Road Infrastructure Summit that was held at Villa Rosa Kempinski Hotel in Nairobi on Thursday, RVR’s General Manager, Concession & External Communications, Mr. Sammy Gachuhi confirmed that they had already procured 120 wagons which they expect to arrive in the country in November.

“The 120 wagons purchased from China CNR Corporation at USD53, 000 per unit will increase fleet size and enable RVR to move up to 60 tonnes on each wagon compared to 40 tons allowed in the current wagon fleet,” he said.

He pointed out that RVR is currently at the midpoint of a sh25 billion (US$ 287 million) capital expenditure program that began in January 2012 to revitalize the railway.

“Since the start of the renewal program, RVR has invested sh11 billion (US$ 126 million) in modern rail operating technology, rebuilding infrastructure, expanding haulage capacity and developing modern rail operating skills in its 2,400 strong workforce.”

RVR has also completed the rehabilitation of the most damaged sections of the railway track between Mombasa and Nairobi and rehabilitated and reopened the 500 km railway from Tororo to Gulu in northern Uganda after a 20-year hiatus. Installation of satellite tracking and GPS-based technology on all trains helped cut cargo transit times between Mombasa and Nairobi by six hours.

The purchase of 20 new locomotives and the rehabilitation of existing wagons in 2014 have significantly expanded RVR’s mainline fleet of operating locomotives. The railway has surpassed its set freight volume targets (FVT), moving 1,883 mnNTK of freight as at January 31, 2015 against a target of 1,737 mnNTK by March 31, 2015 in Kenya. In Uganda, the operator had moved 250mnNTK of freight as at February 252015 against a target of 250 mnNTK by March 31, 2015.

“Rising freight volumes, declining incidents and less blockage time are a testament to the success of the range of measures so-far implemented under the turnaround program — from GPS-based navigation and scheduling to the reconditioning of track and rolling stock — is attracting new customers, including Vivo (formerly Shell Kenya), Lafarge Cement and others looking for safe, efficient, reliable alternatives to road transport,” added Mr. Gachuhi.

The new wagons have been acquired just as a management contract was finalized in August of this year in Uganda which will allow RVR to operate and manage the Inland Container Depot in Mukono, Uganda and will help to further facilitate freight transport particularly for clients moving cargo from the port city of Mombasa to regions beyond Kampala.

The East & Central Africa Roads & Rail Infrastructure Summit is the region's premier transport infrastructure annual event focusing on Eastern and Central Africa's transportation infrastructure needs for roads, rails and ports.


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Youth encouraged to embrace entrepreneurship

By Achol Achien Kiir

Youth Technology Development Organization (YTDO) in collaboration with
the college of Science and Information Technology-Juba University launched Young Entrepreneurial Forum on Wednesday to expose youth business ideas.
The launched was under the theme, “supporting young ideas for economic transformation and business development in the Republic of South Sudan,” Speaking during the launch, the Director of Communication (ICT) in the National Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Ambassador, Wol Mayar Ariec, appreciated the move by the youth saying it is the best way forward to tackle youth unemployment. He said that the government is committed to the implementation of peace deal and that supporting youth is one of their agenda for them to demonstrate their business skills.
Mayar urged the youth to be ambassadors for peace and also encouraged them to invest in agriculture including poultry, fish farming and crop production for the development of the country.
 “You need to think and the government must provide environment to people like you,” said Mayar.
Mayar discouraged the idea of seeking jobs in government offices adding that there are people who make a lot of money and are not employed in government offices.The Chairperson for Youth Technology Development Organization, Thomas Muto Samuel said that youth should not sit down with problems facing them and wait for others to assist them.“I believe that change starts with one person. We are the people who are going to work for the change, who are going to work for the development and who are going to transform the economics of our Country,” said Muto.
“We need to make sure we start businesses with what we have,” he added.
Sahr Kpundeh, World Bank Country Representative said that it is important to encourage the youth to use locally available resources to start businesses other than relying on the international community for all the help. Molly Phee U.S Ambassador to South Sudan also appreciated the move, adding that creativity and commitment matters in Entrepreneurship.
 She said that the U.S is ready to work and to change the mind of youth in helping them succeed and achieve their dreams.

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Deputy Information commissioner returns from Nairobi


By Daniel Majack Kuany

The Deputy Information commissioner, Moses Wol Deng Atak, appointed last week by President Salva Kiir arrived in Juba from Nairobi yesterday where he has been based since March this year.

Editor - in - Chief Wol Deng Atak

In his address to the Media at the Juba International Airport, Wol said he came to formally accept his appointment by the President as the Deputy Information commissioner. “I look forward to serving the people of South Sudan and supporting the President as he strives to reconcile the nation and to bring about a peaceful South Sudan,” said Wol.

Wol is the Editor–in-chief of The Nation Mirror Newspaper which was shut down by the government earlier this year. Wol and Ajak  Bior the former Press Secretary in the ministry of petroleum and mining were appointed on September 22nd  through presidential decree that was read on South Sudan television and radio. The presidential decree put Ajak Bior as the chairperson of the Information commission and deputized by Moses Wol Deng Atak.

The Media Authority Act 2013 that creates the Information Commission was passed by the National Legislative Assembly last year and assented to by the President on 9th of December, 2014.


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UNMAS says Juba not free from Landmines

By Anyang John Kur

The United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) has said that there is no guarantee that Juba is free from landmines; whether planted during the Sudan long civil war or during the ongoing 2013 civil war.

“Nobody knows, I can say yes and I can say no…..in my country United Kingdom every day mines, bombs and rockets continue to be found from the second world war and the second war finished 60 years ago and 60 years’ time they will continue to be found in South Sudan. In terms of safety, there is no significant contamination around Juba but there is no question they will be also found from time to time,” Tim Lardner the head of UNMAS told reporters in Juba. He added that the whole mission at the moment is focused on the protection of civilians but was quick to add that future there will be more demining services.

“We are protecting the civilians by clearing the hazardous areas, clearing the mine fields, we are making ways for safe grounds for agriculture and kids to play in the fields and people go back to normal way of life,” Lardner said.

He said they have missions in Juba, Bor, Bentiu, Malakal and Wau, providing demining.

The head of UNMAS also said they are providing training and educational services South Sudanese. So far,  over 450,000 people have benefitted from the mine risk education carried out in about 2800 villages and towns they surveyed.

“We have cleared about 12.06 million square meters from July 2014 to June 2015,” he added.

He said during their work within the 12months, UNMAS cleared 1,757 hazardous areas that were possessing mines before the 2013 war and after.

UNMAS is a mission within the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) that helps in demining planted mines across the country.  



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Konggor Youth Association welcomes the appointment of Wol Atak

BY Emmanuel Thon

Konggor Area Youth Association have welcomed the appointment of Wol  DengAtak as a deputy chairman of the Information Commission.

Editor - in - Chief Wol Deng Atak

“We would like to congratulate President Salva Kiir Mayardit for appointing Hon. Moses Wol Deng Atak as deputy chairperson for Information Commission. We appreciate trust granted to him by the president,” The organization said in a message sent to The Nation Mirror signed by the chairperson Lino Manyuon Makuch.

“The Konggor Community takes this opportunity to express their solidarity and support to the President. We are wishing the state to live in peace, stability and prosperity. The Konggor Community is willing to partner and do whatever is necessary in order to ensure unity and a just peace for all the people of South Sudan,” the statement added.

Wol Atak who has been until his appointment the Editor in Chief of The Nation Mirror was named as the Deputy Chairperson of the Information Commission by President Salva Kiir through a decree that was read on the state broadcaster last week.



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One killed another injured in Juba robbery

By Anyang John Kur

Akuei Maketh, a worker at a local money transfer company was killed and his colleague Garang Anyang injured when robbers attacked them while arriving at their home.  $9000 and 8,000 South Sudanese pound was stolen in the attack in Gudelle, a Juba suburb, The Nation Mirror has learnt. Three staffs were returning home from their Konyo-konyo office in the evening when they came under attack, Bior Maluil, a director of Abukruel International Group (AIG), a local money transfer company said.

“We took the dead body home in Bor and the other man who was injured was taken to Nairobi yesterday for more treatment. We are doing everything to see the injured recovers from those serious wounds,” Maluil told The Nation Mirror in an exclusive interview.

AIG is an agent of money transfer within the Country and abroad. The director said the staffs were coming from the main Company branch in Konykonyo market and while reaching Gudele residential area on a public vehicle, they alighted at the stage near their home.

“The gunmen it seems they were waiting for them at the gate of the home. They pulled the AK 47 and a pistol and started shooting them and one of them died on spot while the other one was seriously injured and the gunmen came and took the money and ran away,” Maluil narrated.


There was no police to immediately intervene, according to the director who was informed by the family of the deceased.


The police spokesperson confirmed the incident but said they are not making any more comments on the story as they are following the culprits very closely.

It is not known whether the police has a clue about the whereabouts of the so called “unknown gunmen” but the company director said they are not sure if the culprits will be apprehended, making him reluctant to follow up with  the case. Crimes have surged in Juba recently, following economic hardships that have led to the hiking of prices essential commodities.


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Juba City Council wants burnt market reconstructed

By Anyang John Kur

Juba City Council assembly tasked the director for Kator Block Council to explain the status of the reconstruction of the spare parts market in Malakia that was burnt early this year. According to the Chairperson of the Juba City Legislative Council, Michael Ladu Jabu, the director was summoned in the house in order to hear from him firsthand about his plans for the once booming market. “You know such a place cannot be left like that, if you leave it the way it is right now, the businessmen who were working there may lose their dreams and that is why the government is there; to make citizens work for themselves and make sure no one goes hungry,” Ladu said.

The Chairperson said the director for Kator Block said the issue is being followed closely with investors being lobbied to construct better and modern facilities. Hundreds of traders lost millions of pounds when a fire that was allegedly caused by a charcoal stove engulfed the whole market.


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VP Wani Igga in New York to attend the UN General Assembly

By Achol Achien Kiir
Vice President James Wani Igga, on Tuesday led a high level delegation comprising 11 ministers, diplomats and technocrats to New York to attend the 70th session of the Unit Nations General Assembly and also participate in the UN meeting on South Sudan aimed at rallying the international community to support the peace agreement that was signed recently by the warring parties.

 Wani Igga will represent President Salva Kiir Mayardit at the
Head of States and Government summit in New York. Speaking to reporters at Juba International Airport, the press secretary of the Vice President David Mayen said that his boss will have a busy schedule starting from Wednesday when he  will deliver a key note statement to the African Heads of State and Government Investment working line.

  “Thereafter he will have another statement on 26 to African Union Peace and Security Council, and then he will also give a statement on Gender Equality and Women Empowerment,” said Mayen.  He said that the Vice President will also have side meetings with the president of Egypt, and the Prime Minister of Israel and few other dignitaries.  Foreign Affairs Minister Barnaba Marial Benjamin said that the General Assembly meeting is very important in the life of United Nation membership adding that the President delegated to represent him.

 “There are so many sideline meetings in addition to the Plenary of the United Nations where each State is expected to deliver a key note address. The Vice President will deliver a key note address on behalf of President Salva Kiir Mayardit and,” Marial said. Also expected to attend the meeting regarding the peace agreement is the rebel leader Riek Machar, the leader of the SPLM Former Detainees Pagan Amum, and other South Sudanese stakeholders.

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