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Maridi State Governor Swears In Two New Ministers

By Bakindo Stephen


Maridi state governor, Africano Mande has sworn in two ministers following the latest decrees reshuffling the state cabinet. The governor recently issued a decree relieving the state minister of infrastructure and public utilities, Philip Bingo Gamunzu and Alison Barnaba Mangu as minister of Finance.

The governor later reappointed Alison Barnaba as minister of physical Infrastructure and Alison Yoere Rukusa, as minister of Finance. The new minister of Physical Infrastructure and Finance were then sworn in before the governor at Maridi Hall.

Speaking during the swearing in ceremony, Governor Mande urged the new minister and the old ones to have the spirit of hard working with the few resources. He explained that the country currently is undergoing economic crisis.   

The sworn in ceremony was attended by all the government official and amadi state dupet governor and ministers and all the church leader youth and women.

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Juba University Students To Demonstrate Due To Results Delay

By Chuty Anyar


Diploma Students from Juba   University study in college of Rural and community development are preparing to stage peaceful demonstration due to delay in examination result for almost two years.

Speaking to the Nation Mirror newspaper yesterday, Mayen Mayen the students representative said the delay of their result has contributed more to the suffering that the student  endure  in the hostel at  Juba University.

“It was last year September that we finished our examination including students who sat for supplementary examination up to today we have not seen our result being displayed  yet we are suffering here in Juba waiting for them,” he said.

Mayen explained that they have raised their concern to the head of the department to address the reason of their delay.   He added that they went to Vice Chancellor but were told that the delay of their results  is from their college. He said they are going for peaceful demonstration to inform University administration and general public that they are   opting as last option after they have knocked at everybody’s door.

“The administration of University of Juba is not focusing on our right; since last year those people are perpetuating for our suffering at the Juba University here, if they would have released our examination result some of us would have got  job either in the States or in Juba here,” Mayen narrated..

The Students representative explained that they were   promised   by Vice Chancellor to wait   for   decision to be made by head of Colleges which he said has not brought any solution to their problem. 

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School Girl Admitted After Aborting Fetus

Stephen Bakindo 


A 17 year old school girl of Maridi One Primary School whose name is withheld due to reputational issue is admitted to Maridi Civil Hospital after allegedly aborting a five month old fetus by taking two doses of abortion drug.

According to information from medical officers in Maridi Civil Hospital, the girl is currently nursed at their facility undergoing intense care, while the boy went into hiding.   The drugs that the young girl swallowed according to reports were bought by her boyfriend who is a student of Haddow Secondary School.

The parent of the school girl declined to comment on the story when asked by The Nation Mirror.   However the Medical Doctor at Maridi Civil Hospital, Dr   Lilli Henry Danima said the girl’s condition was getting better after undergoing medical attention.  Dr Lilli warned that abortion was not good for human health. She urged the government to restrict the drugs from the clinic around Maridi to avoid such case among the student. 

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4 Business Owners Arrested For Corrupt Practices In Maridi

By Stephen Bakindo


Four business owners selling at Maridi main market (Suk-wahida)   were apprehended last Friday and detained for three hour at Maridi police custody for what police described as corrupt practices to cheat citizens. 

According to the police, the investigation revealed that the four business owners used to cut a measurement cup to sell sugar expensively to their customers.  However, one of the suspects who failed to mention her name for fear of another arrest condemned the manner in which they were arrested. She said the policemen came immediately checking the cups without any notification. 

She said they were resizing the cup to ensure that they cope with the rising prices of commodity.  Meanwhile the Inspector of  Criminal Investigation Department  (C.I.D )  in Maridi  County,  Samuel  Jonathan said  he sent his team to go and monitor  those people who are selling sugar in the  market after getting  some complain from  the citizen and customers  who are buying sugar from the market .  Jonathan warned the business owners not to repeat such mistakes of cutting the cups again. Effort to reach Chamber of Commerce in the state for comment   was not successful.

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Youth President Denies Embezzling Money, Threatens Lawsuit

 By Garang Abraham Malak


The National Youth President Dr. Albino Bol has denied embezzling any money meant for youth activities and threatened to sue councilors who accused him of embezzlement should they fail to apologize publicly.

Dr. Albino accused the councilors of damaging his political career following accusation on Wednesday that he mismanaged 1.5 million South Sudanese pounds.

“These are rebels who want to attempt coup against my leadership, they want to reduce my reputation, political career and at the same time this are people who have no clear evidences against that amount of money given to me,” Bol exclusively told The Nation Mirror on Phone interview yesterday.  

“These guys should remove my individual issues from the leadership of National Youth,” Bol said.

Youth President threaten that if the fellow councilors don’t apologies publically then he will dragged them to court of law for defamation and for them to produce evidence that showed that  he embezzled the said amount.

He termed the information as propaganda and urged youth in the country to stay away from practices.

“If I am doing something bad I should be told that you are doing this mistake and that instead of labeling unfounded stories against me. I am the choice of the youth with much respect but those who have lost the momentum are going around preaching their lies to the public,” he stressed. Albino warned youth to refrain from the concept of rebellion and work for the future of the country.

 “Let end accusing one another just because of positions that are based on individual interest. It will continue to divide us apart and we will loss reputation before our leaders. We need cohesiveness among the youth since it is the only way to lead us into prosperity, peace and harmony in our country,” he said.

He further appealed to all the youth in the country to have self-dignity and put individual interest aside.   Adding, “I have a way through where I can take those individuals to court.”

Albino also called on all media house to report stories that are well balanced to avoid mistrust between the media fraternity and the public.

Members of the council on Wednesday accused Dr. Albino of mismanaging funds and avoiding to convene meeting of the Union since taking office in 2014. They claimed that Dr. Albino fears that he could be impeached should councilors come together.

It is to be understood that the Speaker of the Council has been appointed member of state parliament and his position has not been replaced.

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Rumbek Civil Servants Call For Better Working Conditions

By Daniel Laat M’ Kon


The civil servants in Western Lakes have called on the state authorities to improve the working environment for both government officials and private staff so that they deliver adequate services to the local population.

In an exclusive interview with The Nation Mirror on Wednesday, one of the civil servants, Mamer Deng Kuc appealed to the state authorities and NOGs to help people manage deteriorating situation in the country through better payment. Deng blamed government for not considering citizens livelihood in spite of worsening economic crises in the country.

“People deserve equals rights in our South Sudan constitution but not seen in the working environment where many people live from hand to mouth...,” Deng Said.

He mentioned lack of mobility means, low grades and lack of promotion at work places as key issues affecting many workers.

Deng called upon the national government to solve “burning issues” that are impeding citizens from realizing importance of peace in the country.

A mother of five children working in the Ministry of Health in Rumbek says maintaining life in the country has become challenging. The 40 year old mother complained of corruption in government institutions decrying hard life which she described “as a life without hope in South Sudan.”

“Where will widows and orphan go, if their government doesn’t give them food to eat or protect them from any kind of abuse?” she questioned while emphasizing that peace agreement should be implemented.

South Sudan suffered huge reputation losses due to civil unrest that hit the African youngest nation just after just less than three years independence in July 2011.

Earlier this year, the government approved salaries increment of all low earning civil servants and organized forces match the hikes of commodities prices in the market following the government decision to devalue and adopted the parallel market currency exchange rate.

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US Alarmed By Recruitment Of Children In Armed Conflict

Staff Writer


The United States said it is profoundly alarmed by the recent United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) report that implicates South Sudanese government forces in the recruitment of child soldiers since the July 7th return to hostilities.

According to the press release by Deputy Spokesperson of US Department of State, John Kirby, the US called for immediate end to what it termed as “unlawful recruitment” or use of child soldiers.

“Above and beyond our calls for an end to ongoing violence in South Sudan, we insist on an immediate halt to the unlawful recruitment and use of child soldiers by government and opposition forces. Individuals responsible for the unlawful recruitment or use of child soldiers for armed groups or forces may be subject to sanction under U.S. law and may be targeted for UN sanctions”.

On August 19, 2016, UNICEF announced that 650 children had been recruited into South Sudan’s current conflict in 2016 alone. UNICEF has also noted that an estimated 16,000 children have been recruited by both government and opposition forces since the outbreak of conflict in December 2013.

“The continued unlawful recruitment and use of children in armed conflict in South Sudan is unacceptable. Eliminating the unlawful recruitment and use of child soldiers for armed groups in South Sudan is a leading priority of the United States” Kirby said.

He further explained that they remained committed to securing accountability for those who recruit and use children as soldiers.

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Security Under Control In Maridi, New Counties Announced

By Stephen Bakindo


Maridi State governor, Africano Mande has said his government is in control of security in the state and urged civilians to return to their homes.

Civilians fled into the bush following clashes that ensued in the state when former First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar fled to Democratic Republic of Congo through Maridi. While briefing citizen on the security situation in the state, Mande said government was in control of state security.   He urged all parents whose children are in the bush to persuade them to come back home. “Whoever decline to return home this time the state government will not be responsible for whatever will happen” he said.

Several youth had formed themselves into local vigilante as early as 2014 when disputes over land with cattle keepers resulted into clashes which later involved some members of the army. Since then, some of the youth returned while others remained at large claiming allegiance to the SPLA-IO.

But the governor said some of the politicians were enlisted in Machar notebook.

“when I went to follow Machar,  we found his notebook with some of your names as his people including those who are in my cabinet the names are with me I will ask people one by one this time” the governor said.’

The Governor urged all citizens to work with the entire security organ and provide them with information about the wrong elements in the state.   In other news development,   Maridi state government announced the creation of new counties making the number of counties seven. The counties include; Maridi, Ibba, Mambe, Kozi, Maruko, Nabanga and Landili counties 

Mande urged entire citizens to work together for the development of the new county and the state.

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Malaria, Waterborne Diseases Hit Tonj State

By Garang Abraham Malak


Flooding and malaria including other water borne diseases has hit Tonj state following the last month floods that s affected undisclosed numbers of household’s in Tonj State, state official has said.

Speaking to The Nation Mirror on phone yesterday, the state Minister for Information in Tonj, Madit Malek stated that the flooding that began a month ago has resulted into an outbreak of waterborne diseases and increasing infections by malaria parasite.

“We have got reports from two counties of Thiet and Wanhalel respectively in the southern parts of Tonj State, about thirty households were destroyed by recent flooding,” Madit stressed.  

Madit revealed that the state government together with health partners in the area is speeding up measures to contain the diseases through distribution of treated mosquito nets.

“The state government has shifted serious attention in treating sick patients that are admitted at various health centers within the counties. We are fighting by all means to find a solution to contain the outbreak from spreading to other less affected villages,” said Madit.

On the related activities in the State, the state official spokesperson revealed that the area is peaceful exception of flooding roaming and engulfing the counties.

He mentioned that the state is seriously hit by food insecurity because all the farms are submerged and resulting into high cost of living standard.

“Commodities are very expensive in the market and the worse part of it is that, there are no goods available in the market,” said official.

The Minister reiterated that the population in the state had dropped dependency on imported goods but due to poor harvest in the states that forced the residents to rely on markets goods.

“The security situation within the state is currently calm, though the state’s government is just battling with minor crimes that the police and the state government are making efforts to bring them to book,” he concluded.

The state official appealed to both local non-governmental organization and international humanitarian organizations to support the state government by helping the most affected household with humanitarian aid. He said the most urgently needed aid includes drugs, food items among others.

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Nationality, Passport Branch To Open In Terekeka

By Garang Abraham Malak


The newly appointed director, of Nationality, passport and Immigration Lt. Gen. Majak Akech Malok has announced that the directorate is in preparatory plan to extend branch to Terekeka soon to curb residents from expenses of accessing the nationalities, passport.

Gen. Akech made the revelation on Friday during a congratulatory ceremony at his office by Mundari Women Association. Akech thanked the tribal Women’s Association for taking the time to congratulate him upon his appointment as the new director.

“It is the first time for women from Terekeka state to do such a miracle, congratulating me and buying gifts. this will be an example from different states and it will remain as a record in the books and I do really appreciates your association as Terekeka women,” Gen. Akech told Women Association.

The officer stated that the role of police department is to keep law and order, and appealed to everyone to report any incidences of criminal activities once they occur within their local communities.

“I urge the people of Terekeka under the leadership of Governor Juma Ali Malou to let the Juba-Yirol highway be free from invaders who sometimes attack passengers travelling to various states, all residents of Terekeka should work on that issue,” Akech stressed. 

Akech further stated that Terekeka as a state should continue with such a spirit of togetherness and love, as the only way to develop the state. The representative of Women Association lauded the director and expressed their appreciation to President Salva Kiir Mayardit for appointing Majak Akech as the director of Nationality, passport and immigration. 

Terekeka Women Association was formed in the year 2007 with aim to bring together local women to cater for their children as men took part in the liberation struggle. 

“we as an association are under the wise leadership of Juma Ali Malou, we are so happy today because Majak gave us time and he permitted us to his office to present him the gifts of happiness. We pray to God for peace and guidance in south Sudan,” she explained.

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Bor’s Traffic Order Bars Boda Boda From Overloading

By Manas James Okony


The traffic police authorities in Jonglei State’s Bor County on Fridayissued an order restricting commercial motorbike commonly known as Boda Boda from carrying two passengers or more on board.

The Order came amidst concerns of increasing road accidents involving ‘Boda Bodas’ that the authorities blamed on what they called over loading with passengers. Col. Solomon Mabor Ruar, is the director for the traffic police in Jonglei State. Col. Mabor said his office has recorded a lot of accidents involving Boda Boda due to overloading. ‘’Many cases in my office are as a result of overloading,’ ‘he said. ‘’This order now serves to inform all individuals taking part in the business to avoid carriage of more than one passenger” he added. The State Traffic Police Boss further added that anyone who shall not abide by the Order will be fine.

He did not however reveal how much a person would be fined. Mr  Alith Bol one of the riders of the Boda Bodas’ disagreed with the move taken by the State authorities  and   said mishaps involving Boda Bodas is not linked to carriage of passengers. ‘’What if it is emergency involving the sick? ‘’Bol asked. Bol disagreed that   the move is just to track them   down and to collect money from them.

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