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Foreign Affairs Disproves Allegations Of Denial Of Country’s Passport In Chinese Banks

By Garang Abraham Malak


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has downplayed the complain raised by South Sudanese students studying in China University of Petroleum regarding Chinese banks denial of South Sudanese passports.

Speaking to The Nation Mirror on phone yesterday, Ambassador Mawien Makol stated that the students complain could not be true because many South Sudanese travel  often to China and none has come out to complain.

“South Sudan passport is recognized by every country in the world including China, various people travel to the China with diplomatic passports with no visa, visa is usually required in the absences. That issue could be wrong hence we are very sure that our South Sudan passport is recognized by Chinese government,” Makol said.

The spokesperson deny that newly created China database record does not recognize South Sudan zip code as claimed by the students.  This came after a report from South Sudanese in China said “Chinese Banks have failed to recognize their passports to receive money from any part of the due to lack of zip code recognized in Chinese database”

Earlier, a student from China University of Petroleum told The Nation Mirror on phone that the Chinese banks have constantly halted most students from receiving money using their South Sudan passports.

“We as south Sudanese students studying in China are facing a lot of problems. We don’t know where to run for help except to ask our relative back home and all over the world to send us money which is restricted.  Right now the problems that need an immediate solution cannot be solved despite money in the bank,” read earlier comment. He revealed that each time student is sent money from any part of the world and if he or she goes to the bank to cash the money using his own South Sudanese passport, the student is denied access to their money.  

He said the Chinese business entities always state to them that South Sudan does not exist in the new Chinese database.

“I urge our government to take this matter seriously and help us  (students) studying abroad by at least including the country’s code in the new Chinese database for the sake of  students prosper in China so that we can freely use our passports without restriction,” he explained. However, the information from the Foreign Ministry disapprove of the claim.

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