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Malueeth Community Members Reject Meen Payam As County Headquarters

 By staff writer


 The community of Malueeth County in Western Lakes comprising of youths and elders based in Juba and abroad rejected the newly established Malueeth County headquarter to be based in Meen Payam. This rejection was declared on Sunday in a meeting which was conducted by youths and community members in Juba last week.

According to Gabriel Magep Malek, secretary of Malueeth community association in Juba the community however appreciated the state governor for creating Malueeth as one of the new counties.

Magep who inked the Community press statement claimed that community youth in Rumbek, Nairobi, and other oversea countries totally reject the new county headquarters.

One of the reasons for rejecting the proposed headquarters according to the youth leader was regards to the population. He said because the population of Malueeth had gone to Meen territory due to communal fighting, “This has been taken as an advantage by people and politicians who are representing Meen and Wurieng Payams respectively in the state government which is not true,” Magep said.

He also claimed that establishing Malueeth County headquarters in Meen doesn’t meet their party (SPLM) policy of taking towns to the villages. Moreover, he said Meen has got no suitable environment (enough space) that could hold the new county headquarters despite being on the main road.

In the extended argument, the community explained the new proposed administrative headquarters doesn’t fall in the middle of the new county zone at the same time and therefore cannot bring all residents of the new county.

He said the distance from main road where Meen is located, to Malueeth does not exceed 15 to 20 minutes drive. “We the youth and community members of Malueeth County at large in Juba and other members elsewhere in the world, do pass this message to concerned authorities to find amicable solution, we totally discourage use of violence,” the community leader stressed.   Moreover the community members raised concern of political imbalances in the area; insisting that Malueeth County headquarters must be Malueet town.

“Some said that the intention of which people of Wurieng Payam which is just ten minutes away from Alor County refused to join Alor County is to come and use the name of Malueeth for their political interest which will never be possible this time around,” community statement read.

“We knew creation of these counties was not meant to divide people, but taking services closer to the people. This concept is likely to be misused by some politicians aiming at many different interests” it concluded.

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