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5.7 Million SPP Missing In State Government Account In Rumbek

By staff writer


 Western Lakes State government said 5.7 million South Sudanese Pounds earlier meant for building state assembly is missing from the government account in Ivory Bank in the state. 

Western Lakes State information minister Dut Makuet who spoke to The Nation Mirror on phone yesterday said Governor Abraham Makoi has formed a committee to investigate the where about of the money after Former Governor of defunct Lakes State allegedly disclosed to the gathering about the money.

 Major Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol allegedly disclosed to the gathering in Juba recently that he left 5.7 Million SPP in the government account in Ivory Bank Rumbek Branch before he was relieved following creation of new states.

“The funds he said were meant for building the state assembly” minister Makuet said. “The money is missing in the bank, the government has been approaching Ivory Bank to release the funds so that the money be used for its project but the bank is dodging and is not telling the truth whether the money is there or not. “There was no clear information where the money had gone to” Makuet said.


 The new administration in the newly created state of Western Lakes claimed the missing money was discovered after the finance ministry tried to check the money in the bank in order to use it for building the state assembly. “But to their dismayed there was no accurate answer and it was this report the prima facie case was built on” he said. Before the distribution of the asset between the three new states, the asset distribution committee allegedly found that there was no such an amount in the Bank, according to the minister.

It is however not clear whether the money was solely taken by one state at the expense of the other or corruption is involved with former officials. Major Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol was appointed in 2012 to replace governor Chol Tong Mayai who was elected in 2010 under the SPLM ticket. Tong was relieved on the ground that he failed to handle the security situations in the former Lakes state. Chut took up the assignment but after sometimes state citizens became critical of his rule with some politicians calling for his removal. He was only relieved last year following the creation of new states including Western Lakes, Eastern Lakes and Gok states respectively.  new faces thereafter were appointed by the president to head the new states particularly the three states of greater Lakes. 

Corruption has been described by president Kiir as “is rising up sharply”. Presidential officials were executed in the mid of this year for allegedly embezzling 14 million USD and 30 Million SSP in the office of the president, making them to be the first government officials charged with corruption in the young nation. However, the government has a commission known as anti- corruption commission, but this commission has been criticized several times for not taking actions.

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