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Farmers In Renk, Awiel Prioritize Agriculture To Boost Food Production

By Garang Abraham Malak


Farmers’ Cooperatives in Renk County of Eastern Nile and Awiel State have approximately utilized 8000 hectares of land to reduce food insecurity in the country.

Acting Minister of Agriculture Kornelio Kon told The Nation Mirror yesterday in an exclusive interview that the government has decided to cultivate large hectares in order to eliminate food insecurity in the nation.

“We call on all South Sudanese to support us in the agricultural sector, if all citizens accept cultivation together we can eradicate hunger in the country,” he explained.

Kon stated he visited Renk and Malakal and presented some strategies to farmers on how to cultivate 1000 hectares. “The states which are mostly affected by food insecurity are Awiel, Wau state and Yei state among others and the reason behind that is political instabilities in those areas. citizens fear to go out for farming because of the fighting within the vicinity,” Kon stressed.

The official stated that most of the states in the country are conducive for agricultural production including Renk, Aweil, and Equatoria at large but political instabilities has affected the local population. He reiterated that the Ministry of Agriculture has a plan of sensitizing citizens on issues related to agriculture but those plans are being hindered by lack of facilities in the ministry. 

However he bestowed hope on the request to extend to agricultural bank to grant loans to farmers. “Am glad with the agricultural bank that has offered a loan of 2 Million South Sudanese Pounds to Renk farmers to purchase seeds among others,” said Kon.

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