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Youth President Denies Embezzling Money, Threatens Lawsuit

 By Garang Abraham Malak


The National Youth President Dr. Albino Bol has denied embezzling any money meant for youth activities and threatened to sue councilors who accused him of embezzlement should they fail to apologize publicly.

Dr. Albino accused the councilors of damaging his political career following accusation on Wednesday that he mismanaged 1.5 million South Sudanese pounds.

“These are rebels who want to attempt coup against my leadership, they want to reduce my reputation, political career and at the same time this are people who have no clear evidences against that amount of money given to me,” Bol exclusively told The Nation Mirror on Phone interview yesterday.  

“These guys should remove my individual issues from the leadership of National Youth,” Bol said.

Youth President threaten that if the fellow councilors don’t apologies publically then he will dragged them to court of law for defamation and for them to produce evidence that showed that  he embezzled the said amount.

He termed the information as propaganda and urged youth in the country to stay away from practices.

“If I am doing something bad I should be told that you are doing this mistake and that instead of labeling unfounded stories against me. I am the choice of the youth with much respect but those who have lost the momentum are going around preaching their lies to the public,” he stressed. Albino warned youth to refrain from the concept of rebellion and work for the future of the country.

 “Let end accusing one another just because of positions that are based on individual interest. It will continue to divide us apart and we will loss reputation before our leaders. We need cohesiveness among the youth since it is the only way to lead us into prosperity, peace and harmony in our country,” he said.

He further appealed to all the youth in the country to have self-dignity and put individual interest aside.   Adding, “I have a way through where I can take those individuals to court.”

Albino also called on all media house to report stories that are well balanced to avoid mistrust between the media fraternity and the public.

Members of the council on Wednesday accused Dr. Albino of mismanaging funds and avoiding to convene meeting of the Union since taking office in 2014. They claimed that Dr. Albino fears that he could be impeached should councilors come together.

It is to be understood that the Speaker of the Council has been appointed member of state parliament and his position has not been replaced.

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