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Rumbek Civil Servants Call For Better Working Conditions

By Daniel Laat M’ Kon


The civil servants in Western Lakes have called on the state authorities to improve the working environment for both government officials and private staff so that they deliver adequate services to the local population.

In an exclusive interview with The Nation Mirror on Wednesday, one of the civil servants, Mamer Deng Kuc appealed to the state authorities and NOGs to help people manage deteriorating situation in the country through better payment. Deng blamed government for not considering citizens livelihood in spite of worsening economic crises in the country.

“People deserve equals rights in our South Sudan constitution but not seen in the working environment where many people live from hand to mouth...,” Deng Said.

He mentioned lack of mobility means, low grades and lack of promotion at work places as key issues affecting many workers.

Deng called upon the national government to solve “burning issues” that are impeding citizens from realizing importance of peace in the country.

A mother of five children working in the Ministry of Health in Rumbek says maintaining life in the country has become challenging. The 40 year old mother complained of corruption in government institutions decrying hard life which she described “as a life without hope in South Sudan.”

“Where will widows and orphan go, if their government doesn’t give them food to eat or protect them from any kind of abuse?” she questioned while emphasizing that peace agreement should be implemented.

South Sudan suffered huge reputation losses due to civil unrest that hit the African youngest nation just after just less than three years independence in July 2011.

Earlier this year, the government approved salaries increment of all low earning civil servants and organized forces match the hikes of commodities prices in the market following the government decision to devalue and adopted the parallel market currency exchange rate.

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