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Security Under Control In Maridi, New Counties Announced

By Stephen Bakindo


Maridi State governor, Africano Mande has said his government is in control of security in the state and urged civilians to return to their homes.

Civilians fled into the bush following clashes that ensued in the state when former First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar fled to Democratic Republic of Congo through Maridi. While briefing citizen on the security situation in the state, Mande said government was in control of state security.   He urged all parents whose children are in the bush to persuade them to come back home. “Whoever decline to return home this time the state government will not be responsible for whatever will happen” he said.

Several youth had formed themselves into local vigilante as early as 2014 when disputes over land with cattle keepers resulted into clashes which later involved some members of the army. Since then, some of the youth returned while others remained at large claiming allegiance to the SPLA-IO.

But the governor said some of the politicians were enlisted in Machar notebook.

“when I went to follow Machar,  we found his notebook with some of your names as his people including those who are in my cabinet the names are with me I will ask people one by one this time” the governor said.’

The Governor urged all citizens to work with the entire security organ and provide them with information about the wrong elements in the state.   In other news development,   Maridi state government announced the creation of new counties making the number of counties seven. The counties include; Maridi, Ibba, Mambe, Kozi, Maruko, Nabanga and Landili counties 

Mande urged entire citizens to work together for the development of the new county and the state.

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