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Malaria, Waterborne Diseases Hit Tonj State

By Garang Abraham Malak


Flooding and malaria including other water borne diseases has hit Tonj state following the last month floods that s affected undisclosed numbers of household’s in Tonj State, state official has said.

Speaking to The Nation Mirror on phone yesterday, the state Minister for Information in Tonj, Madit Malek stated that the flooding that began a month ago has resulted into an outbreak of waterborne diseases and increasing infections by malaria parasite.

“We have got reports from two counties of Thiet and Wanhalel respectively in the southern parts of Tonj State, about thirty households were destroyed by recent flooding,” Madit stressed.  

Madit revealed that the state government together with health partners in the area is speeding up measures to contain the diseases through distribution of treated mosquito nets.

“The state government has shifted serious attention in treating sick patients that are admitted at various health centers within the counties. We are fighting by all means to find a solution to contain the outbreak from spreading to other less affected villages,” said Madit.

On the related activities in the State, the state official spokesperson revealed that the area is peaceful exception of flooding roaming and engulfing the counties.

He mentioned that the state is seriously hit by food insecurity because all the farms are submerged and resulting into high cost of living standard.

“Commodities are very expensive in the market and the worse part of it is that, there are no goods available in the market,” said official.

The Minister reiterated that the population in the state had dropped dependency on imported goods but due to poor harvest in the states that forced the residents to rely on markets goods.

“The security situation within the state is currently calm, though the state’s government is just battling with minor crimes that the police and the state government are making efforts to bring them to book,” he concluded.

The state official appealed to both local non-governmental organization and international humanitarian organizations to support the state government by helping the most affected household with humanitarian aid. He said the most urgently needed aid includes drugs, food items among others.

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