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Foreign Affairs Disproves Allegations Of Denial Of Country’s Passport In Chinese Banks

By Garang Abraham Malak


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has downplayed the complain raised by South Sudanese students studying in China University of Petroleum regarding Chinese banks denial of South Sudanese passports.

Speaking to The Nation Mirror on phone yesterday, Ambassador Mawien Makol stated that the students complain could not be true because many South Sudanese travel  often to China and none has come out to complain.

“South Sudan passport is recognized by every country in the world including China, various people travel to the China with diplomatic passports with no visa, visa is usually required in the absences. That issue could be wrong hence we are very sure that our South Sudan passport is recognized by Chinese government,” Makol said.

The spokesperson deny that newly created China database record does not recognize South Sudan zip code as claimed by the students.  This came after a report from South Sudanese in China said “Chinese Banks have failed to recognize their passports to receive money from any part of the due to lack of zip code recognized in Chinese database”

Earlier, a student from China University of Petroleum told The Nation Mirror on phone that the Chinese banks have constantly halted most students from receiving money using their South Sudan passports.

“We as south Sudanese students studying in China are facing a lot of problems. We don’t know where to run for help except to ask our relative back home and all over the world to send us money which is restricted.  Right now the problems that need an immediate solution cannot be solved despite money in the bank,” read earlier comment. He revealed that each time student is sent money from any part of the world and if he or she goes to the bank to cash the money using his own South Sudanese passport, the student is denied access to their money.  

He said the Chinese business entities always state to them that South Sudan does not exist in the new Chinese database.

“I urge our government to take this matter seriously and help us  (students) studying abroad by at least including the country’s code in the new Chinese database for the sake of  students prosper in China so that we can freely use our passports without restriction,” he explained. However, the information from the Foreign Ministry disapprove of the claim.

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Armed Youth In Maridi Rejoin Government

By Chuti Anyar And Stephen Bakindo


32 armed youth who have been battling with the SPLA in Maridi state, have defected back to government stating that they were deceived into joining Dr. Machar war.

The fighters, who deserted their group, were received on Monday by SPLA delegation headed by Spokesperson Brigadier Gen. Lul Ruai Koang.

 “They were received back on behave of the SPLA general headquarter in Maridi after they arrived in different location and in different interval. 

The come back to join their national army after they realize that life in the bush is not good as it’s of many suffering,” Gen. told the press.  Speaking to the Nation Mirror newspaper in an exclusive interview yesterday, Ruai said the rebels accused Dr. Riek of abandoning them in the bush and fleeing to neighboring Country his own safety. 

He narrated that those 32 who surrender were led by Lt Col. as the senior officer and many others of lower ranking officer including Non commission officers in the list. “They were part of SPLA-IO who left Juba under the command of the former first   vice president Dr. Riek Machar. They have decided to abandon   that movement of Dr. Riek Machar and  have join First Vice President General Taban Deng Gai who is working in the implementation of the peace agreement,” Ruai said.

Our correspondent in Maridi Stephen Bakindo in additional reporting confirmed the arrival of the 32 youth.

He interviewed one returnee youth, Robert Bakhit Defo  said it was not his intension to join the rebellion. He accused one SPLA IO commander in the bush he called Pala Oko as having deceived them to join the rebellion with promise of ranks.

He further reported that the Bishop of Maridi Diocese His Lordship Justin Badi Arama applauded the government for remembering the state by heeding to the initiative by the religious leaders. He said the return came at the when the church launched   “mission week of witness”

The State Governor Africano Mande is reported to have welcome the return and assured the SPLA and the government that the state was calm.

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Mundari Herders urged to Evacuate Jubek State

By Chuty Anyar 


Governor Juma Ali Malou of newly curved Terekeka State from Defunct Central Equatoria last week issued an order to Mundari cattle Herders in Jubek State to evacuate their cattle back to their respective areas. Malou said the move is to restore peace between cattle herder and farmers and to allow farmers to cultivate their farms without interference from pastoralists.

This came after several clashes between farmers and nomads, trading accusation of animals causing insecurity in the area.  

According to information seen yesterday by The Nation Mirror, governor Malou said the move is aimed at mitigating conflict between cattle keepers and farming communities. “I ordered all Mundari cattle keepers to return to the state immediately,” read the order.

The order stated that all the cattle camps currently based in the neighboring states mainly Jubek, must be relocated to Terekeka.

“All the heads of organized forces in Terekeka should assist and respond positively in case they’re officially requested by any county commissioner to help where necessary,” the orders added.

The governor asked all the county commissioners to implement the order with immediate effect so that all farmers who were in fear of cattle can plough. He appealed to farmers to start preparing their farms for next lean season.

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JUSU Presses Gov’t To Reduce Student Transport Fare

By Dach Agoth Mayen


Juba University Students’ Union (JUSU) has urged Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) to reduce all means of transport fares to students by at least 50 percent cost. JUSU Secretary General, Gum Thany Mon registered student’s plea to the transitional government lead by President Salva Kiir and FVP Gai to critically scrutinize issues which are affecting studies of students that includes transport fares.

Thany was speaking on Saturday in Nyakuron Cultural Centre during the occasion organized by National Youth Union to celebrate four months of formation of unity government including the recent reconstituting of transitional parliament. The function was attended and graced by country’s first vice president General Taban Deng Gai among other senior government officials.

“We need transitional government of national unity to prioritize student’s welfare funds which was established through a presidential decree two years back,” Thany said. In 2014, President Salva Kiir issued presidential decree constituting an Act governing Student’s Welfare Fund which was later endorsed by National Legislative Assembly (NLA), in an effort to strengthen students’ welfare in pursuit of their studies.

Thany narrated that many students get stuck in Juba after completing academic semesters at the Universities particularly in the University of Juba making vacation trips a nightmare due to unaffordable transportation fares.

He expounded that the transport fares and financial constraints has contributed to the high rate of drop out of students from public Universities. “Our request is that, students should not be charged equal amount with working class but their fares should differ by 50 percent,” he explained.

Meanwhile, there was a commission members committee formed to managed the institution but so far there has not been any success recorded nor the commission seen functioning, prompting students to questioned where about of the commission and what might have gone wrong.

On the same occasion, Thany advised youth to unite their ranks and shun tribalism, division based on the ethnic lines and urged them to rally behind the government and support peaceful implementation of peace deal.

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Tonj Authorities Threaten To Dismiss Slothful Civil Servant

By Garang Abraham Malak


Tonj state authorities has ordered all state civil servant that are outside the state including slothful staff to heed governors’ call to go for briefing or face dismissal.

Tonj state Information Minister Madit Malek told The Nation Mirror on phone yesterday that the state government has urged all absentees civil servants whether within or outside the area to immediately report back to the state capital. Malek said the decision was passed after council of minister regular sitting number 28 chaired by governor Akec Tong Aleu. He said the agenda emerged as the cabinet deliberated on salary payment.    “State government got the report of those individuals that were paid but they don’t turn up for work,” He said.   He said the matter was highly considered by cabinet and state Ministry of Finance directed to scrutinize and investigate payroll between month of March, April, May and July respectively. He said those found to have defaulted or abstained in those months should face proper actions.

 “After, Ministry of Finance was tasked to carry out the case through checking all the files of employees within the state. The report from the ministry of finance made it clear that majority of civil servants was not within the state,” he revealed. Adding, “Others don’t turn up for work while others are for studies without proper permissions authorized by state government”.

Madit stressed that the reports clearly stated that majority of state employees abandoned respective vacancies and traveled to Juba but still gets their salaries. “The councils of ministers under the leadership of Governor Akech Tong Aleu directed all Ministers to go and carryout proper screening in their various ministries and find out exactly those who left state for studies including those who dropped their jobs for other reason,” he added. Malek warned that individuals who will not heed the briefing will definitely be laid off and announcement will be made public.

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Inadequate Budget Delays Operationalization Of New Counties In Jonglei State

By Garang Abraham Malak


Inadequate budget has delayed operationalization and the appointments of commissioners of newly created counties in Jonglei State; the state governor has told The Nation Mirror.

Governor Philip Aguer Panyang Jot said in an exclusive interview on Wednesday that the appointments of new commissioners of new counties require a lot of resources and that has hindered the provision of service delivery in the area. “We don’t have enough budget, therefore, there is no need to hurry now in appointing them. We would have appointed them (Commissioners) if the old budget could accommodate them but now the old budget cannot accommodate the old and new commissioners,” Aguer said. However, the former army spokesman mentioned the state government is still awaiting approval of newly created counties because of controversies from other communities.

He said the commissioners will soon be appointed after knowing sufficient budget that will cater for their accommodation, mobility among others.

“Even though we appoint commissioners from today, we believe they will face a lot of difficulties in executing their tasks because there are no proper facilities in the areas,” he said.

He stressed that his government will try to implement the vision and mission of ruling Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) of taking town to the people, despite challenges.   Governor Aguer underscored that, although there was some money got during the fund raising time, the funds were channeled into roads rehabilitation and agricultural sector to boost food productivity in the state. The state official said the only revenue that can support the new counties will come from social taxes from each of new counties administration and that will make the state to prosper.

Jonglei state was curved out from the previous greater Jonglei now divided into four similar states. New Jonglei now compose of Duk, Twic-East and Bor respectively.

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Malueeth Community Members Reject Meen Payam As County Headquarters

 By staff writer


 The community of Malueeth County in Western Lakes comprising of youths and elders based in Juba and abroad rejected the newly established Malueeth County headquarter to be based in Meen Payam. This rejection was declared on Sunday in a meeting which was conducted by youths and community members in Juba last week.

According to Gabriel Magep Malek, secretary of Malueeth community association in Juba the community however appreciated the state governor for creating Malueeth as one of the new counties.

Magep who inked the Community press statement claimed that community youth in Rumbek, Nairobi, and other oversea countries totally reject the new county headquarters.

One of the reasons for rejecting the proposed headquarters according to the youth leader was regards to the population. He said because the population of Malueeth had gone to Meen territory due to communal fighting, “This has been taken as an advantage by people and politicians who are representing Meen and Wurieng Payams respectively in the state government which is not true,” Magep said.

He also claimed that establishing Malueeth County headquarters in Meen doesn’t meet their party (SPLM) policy of taking towns to the villages. Moreover, he said Meen has got no suitable environment (enough space) that could hold the new county headquarters despite being on the main road.

In the extended argument, the community explained the new proposed administrative headquarters doesn’t fall in the middle of the new county zone at the same time and therefore cannot bring all residents of the new county.

He said the distance from main road where Meen is located, to Malueeth does not exceed 15 to 20 minutes drive. “We the youth and community members of Malueeth County at large in Juba and other members elsewhere in the world, do pass this message to concerned authorities to find amicable solution, we totally discourage use of violence,” the community leader stressed.   Moreover the community members raised concern of political imbalances in the area; insisting that Malueeth County headquarters must be Malueet town.

“Some said that the intention of which people of Wurieng Payam which is just ten minutes away from Alor County refused to join Alor County is to come and use the name of Malueeth for their political interest which will never be possible this time around,” community statement read.

“We knew creation of these counties was not meant to divide people, but taking services closer to the people. This concept is likely to be misused by some politicians aiming at many different interests” it concluded.

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5.7 Million SPP Missing In State Government Account In Rumbek

By staff writer


 Western Lakes State government said 5.7 million South Sudanese Pounds earlier meant for building state assembly is missing from the government account in Ivory Bank in the state. 

Western Lakes State information minister Dut Makuet who spoke to The Nation Mirror on phone yesterday said Governor Abraham Makoi has formed a committee to investigate the where about of the money after Former Governor of defunct Lakes State allegedly disclosed to the gathering about the money.

 Major Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol allegedly disclosed to the gathering in Juba recently that he left 5.7 Million SPP in the government account in Ivory Bank Rumbek Branch before he was relieved following creation of new states.

“The funds he said were meant for building the state assembly” minister Makuet said. “The money is missing in the bank, the government has been approaching Ivory Bank to release the funds so that the money be used for its project but the bank is dodging and is not telling the truth whether the money is there or not. “There was no clear information where the money had gone to” Makuet said.


 The new administration in the newly created state of Western Lakes claimed the missing money was discovered after the finance ministry tried to check the money in the bank in order to use it for building the state assembly. “But to their dismayed there was no accurate answer and it was this report the prima facie case was built on” he said. Before the distribution of the asset between the three new states, the asset distribution committee allegedly found that there was no such an amount in the Bank, according to the minister.

It is however not clear whether the money was solely taken by one state at the expense of the other or corruption is involved with former officials. Major Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol was appointed in 2012 to replace governor Chol Tong Mayai who was elected in 2010 under the SPLM ticket. Tong was relieved on the ground that he failed to handle the security situations in the former Lakes state. Chut took up the assignment but after sometimes state citizens became critical of his rule with some politicians calling for his removal. He was only relieved last year following the creation of new states including Western Lakes, Eastern Lakes and Gok states respectively.  new faces thereafter were appointed by the president to head the new states particularly the three states of greater Lakes. 

Corruption has been described by president Kiir as “is rising up sharply”. Presidential officials were executed in the mid of this year for allegedly embezzling 14 million USD and 30 Million SSP in the office of the president, making them to be the first government officials charged with corruption in the young nation. However, the government has a commission known as anti- corruption commission, but this commission has been criticized several times for not taking actions.

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Ruweng Governor Sacks Minister

By Dach Agoth Mayen


Ruweng State governor Mayol Kur Akuei on Monday sacked Tiop Monyluak from the State Ministry of Local Government through a gubernatorial decree.

Tiop Monyluak emerged the first Ruweng state cabinet minister to be sacked through a gubernatorial decree since the formation of the new State following 2015 Presidential order dissolving pervious 10 states and creating 28 states in the country.  

Meanwhile, governor Kur did not cite any reason that prompted him to sack his cabinet minister but said the removal was based within the administrative prerogative.  

“The governor never labels any reason behind the removal of the top minister in the state but attributed it to the administrative cases. He was removed due to the administrative reasons,” Governor press secretary said. Sources within the State who requested anonymity due to fear of reprisal said, the governor is serious with his policies and should any official work contrary to the expected responsibilities, that person will follow be removed.

He said the governor had earlier promised local populace that his administration would prioritize good governance with accountability, rule of law, transparency and responsiveness within the officials.

Early this year, the governor also reiterated his call to prioritize basic services delivery to the state community.  Attempts made by this medium to reach the ousted minister were made futile due to poor connectivity of the mobile network in the state.

President Kiir last year issued the establishment order known as presidential order no. 36/2015, for the establishment of more states in the country. Ruweng was curved from the defunct Unity and subsequently followed by the appointment of aforementioned states governor.

The other two states include Northern Liech and Southern Liech states.

Ruweng is lying at the border between Sudan and South Sudan and it is the oil rich region with many fields in its territory including Tor and Khatnar among other oil fields.

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Farmers In Renk, Awiel Prioritize Agriculture To Boost Food Production

By Garang Abraham Malak


Farmers’ Cooperatives in Renk County of Eastern Nile and Awiel State have approximately utilized 8000 hectares of land to reduce food insecurity in the country.

Acting Minister of Agriculture Kornelio Kon told The Nation Mirror yesterday in an exclusive interview that the government has decided to cultivate large hectares in order to eliminate food insecurity in the nation.

“We call on all South Sudanese to support us in the agricultural sector, if all citizens accept cultivation together we can eradicate hunger in the country,” he explained.

Kon stated he visited Renk and Malakal and presented some strategies to farmers on how to cultivate 1000 hectares. “The states which are mostly affected by food insecurity are Awiel, Wau state and Yei state among others and the reason behind that is political instabilities in those areas. citizens fear to go out for farming because of the fighting within the vicinity,” Kon stressed.

The official stated that most of the states in the country are conducive for agricultural production including Renk, Aweil, and Equatoria at large but political instabilities has affected the local population. He reiterated that the Ministry of Agriculture has a plan of sensitizing citizens on issues related to agriculture but those plans are being hindered by lack of facilities in the ministry. 

However he bestowed hope on the request to extend to agricultural bank to grant loans to farmers. “Am glad with the agricultural bank that has offered a loan of 2 Million South Sudanese Pounds to Renk farmers to purchase seeds among others,” said Kon.

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Business Person Arrested In Maridi For Untidy Premises By Bakindo Stephen

By Bakindo Stephen

Maridi state Municipal Council has arrested a business owner for allegedly keeping his premises dirty.

This comes after the Municipal Lord Mayor Daniel Owudada went on inspection visit to the business places and restaurants in the town to assess health situation.  Speaking to the press Maridi after the visit, the Mayor said the business person was arrested for defaulting the local order to keep Maridi town clean and green. He said he will be taken to court for trial.

However Owudada   added that it was taken as an example to whoever is keeping his or her place of work dirty.  He said every defaulter will face arrested. The Nation Mirror was not able to get comments from the arrested business owners as efforts to reach him in detention were not successful.

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