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Kiir orders the SPLA to cease all hostilities

By Aurelious Simon Chopee

President Salva Kiir Mayardit has declared a permanent ceasefire on Thursday a day after signing a peace agreement to end the twenty months of conflict. The IGAD brokered compromise agreement for the resolution of conflict in South Sudan said a permanent ceasefire should come into force 72 hours after signing of the accord.

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In a Republican Order No- 35/2015, ready on South Sudan TV and seen by The Nation Mirror, Kiir instructed the army chief of staff to execute the orders with immediate effect.

The president quoted section 14(c) of the Army Act, the Sudan People’s Liberation Army Act 2009 and on the Compromise Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan, which was signed in Addis Abab Ethiopia on 1 August 2015 by rebel leader Riek Machar and leader of former detainees Pagan Amum as basis of his decision. President Kiir also affirmed his commitment to the peace which he signed on Wednesday.

The President, who is also the commander in chief of armed forces, instructed the SPLA forces to cease offensive of “any military operation all over the country, the SPLA forces are to remain vigilant and stay put in their current locations, the SPLA forces shall fire back only in self-defense when attacked.”

The Compromise deal which was signed by the warring parties first by the rebel leader on 17th and President Kiir on 26th had provided for the declaration of the Permanent Ceasefire in order to implement the provisions of the deal. By doing so the President is in the implementation process.   It is still not yet known whether the rebels will also completely ceasefire after divisions were not in their rank and file with some commanders withdrawing their allegiance from Dr. Machar who signed peace on their behalf.

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