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16 Students Win Kenyan High-School Scholarships

By Akon Dut Paul


At least 16 South Sudanese students have been offered high school scholarships by two Kenyan secondary schools based in Mombasa in an effort to enhance two countries bilateral ties. According to Anip Majok, a member of the South Sudan Basketball Federation, the 16 luckiest students include seven girls and nine boys, between the age limit of 15 to19 years.“For now sixteen is the number the schools could take though we wanted more but there is always next time. This scholarship caters for education, health, and accommodation,” Majok told The Nation Mirror in an exclusive interview on Friday.

“During holidays, they are going to be occupied with a lot of sports activities since some parents cannot afford the costs of movements all the time but if a parent wants their child back in South Sudan for any reason, they are free to pick them,” he said.

Majok further noted that the Basketball Federation is currently working with the students’ parents on issues including visa and transports both at South Sudan embassy in Kenya and in the Country. He reiterated that the first priority is for children to get quality education. He thanked the parents of the students for motivating their children to engage in sporting activities saying “by uniting this generation, we can unite the nation.”

Wilex Moses, a representative for the two schools said the scholarship was meant to cover all the states of South Sudan but the crisis has since limited the program to only Juba. Moses said the sponsorship is based on the talents seen in the students adding that the rest of the states will also be engaged in various sporting activities such as volleyball, football and handball.

“The students are expected to be hard working but if one is not smart enough, it doesn’t mean that we are going to take away the sponsorship from him or her we just want them to get education for their future and not to waste their future under any circumstance because they are the hope of the nation,” he stated.

“So we encourage all South Sudanese across the country to get involved in at least one sports activity.  It’s good for health, keep you away from bad practice and shape one’s discipline.”

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KenyaWithdraws Parliamentary Motion To Deploy Its Military In South Sudan


By Aurelious Simon Chopee


The Kenyan Majority Leader in the parliament Aden Duale has withdrawn a special motion seeking Parliament’s approval to deploy Kenya Defense Forces troops in South Sudan as a “matter of urgency” as requested by the UN, The Star website has reported.

The motion was moved in order to deploy Kenyan troops as part of the protection force authorized by the United Nations Security Council, the region and African Union.

While withdrawing the motion according to the reports, Duale said he needed time for “further consultation on the matter”. 

The motion was tabled on August 18. Prior to this, the UN Security Council authorized the deployment of a 4,000-strong protection force in South Sudan’s capital. The troops will be part of the UN peacekeeping mission.

The Security Council also threatened an arms embargo if South Sudan’s government does not cooperate. Duale’s motion argued that deploying KDF will see security beefed up in the country as well as deepen regional integration. Deployment of forces by neighboring countries has been a very contentious issue since South Sudan threatened not to cooperate and treat those forces as invading forces. In the past week, Sudan and Uganda announced that they will not deploy their forces in the war ravaged country. It has then remained Ethiopia and Kenya who had pledged to contribute forces that will make part of the 4,000 strong forces under the banner of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan.

It is however not clear whether the Kenyan lawmakers will approve the motion if they meet next week. Amina Mohamed, Kenyan Minister of Foreign Affairs in her statement with US Secretary of State John Kerry, had remarked on the need to deploy the forces as soon as possible.

“All of us that spoke today discussed and addressed that issue of the protection force, and we agreed that it was something that needed to happen. We had a serious discussion with our colleagues and friends from South Sudan urging them to allow for that deployment as quickly as possible” Amina told reporters in Nairobi on Monday.

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AMDISS Condemns Deployment Of Security Operatives In Printing Presses

By Aleer P.David


The Chairperson of the association for media development in South Sudan[AMDISS] in a press statement  has condemned the deployment of National security agents in printing companies to censor news that are sent by different media institutions for printing.

“Removal of articles constitutes censorship and repression on the work of media in South Sudan and it amounts to undermining freedom of expression and media that have been enshrined in the transitional constitution of South Sudan and the South Sudan media act 2013”Alfred said.

According to the press statement Juba Monitor and The Nation Mirror newspapers had more than six of their articles removed within this month alone, which Alfred alleged to be a move taken by the National Security Service to weaken the two media institutions.

The AMDISS has also accused the Media Authority, the body tasked to look into issues of media institutions in the country of unwillingness to solve some of the problems that are affecting the media houses in the country.

Last Thursday, The Nation Mirror Newspaper had to suspend publication after security allegedly refused its front page story about escape of the former FVP to be printed. The publication had to suspend printing for fear of losses if confiscated.

Similarly, other newspapers printing at Universal Printing Press were reportedly detained before being allowed to circulate. “AMDISS takes a grim view of this unlawful interference in the distribution of the newspapers and calls for immediate end to this behavior” the released stressed.

“It appears as if the Media Authority body which was established by law to address all matters related to media seems to be unwilling or unable to act on issues affecting media” Adding, “AMDISS strongly condemns this act by the national security and reminds the Media Authority to do its work as spelled out in Media Authority Act 2013”

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Jonglei Governor Says Machar Rebels Learnt Big Lesson In Latest Fighting


By Garang Abraham Malak


Jonglei State governor Phillip Aguer Panyang Jot has said the rebels backing the then first vice President Dr. Riek Machar have experienced lesson after attacking Pajut in Duk County in Jonglei state. 

Speaking to this reporter, Aguer stated that the fear which was circulating within the state has been contained and tranquility has slowly returned. 

“Riek Machar rebels who recently attacked Pajuut on 19-August were defeated by SPLA forces and that will be a good lesson to other rebels who want to rebel against the government,” Aguer said Aguer revealed that there has not been displacement to other states and security situation has normalized following the attack. 

“The wounded victims on the side of Jonglei are under treatment in Malualchat hospital. I even went this morning and paid a visit to them and they are all doing well,” Aguer told The Nation Mirror. 

The former Army spokesman further stated that they have held talks with Boma state government and 7 percent of the residents in Boma sate are willing to live in peace. Governor Aguer added that the recent fighting was a violation of peace agreement that was signed a year ago by President Salva Kiir and armed opposition to end more than two years of conflict.

Last month force loyal to President Salva Kiir Mayardit and those backing his former first vice president Dr. Riek Machar clashed outside presidential palace killing more three hundred people and displacing 10,000 others to neighboring countries for refuge.

Philip Aguer appealed to the citizens to support the implementation of peace agreement under the leadership of president Kiir and General Taban Deng Gai.

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CfC Stanbic Bank Dragged To Court Over Unpaid Cash


By Roger Alfred Yoron


A legal suit seeking amongst others, payment of USD 9000 has been instituted against CfC Stanbic Bank South Sudan. The plaintiff, Global Quest Logistics Investment LTD through its director Nicholas Mwenda Ruteere is seeking that the Court sanctions the Bank to pay the company USD 5,000 “as outstanding actual claims” and additional USD 4000 as interest for four months “procrastination.” Speaking exclusively to the Nation Mirror, Mwenda accused CfC Stanbic Bank Juba branch of denying him payment of the money in violation of his rights.

The plaintiff said he has been urged to instead “sweet-talk” the bank’s managing director in order to be paid the money. “I have no enmity with CFC [Stanbic Bank]. The issue is they refused to sort out an otherwise small issue and they tried to refer me to the MD [Managing Director] who sits in Nairobi. As a businessman, every day I don’t work I cannot eat. So… [Instead of]to take my time off and take a plane to and from Nairobi for $800 to go and demand $5000” Mwenda said. “I decided to get a home grown solution. I did not bank my money in Nairobi. I did not bank my money with the MD. I don’t know who sits behind that desk. I bank with an entity called CfC Stanbic Bank South Sudan. So the issue of going knocking from door to door begging for my money should not arise.” According to the plaintiff, the USD 5000 “outstanding actual claims” was received by the defendant (CfC Stanbic Bank) since 18th February 2016  as remittance transfer from another account of his (the plaintiff) with Cooperative Bank of South Sudan.

The plaintiff said the USD 500 has been destined to another account of his held by the defendant (CFC Stanbic Bank). After the bank “denied” paying him the money, the plaintiff said, he resorted to taking legal steps. Delays and unexpected limitations in payment (withdrawal) of cash, especially of USD from commercial banks throughout South Sudan have been on the rise since the country went into economic crises. Mwenda however insisted that the Bank had assured him money per withdrawal. He said: “What CfC refused to do, because I have done a lot of research, they refused to do a simple thing, to press a button and lift that money to Global Quest account in CfC bank… so that when I go to the teller I get it. This refusal is sort of denying my rights.

“The guy who was telling me to go to Nairobi is a good friend of mine. His hands were totally tied. So that’s when I know this Bank operates on ‘who do you know?’ …which is, as a public institution, is wrong [sic].


“Apart from humiliation as a businessman, I have suffered the loss of borrowing people’s money and paying at exorbitant fee in interest rates... Actually, at one point I went to the corporate manager... the man who advised me to go and sweet-talk the MD... I took contract from the UN and the other clients... I told him my brother now these contracts are all going because I don’t have money. Can’t you people at least… to argue my case and let them lift that money into my account? At that point I was begging. I begged for two months, walking there, everyday.”


“I want the public to know that, some banks here are taking advantage of that Bank of South Sudan thing. Because if the MD could lift it, it means it is possible. It means you will have to lick somebody’s shoes so that you get your right. I am not ready to do that, let the law take its course.”


The plaintiff’s advocate, Peter Dau Akolthon also told the Nation Mirror that his client exhausted all “necessary means to get his money” since February before resorting to legal steps in April 2016. Counsel Dau said a last week session on the case at Kator Court before Judge Joseph Phillip has been adjourned to this Friday week after the Bank “failed” to reply to issues raised.


“The session was set for them to bring the reply either to deny they are not supposed to pay him or to accept. To our surprise they brought the reply and that reply was not accepted by Court because there are some procedures which were not followed so they were told to go and amend it, of which they will come back on 26th, for the amended written statement of defence. And thereafter we shall comment on that … then we shall proceed with the case.” The advocated said proceeding with the case is a question of the law to determine whether his client Global Quest LTD is supposed to be paid by the bank or not. “Hopefully, I think they are not denying the fact, I’m very sure that my client will get his right because he has an account with them and they accepted that they received the remittance’ advice, but only that they don’t have the cash,” Dau said.Asked of a possible out of court settlement, the advocated replied: “If they are ready to accept our prayers that we need, then there is no problem. We are ready, we can stop the case and they should pay all what we requested for. We were not actually willing to go to Court but because there is no any other means of getting our client’s money unless we go to Court.” Approached yesterday by the Nation Mirror for response on the issues, CFC Stanbic Bank Juba branch manager acknowledged existence of the case.

He however declined to comment further and instead recommended other officials who were absent by the time of the press.

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Onyoti Says No Peace Without Dialogue

Onyoti Adigo Nyikwec speaks to the press today Photo by Radio Tamazuj 2

By Chuty Anyar


Member of Parliament representing Democratic Change party (DC), Onyoti Adigo Nyikwec on Tuesday challenged government spokesperson Michael Makuei to encourage dialogue with Machar rather than issuing conditions for his return.

“Without dialogue there will be no peace” Adigo said in reference to last week statement by Makuei conditioning Dr. Machar to quit politics and denounce violence as precondition to return to the country.

On Friday, Makuei said the sacked first vice president turned rebel can only return to the country if he disbanded violence and refrained from country political affairs until transitional period ends and wait for 2018 election.

Exclusively, Adigo told The Nation Mirror in his office yesterday that Minister Makuei statement doesn’t constitutes language of peace that the people in the country are yearning for. However, he said it will be good if the Minister was uttering the statement as personally opinion but if it was government stance then it is “regrettable”.

“I considered the statement as personally views but if it was government position, otherwise there will be no peace if there is no dialogue among ourselves,” Onyoti told The Nation Mirror.   “Am sure First Vice president Taban Deng Gai and President Salva Kiir will not bring peace among themselves but all of us can bring peace into the country,” the outspoken opposition politician said.   The ousted first vice president Machar fled the country last month following renewed fighting between forces backing him and those loyal to President Salva Kiir, leaving hundreds of people dead and displacing 10,000 others from their homes.

The MP said it is an individual willingness to choose to be in politic or to quit but not to be forced to relinquish participation in political affairs of his or her own nation.  “If you chose to withdraw from politic you can decide by yourself not to be told by anybody.  Nobody can tell me today to stop doing that, it was something you had been delegated by your people,” he stressed.

He explained that being in politics means representing people and argued that it is unwise to order somebody to leave politics when he has been a politician in the country.

Adigo expounded that Dr. Machar is a citizen who has supporter and therefore need for dialogue for peace to prevail. He stressed that supporters of Riek Machar are continuing waging war against government despite Taban Deng Gai appointment as first Vice President by the opposition members in Juba.

 “Dr. Riek Machar is having his supporters who are still continuing war against us even though Taban Deng has taken majority of the Generals from the opposition and are here in Juba but still the minority with Dr. Riek will still disturb people’s peace, but dialogue can bring peace,” he said.

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FDs Urge United States Not To Give Up On South Sudan

Kosti Manibe Ngai PS

By Majak Kuany


The  South Sudan Former Political Detainees (FD), who are party to the regional brokered peace agreement to end conflict in South Sudan, have welcomed the visit of US Secretary of State, John Kerry to the region to push for commitment to peace implementation.

Kerry arrived in Nairobi on Monday where he met President Uhuru Kenyatta and other Kenyan officials as well as South Sudan Foreign Minister Deng Alor Kuol. Kerry said South Sudan crisis was high on the agenda of his visit.

Consequently, the FDs issued a press statement seen by The Nation Mirror explaining the critical role of United States and President Obama in the birth of African young nation.

“It is our hope that President Obama and people of United States will not give up on South Sudan as hopeless case that is beyond redemption,” said Kosti Manibe in the statement. “South Sudan can still be rescued through proactive assistance that puts the people first rather than the mighty and the powerful,” partly read the statement. The group, who comprised of former SPLM leaders who were implicated with involvement in alleged coup attempt in Juba in 2013, urged all parties and stakeholders especially the Transitional Government of National Unity and the other parties to the peace agreement, civil society and the general public to reservedly give support to regional and international communities on their initiatives for providing protection force in the country.

The visit of US secretary of State to the region comes while South Sudan enters its second month after renewed conflict in Juba.

“We, the SPLM-leaders (former political detainees) wish to convey sincere appreciation and commend the strenuous and selfless investment that our neighbors and the international community at large continue to make for the cause of peace in South Sudan,” it added.

The FDs also welcomed the August 12, 2016 United Nations Security council resolution to deployed 4000 strong regional protection forces aimed at providing protection to civilians, humanitarian workers and Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission Staff.

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USAID Contributes Extra USD 17 Million to IOM’s Emergency Operations in South Sudan

Staff Writer


USAID’s Office of US Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID/OFDA) has contributed an additional USD 17 million to support International Organisation for Migration’s emergency operations across South Sudan, the Agency has revealed.

According to the UN Migration Agency, the funds will help expand livelihoods of more than 605,300 displaced and vulnerable individuals at the UN protection of civilians (PoC) sites in Bentiu and Malakal, as well as in Renk and other high-need locations.

It revealed further that more than 6.1 million people are in need of humanitarian aid. “With millions facing severe hunger and displacement, humanitarian needs in South Sudan are the highest they have been since the crisis began. USAID’s contribution and partnership allows IOM to continue lifesaving assistance as we strive to meet the growing needs, which have only been exacerbated by renewed fighting in recent months,” said IOM South Sudan Chief of Mission William Barriga.

Some USD 5.7 million will help IOM ensure that internally displaced persons (IDPs) maintain access to safe drinking water and liveable hygiene and sanitation conditions in the Bentiu and Malakal PoC. On Monday, the United States Secretary for State, John Kerry announced additional Humanitarian aid to South Sudan to the tune of US$138 million to support vulnerable people devastated by conflict  in the country.

He announced this during his tour to Nairobi to discuss issues of conflict in the world’s youngest nation. He however gave precondition for the announced aid urging parties to the conflict to implement the accord or face sanctions.

“Today, I am also announcing nearly $138 million in new aid from the United States to the people of South Sudan, and we are already the largest donor in the world to the effort to help sustain the people of South Sudan on a humanitarian basis with 1.6 billion that we have contributed. The new funds, the 138 million, will be used to provide food, water, and medicine to those in need. But I want to make this clear, and I particularly think it’s important for the people back home who are engaged in trying to help. I’m talking about our taxpayers in the United States” Kerry said while in Nairobi.

“In addition, I want to make clear that part of our understanding today is that the parties in South Sudan will allow unfettered access for the delivery of this and other humanitarian relief. The overriding need in South Sudan is to re-invigorate an inclusive political process and to implement the reforms that are set out in the agreed-upon peace process, the peace agreement, so that this young country can stand up to its economy, create effective security institutions, and bring an end to the sectarian division and fighting” he added.

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TNLA Inauguration Crucial For Peace Implementation-CEPO


By Chuty Anyar


The Community Empowerment for progress Organization (CEPO) has lauded and welcomed the installation of Transitional National legislative Assembly and called on lawmakers to unite and implement the agreement in letter and spirit.

Last Week, President Salva Kiir installed the TNLA in fulfillment of the provisions enshrined in the August 2015 Peace Agreement.    The Executive Director for CEPO, Edmund Yakani described the installation of the transitional parliament as demonstration of commitment by unity government towards peace implementation despite slow progress since it was inked a year ago. “Reopening of the parliament has built and repaired back the broken hearts of South Sudanese who had given up on peace in the Country,” Yakani said.

However, he said the question asked by citizens is whether the August House will work onto its installation objectives as stipulated in the agreement.

“Will the transitional national legislative assembly work in line with the objective in which it was inaugurated by the President? But for civil society we are not doubting the August house capabilities in addressing challenges facing the nation,” he said.

“Our text is not much more center on an individual who are working in the August House, our concern as civil society is the institution to be established fully with its powers independent to work as it is mandated according to the Constitution so that we can hold people accountable,” Yakani explained. He explained that civil society applaud and appreciate President Kiir for the hard work and decision to prove to the world that TGoNU is on full move to make peace prevail in the country by all means.

He added that they are not more interested on how Parliament will be run under the government of National Unity. “To prove our message to public about parliament inauguration is the way forward for peace to prevail in the country. There is consensus between the SPLM-in- opposition in Juba and SPLM-in government,” he added.

Edmund Yakani explained that thought there is conflict within the SPLM-IO members, government of national Unity should keep peace and harmony so that the nation triumphs.

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1,700 South Sudanese Refugees Arrive In Uganda Daily, NRC Says


By Roger Alfred Yoron

Aid agencies in Uganda have warned of insufficient resources to respond to South Sudanese refugees “spilling” across the border, after renewed violence pushed over 85,000 people into Uganda’s West Nile region since July.

In a press statement yesterday, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) in Uganda said several transit centres for the refugees have “massively surpassed” their holding capacity.

“The Government of Uganda and UNHCR are establishing eight new refugee settlements. However, the relocation of refugees to these sites is not matching the pace of new arrivals. About 1,700 South Sudanese are arriving into Uganda each day,” the statement said.

“For example, the Nyumanzi reception centre in Adjumani was set up to accommodate 3,500 people, but now hosts over 8,000 individuals.”

According to the statement, only 36 per cent of the US$212 million “required to meet needs” as South Sudanese Refugee Response Plan has been funded. It adds that aid agencies cannot respond adequately to “unfolding” humanitarian crisis including cases of cholera and other rising needs without increased funding.

“We are ringing the alarm bell now. Cholera is just one result of us not having resources to decongest reception centres at a quick enough pace,” warned Hosana Adisu, the Norwegian Refugee Council’s Country Representative in Uganda. “Other diseases like diarrhoea, malaria and respiratory tract infections are likely to break out if we cannot step up the support we are giving to new arrivals.”

Adisu said so far fifty five people have been treated for suspected cholera infection, cautioning that recent outbreak of the disease in Adjumani may spread to other areas including Yumbe if “urgent measures” are not taken.

 “The new arrivals need urgent assistance including shelter, water, sanitation and hygiene support. Reports of sexual violence against people fleeing South Sudan continue, with a large number of children and youth reportedly suffering from psychosocial trauma as a result of sexual abuse and violence,” partly read the NRC statement.

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Looting Continue In Jebel Market Despite Respite

By Chuty Anyar


The traders in Jebel Market in Juba have complained of continued looting by criminals dressed in police uniform despite assurance of security.

“We the traders in Jebel Market are experiencing continued looting, confiscation of goods and intimidation at the broad day-light by men dressing in police uniform despite ransacking our shops last month following renewed fighting between government troops and those backing then first vice president; Chol Akol Jebel Market Coordinator has revealed to the City Council on Friday.

Akol was speaking during a joint meeting with Juba City Legislature Council on issues affecting traders in the city.

He narrated that the traders are still encountering cases of rampant looting since July incident.

“I fought this morning with some of them who are putting on police uniform and claimed to be police officers trying to forcefully loot a shop,” he emphasized.

He mentioned that massive looting still continues among traders that are trying to resumes their businesses although their shops were vandalized during the renewed fighting in Juba. Akol strongly stressed that some of the elements come with tri-circle cars with the aim to collect everything in the shops. He said some of the targeted commodities include; iron sheets, tiles, ceiling boards and even the doors.

He explained to the city council that the issue of looting in Jebel market is getting worst amid dire insecurity situation in the market. “We thought the looting of shops had stop last month when criminal took advantage of the circumstances and vandalize all shops but now the town is calm, why looting?” he query.

 According to trader’s coordinator, they have been reporting issues of looting in the market to nearby police station but police officers decline to answer to their call. However, The Nation Mirror was unable to verify the alleged looting and the accusation made by the trader’s from the police authorities by press time.

Chairperson of Juba City Legislature, Michael Ladu Allah-Jabu appealed to government to help council in conducting mobile patrols around the markets in order to crackdown on the criminals who move at night with vehicles looting the markets.

Allah-Jabu described that the current event happening in Jebel market is destruction but not looting.   “If they are removing iron sheets, ceiling, tiles, and doors that is destruction,” He stressed.  

Jebel market was ransacked last month following the renewed fighting that erupted between forces loyal to President Salva Kiir and forces backing former first vice president Dr. Riek Machar. Since then, the goods and commodities reduced in the country as the result of looting and economic crisis.

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