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Why AKol Aguek Ngong should be voted as Bor County presidency

By Gabrial Pager Ajang

 I do not in any way want to inject politics into Bor County Community elections (USA) but I will be remiss if I don’t make a statement or an endorsement.  The three sister Counties have been built upon relations not politics. And it is through mutual and exclusive relations set forth by subsequent and current leaders that compelled me to make this statement. Our collective history indicates that we have never engaged in pettiness and divisive politics. We do not put each other down but we build one another up. Famine and war disasters have hit our counties and we withstood them. At time of famine in late 1960s, our paramount chief Ajang Duot said that girls will be given for free; there would be no dowry payment. We have never injected toxic politics into the three sister counties. I personally ask members to rise above hatred and build a healthier community. Development of South Sudan starts in counties. A more developed Bor County would mean a peaceful and prosperous Twic East, Duk, Awelrial, and Mandari counties. And this would mean a more peaceful and stable South Sudan. Stability begins with well-developed infrastructures, build hospital-clinic and schools in 79 counties not Juba.

Therefore, in this campaign for Bor County presidency, I personally thank, the incumbent, Mr. Mabior Achiek Chaw for his commendable leadership in the past years. I do think it is an immense respect to you from the members to honor you with such job.  I also thank and recognize, Mr. Michael Ayuen Agook for expressing his willingness to lead Bor County community in the United States. I do have nothing but respect for all of you.

However, the challenges and demands of this time warrant merited skills of leadership. Bor Town has been reduced to ashes and evident of these are scattered across the county.  With these dire situations of  Bor County, I endorse Akol Aguke  Ngong for Bor County Community presidency in the United States.  He possess expertise that would allow him to explore and pioneer new avenues for Bor Community reconstructions, development and advancement, and build better relationship with neighboring counties such as Mandari, Awelrial, GPAA (Pibor) and the three sister counties.

Akol holds a master degree in Public Administrationfrom HARVAD UNIVERSITY, Kennedy School of government and Masters in Business Administration from the University of Vermont. He is currently working as Assistant Director of Admission at the University of Vermont. I want to stress that it is another thing to graduate from the University with higher degree but it is more dignified for the same University to trust you and accept you as a director of their students. The University of Vermont trusted Akol and placed him on its Honorary List. Now, at the University of Vermont students coming from all walks of life apply for Akol Aguek Ngong Scholarships. I do and ask supporters of Mabior and Ayuen to reconsider their positions in this campaign and vote for Akol.

 I do think a man with such expertise and experiences can be permitted to lead this great community of an endearing legacy. I do believe that Akol has been prepared and formidable candidate for this job. He will rally University of Vermont and Harvard University communities, and American friends to build and develop Bor County. I have worked with him on classified and non-classified documents. And in the course of tasks, he had demonstrated leadership in the following manners: 

  1. He appreciates the need to assume the role of leadership with respect to that responsibility;
  2. He sticks to a task and see it through regardless of difficulties encountered;
  3. He has ability to reach logical conclusions and make high quality decisions based on available information; skill in identifying educational needs and setting priorities; ability to evaluate critical programs and issues.
  4. 4.He has the ability to perform under pressure and during opposition; ability to think on one's feet;
  5. 5.He has a clear vision about progression of own life and career, as well as where the organization should go;
  6. 6.He has the ability to motivate others; the capacity to move people to action, to communicate persuasively, to strengthen confidence of others, to change behaviors;
  7. 7.He has a well-established value system which has been tested in various ways in the past

Finally, I do acknowledge that we have professionally disagreed on a numbers of issues and agree over other issues and still endorse him today. Hence you do not need to like him to vote for him.  You do not need to like his programs to vote for him either. The tasks of this time require his leadership. The challenges of this time require his tools and skills that he acquires from the finest Universities in the United States to lead Bor County Community. The ruined city warrants his experiences. I ask members from the Midwest and across this nation to vote for Akol Aguek Ngong on May 23rd-24th 2 2015, Des Moines, Iowa.  I will ask my own Mother Abanydit, (Abany Kucha Tiir) who recently came from Australia to vote for him, ONLY, if the electoral commission allows her to vote in this election.


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