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Are our modern girls worth these payments?

String along with; KON Joseph LEEK


“It is very sad that many young boys aged 24 – 35 are now taking and going out with married women aged 28 -45 than going out with young girls of their age group, these women are keeping, living or staying with their husbands or not, these women are like their mothers in real sense, it is shocking. Amazingly, these women support this situation as well, that’s why they are shameless to do it”, Daniel Deng…..

You surely made my day brother. I went through your article and I got it thrilling and educative. Rightly depicting our modern Dinkas in Australia. These are the things that are running like movies in our eyes. We are witnessing them. However you spoke truthfully Australianically, please glance below as well for how our girls are happening in Juba!


Below is a continuation of the previous two articles. 

You sold her and again tiptoeing back like a leopard boldly, shamelessly and shylessly and say, ‘monyde nyandie [my daughter’s husband] this and monyde nyandie that because your ticket of looking at the people in the image of foods, money and goods has been updated by the children your daughter has produced. 


Attend any Dinka gathering any day; girls are indeed of a population-tripling our number perhaps! You see them in all clans; short like pygmies, lanky tall and buttocks less, bowling hippos of girls, bow legged and straight legged, tooth-pick legged and fat legs, straight and the bending girls like sugar cane, etcetera


Now that the Dinka modern marriages have turned out to be businesses [sell of girls], don’t we need to first evaluate the worth and validity of our goods [daughters/sisters]?


Are you not aware that our little Dinka girls have spiritually entangled themselves in to the so-called civilization and westernization through imagination? They went as far as corrupting and manipulating the real meaning of civilization by each defining it in her way! There are those who have taken it [civilization] as prostituting, roaming the city like thugs, sleeping with any man in the name of “money”. Driven in any car of a fellow who has become her customer, they are entrepreneurs, say hawkers of their squelching bogs between their thighs, caring it to any street like a rotten meat.  We have the group coming from East African cities. This group does not give a damn about relationship. They do not understand the issues of nephew, cousins and so on. one of them can be in love with this one and again stealthily sleeping with that guys friend or nephew and when you ask her, she would be like,” this is modern world-civilized world!” They always end up with trail of men who are too willing to sleep with them. Looking at them, you would ask yourself whether they are trying to widen their horizons on sex panorama or are we having the members of the next “5-8 centuries” in our century! It’s really heartbreaking to see our young sisters who were hidden by their fathers in the cities from war to come back to Juba completely non-Dinkas and they are the ones we are paying all these [cows] for!


Others have completely dropped their surnames [family names], including their fathers’ names, abolishing their mother tongue-Dinka, and faming English names [Religious names]. They do this because they are trying hard as possible to sail away from traditionalism [Jiengism] and imaginatively cycling close to advancement. They are always happy if you have not identified them by their look as Dinkas. To them, it is also civilization. And these are the girls we are paying hundreds of our Dinka cows for! Another team-the notorious one are alcoholic and chain smokers. Drinking is one of their favorites, and they are doing this in the name of civilization [I don’t really know what their mothers tell them]. They start walking legs-astride-the road before chicken goes to roost, tightly handling the liquor bottles by their necks, blurrily squinting, red eyed like artillerists of rocket launchers whose eyes are reddened by the puffs of the bullets’ smokes, walking around with front of their trousers/skirts suspiciously wet, sweating like wheelbarrows’ pusher of Konyo-konyo market. When she looks straight into your eyes, you just know that liquor is staring at you. Some of them put on far-reaching short skirts exposing the whole bottom- that make the buttocks of our jet-black, ant-looking, tall Dinka girls hanging in the air like camel’s and ostrich or may be like the street lights hanging on the poles with their exposed thighs hence causing eruption in the pants of some souls, rather causing the front of the pants of some members to steadily bounce like a tennis ball. They jolly well know how to put the straws in the pockets of men and mercilessly suck them until you go back to Gook-machar or Duk footing.

They walk throughout the night like hyenas roaring like violent lunatic, you can hear them laugh and stop abruptly like maniacs and lazily waking up in the daytime hangovered and smelling like urine, most of whom are daughters to many of our leaders in government. No wonder, it is long said that, “charity begins at home but must not end there” but that is not the case, “in South Sudan, charity begins in the government and later bounce back home”. A record is set!


And those are the girls their fathers and brothers want our very own hundreds Dinka cows! Many of whom have scratched off their skins with certain alien’s chemical, imported from far, faraway lands and now looking like guinea and leopard, smelling like rotten rat [and they are proud of it], the smell nocks your nose in a distant like a punch. Breast, arms even buttocks tattooed like Black American rappers, a lot of make-ups around their eyes and lips with shouting colors making them look like puppies that have eaten an oily food. You see them adored with attires that depict them like pets. Many of them are addicted to night clubbing and their parents do not seem to care to know their whereabouts; please impregnate her, 250 cows or you rot in jail after having possessed some sticks right on the middle of your head. The types whose minds are implicated with imperialism, totally mentally enslaved. Hooked in the imperialist mindset of, “hating their own cultures for others, not aware that their cultures and traditions are their identities”


 If you drop your name for the English’s in the name of civilization then you are like a gazelle trying to become a goat by decreasing its horns.  They want to be white by bleaching off their skin while not aware that the wisdom of white man was not possessed through their skins but in their brains and minds. Unless you bleach your minds, you’ll never be wise. A certain wise man once said that, ‘if you go to the city with your wife and a dog, then by the time you return to the village, you will return with the dog’. So, where is the wife?

Compare that with those girls lost boys and pound boys could go and marry from the villages and take them to Nairobi and after sometimes they become something of a riddle. Taken away by the towns gigantic!

The same lost boys who are supposed to tell us the worth of girl-child education prefer the ones who have no school background at all, they marry them  and come around and tell us that, ‘take girls to school’ instead of them to marry the girls who are with them abroad.  I am yet to hear from them why they flock to Africa to marry when there are girls already with them. Currently, our girls in the US have started growing grey hair or getting married to black Americans, their own brothers neglected them. Thanks to South Sudanese-Australians, they are marrying themselves. But Canada and USA have something they do not want to tell us!

This has attracted many parents to display their girls in Juba like bill boards [real market indeed], they brought them from the villages and graze them in Juba where they grow really fat and beautiful [never taken to schools] and immediately become traps to the unmarried. They are in Juba as a trap to lure the Juba-ians by hook or crook. With blurring eyes, we go for them. Then we pay hundreds and later become like wise man word of, ‘a woman and a dog that were taken to town. What we need to know here is that, our girls are not worth all what we pay for them as bride price because they are not what our Dinka girls used to be – long lasting in marriages are no-more. And for this, instead of focusing in girls’ businesses let’s send them to schools. For girl’s pen is always for her parents and boy’s education goes to the in-laws. Now, isn’t it important to have your educated daughter who will divert her educated husband to you? Think about it! This is not an invasion on women kingdom but the truth!


The writer is an independent journalist and

 a commentator on Contemporary issue.

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