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Who are the targets of rebels; SPLA or the innocent civilians?

By Dominic Chol Makuei

I wonder what the meaning of cessation of hostility signed by the government and the rebels loyal to the form VP Dr. Riek Machar is.  I read this on daily newspapers but if you listen to the local radios, you could hear people being robbed and houses looted by rebels in several areas within South Sudan. Therefore, I remain asking myself what is the main aim of these rebels. Is it the SPLA or the innocent people of South Sudan? 

Why are the rebels always destroying properties ever since they rebelled, they either loot to eat, or surrender when they find no food. Shame on the revolution without objective. What were they thinking when they followed the man who has secured the bread of his family through looting nearly nine years ago? What were they thinking when they decided to lose their lives and the lives of their innocent families on a one man interest? A man who is well off to live in other part of the world when things come to worst.

 To fight for the man who just wants to grab power for the sake of it. Did you think that the peace of your family was not your personal satisfaction? What are you living for? Come, get your salary and give food to your family, that man will not feed them even when you are dead or maimed. But there will be hard talk as thousands will not just die and politicians allowed enjoying again. There will be mass demonstrations in South Sudan if the leaders think they can kill and cheer. Am quite aware that it is not Nuer as a community that came up with this destructive intention but Majority of them were misled to the direction where they don’t belong. Some of them joined the rebellion for the reason unknown and others joined the rebellion for the sake of seeing their fellow colleagues joining but they did not have a clear picture of where the rebellion will lead them. I stand with the decision of the SPLA for welcoming back those who have finally realized that they are leading the wrong path. They are citizens of this nation and it is their right to come back to their country if at all they have realized their poor and primitive decision. 

Whether its rebels or some thugs who have taken advantage of the current security situation I urge the government to take prompt measures on the security of its citizens before it deteriorates. There has been several reports of robbery and destabilization of the innocent citizen in various places and this situation has increased mostly in Juba and on the roads specially the road going to Bhar el Ghazal being a target of the rebels. Several vehicles from Bhar el Ghazal have been reported looted by unknown gunmen.

This brings it to my attention that the rebels are only signing peace with the SPLA and not all the citizen of South Sudan. Destabilization of local citizen and forceful looting are worse than the war that they are fighting with the SPLA. If that agreement means peace then it should start with the freedom of the citizens in both residents and free movement.

I ‘am not too Religious but am afraid that the ongoing war may be one the things mentioned in the book of Revelation of the New Testament, because leaders are supposed to be peacemakers/lovers but it’s different, never seen a fighter finishing his comrade just because he is badly wounded, or killing him because he is a huge bag suspected of having cash inside, never seen someone attacking a war tank with an AK 47, jumping onto it or bar the way just because his bullets got finished. God forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.

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