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USA a country of double standards!

By Baker Batte Lule 

When Israel was bombing Palestine and killing very innocent civilians a few months ago, simply because they occupy Gaza which according to Israel harbors the Hams movement, I wrote  an article criticizing the senseless and sheer lack of respect for lives of Palestinians who were being massacred with reckless abandon. By the time the war ended about 3000 of them had been killed, many more wounded and Gaza totally razed down.  An unknown person wrote to me ordering me to desist from criticizing Israel and their friend in crime; the United States of America. This unknown person told me that Israel is ‘a holly country made up of holly people’ and that if I’m to blame I should blame the Palestinians for provoking Israel. The email ended with a warning that if I don’t stop these critical writings; I should blame myself for anything that will happen to me.  Another one also wrote and told me that my attacks on Israel and America will cause me problems with the CIA, the notorious American intelligence service. This guy told me that CIA was everywhere and that according to what I was writing it was bordering on supporting terrorists. But you guessed right this didn’t cower me at all. I wrote back and told him that  I don’t care whoever is angered by my writings whether they call me a sympathizer of terrorists or even brand me a terrorist, that was their  damn business  which wouldn’t stop me from espousing my opinions.  A few months down the road the chicken have come back home to roost. A report released this week in the US about the CIA ‘revealed’ that  the organization has been using torture methods to extract information from  suspects. The CIA has violated whatever human rights that there is.  It has used all forms of torture which were outlawed by the UN. Some of the mouth bending but not totally surprising revelations include that; None of 20 cases of counterterrorism “successes” attributed to the techniques led to unique or otherwise unavailable intelligence

The CIA misled politicians and public

At least 26 of 119 known detainees in custody during the life of the programme were wrongfully held, and many held for months longer than they should have been

Methods included sleep deprivation for up to 180 hours, often standing or in painful positions

Saudi al-Qaeda suspect Abu Zubaydah was kept confined in a coffin-sized box for hours on end

Waterboarding and “rectal hydration” were physically harmful to prisoners, causing convulsions and vomiting

Unfortunately there are some elements in the US especially the Republicans who support these crude methods of extracting intelligence. Barrack Obama has also shortchanged us; while campaigning in 2008 for presidency, he  promised to end these flagrant violations  of human rights and human dignity  but alas, he is only two years shy of finishing his second and final term but the epitome of human rights  violation center the Guantanamo bay in Cuba is still open until now. Several suspected terrorists have been kept there for several years illegally against the basic principles of human rights.  The same America preaching to the rest of the world to protect human rights is at the forefront of doing the opposite of what it is preaching.  They preach water and take wine. Every time they have had to deal with challenges and social contradictions they have ended up exposing themselves even more. When an unarmed African-American teenager Michael Brown was shot by a white policeman, the grand jury saw no merit in prosecuting the white guy. When civilians poured on the streets of Ferguson Missouri, they were met with the harshest police brutality, making the brutality in Egypt and the likes of North Korea look childish. Probably, reader you have also heard of Eric Garner a black man also killed by white policemen. Still the grand jury was not convinced about the need to prosecute the perpetrators amidst the overwhelming evidence of the, “I can’t breathe video.” Blacks in America makeup about 10% of the population but they account for more than 30% of all police killings.  Why? The reason is   simple because they are black. The struggle of the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King for a just society, free of prejudices where according to the American dream man is created free and equal, where one is judged by the content of his character not the color of his skin; is far from over. It is now very dangerous to be a black person in America as it is wrong to be a Muslim. I have a brother who has a Saudi citizenship who was deported simply because he has a Saudi passport. Police in Boston stopped him while    he was driving. The first reason as to why they stopped him was because he was black. When they asked for his documents he had a Saudi passport. He was accused of being a spy for Osama Bin Laden(before he was killed ) He was detained, but while in detention he was given two options to either be deported or he remains in prison and be treated as a terrorist. Certainly he chose the former. I see you might be puzzled as to whether he was in America illegally. No he had a two year valid visa and hence he was legally living in the ‘States’. Throughout my career as a journalist I have interacted with so many people who have been denied entry visas simply because they have ‘very Islamic names’ and their looks ‘resemble that of terrorists.’  How ironical! Many because their beards are grown more than what is considered ‘normal.’ The embassy will always give cover-up reasons for the failure to grant the entry visas but the bottom line is because they are Muslims. There is great phobia for Islam and Muslim in the land where everybody is presumed to be free. Unfortunately the likes of America have contributed a lot is creating extremism that is now erroneously linked to Islam. But America should be the last to forget some of the words of their wise men that “a society that does not guarantee the rights of its minorities cannot certainly guarantee the rights of its majority!”  I pay homage to the family, relatives and friends of the Palestinian minister without portfolio, Ziad Abu Ein who was murdered in cold blood by the Israeli security personnel on Wednesday for protesting against illegal settlements, but this will not stop the struggle for a  Palestinian state! 

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