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Mr. Nhial Bol, Proposal by rebels on elections are politically motivated


By Mangar James

In an article published in the Citizen Newspaper, Straight Talk column of the Editor in chief, titled; Is Presidency above people’s will”?, dated November 7, vol, issue 903, Friday, the editor in chief lashed out at the presidency for not accepting a proposal put forward by the rebels of  Machar. The rebels had asked the United Nations few days ago to organize South Sudan elections in the nearest future. The presidency in response rejected the proposal. In what apparently seems to be a rebuttal to the presidential spokesman, Ateny Wek, who genuinely dismissed the proposal, Nhial Bol claimed that the government cannot organize free and fair elections. He also argued that any elections organized by this government would be meaningless; Bol also urged all the political leaders in this country to rise up and reject elections overseen by the government. Firstly, I would like to clarify to Bol that this proposal by the rebels is politically motivated and thus, he shouldn’t have rushed to buy and sell it before a thorough study. Apparently, the proposal calls on the UN to step in and take charge of organizing for us elections.  Unfortunately, such calls clearly undermine the sovereignty of the Republic of South Sudan as well as the ability of the people of to manage their own affairs and therefore, we give it zero tolerance. The role of UN is observatory in nature but not taking charge of running the affairs of any member country –if I am not wrong Mr. Editor. 

In my own view, the editor may be adding salt to already salted broth. This is because the nation is deeply immersed in political turmoil and that it would be unthinkable to see the country drowned in these political crises by campaigning to disintegrate the country politically. By calling on the political leaders in this country to differ with the presidency is an attempt to drive wedges among our politicians and this must be rejected outright. Additionally, the presidency did not reject the observatory role of the UN but only rejected any attempt that mandates the UN to assume duties and responsibilities of the government and the people of South Sudan. The UN and other international agencies are welcome to carry out their natural role of observing elections like in any other member state.

Finally, I would like to advise my brother Nhial Bol to desist from any attempt to use his media houses to instigate more political instability in the country. Bol should also stick to his professional ethics to save the credibility of both the citizen newspaper and CTV in the face of public perception. For your information, I am not a supporter of the presidency or Ateny Wek nor do I have any personal grudges with Nhial Bol but rather a supporter of positive opinions from any citizen of this country.

By Mangar Agok Marial,

The writer is chairman of Lakes state youth Association in Juba. Notes: These views do not reflect that of the Association but exclusively personal. Can be reached This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0955726597

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