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Warrap youth want Nyandeng to resign for the wrong reasons

By: Taban Basili

Governor Nyandeng constitutional rights have been attacked by Warrap Youths and the so called political activists. Nyandeng has got privileges of her constitutional right to give birth to a baby if she is blessed with because she is not a nun. As a mother she has been granted her right to go for her maternity leave officially. Youths and activists you have to be careful and objective because you are future leaders. Do not mix politics with family affairs because they are not the same nor connected with government issues. Governor is an elective position based on merit and so Nyandeng deserves that respect. It is also too late for her to step down as demanded by youths and activists because the general election yet to be officially announced next year by South Sudan Electoral Commission is almost approaching. Governor cannot be asked to step down simply because she is claimed to have left her baby in Nairobi that is not enough reason to support her removal. Again the youths and activists did not mention it clearly to the public where the baby has been abandoned is it in her house, street or under a baby care centre in Nairobi? In many countries I travelled to during my days of adventure for conferences and trainings like in India, UK, Canada, Australia, US, Sudan and my country of residence South Sudan I have seen and interacted with many female ministers, members of parliament and diplomats who got pregnant and gave birth to their babies without anybody interfering with their family affairs. Youths and political maneuvers of Warrap have attempted to hijack the constitutional right of Governor Nyandeng despite the fact that she had taken government official leave like anybody else can do. Family affairs are so sensitive and cannot be discussed in public because they are centralized in homes but not in public. I was told she was given three months maternity leave by Ministry of labour, Public Service and Human Resource Development in her home state. This is her absolute right. The ministry either in the state or national level is the engine that drives and regulates government businesses. To give birth to a baby while serving in a government seat is not a crime in South Sudan and beyond the borders. Youths and political activists of Warrap state have the legitimate right to ask Nyandeng to step down not because she produced a baby but for having failed to deliver development services or being corrupt if at all there are such cases. Lack of development, lack of schools, lack of hospitals or rampant corruption, unfair representation in the state executive with reflection of majority verses minority; these are the state concerns and there is room for debate at the moment. But if Warrap youths and political activists’ mouths are tight on these issues that mean Nyandeng administration is doing well because nobody has ever challenged her from youths and human right activists for weak administration. Because the transitional constitution of South Sudan has given every citizen right including me writing to have rights to freedom of self expression; if your ideas are of national concern for the benefit of the voiceless people; youths and activists have the right to lead the quest for peace development in Warrap state but not family issues.


Taban Basili is a former UN Radio Journalist for Rule of Law and Good Governance. He can be reached at: 0977110794


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