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Lying, Power greediness are not known characters of Col. Philip Aguer

By Francis Chagai Bol


nyone who does not support the opinion of Mr. Kuir Garang Kuir is automatically branded as uneducated, lies, abusive, and unpatriotic person to be in the government of South Sudan, and so SPLA Army Spokesman Colonel Philip Aguer De Panyang is another victim of that malicious thinking here!

To begin with, In my Dinka’s bible there are written prophets of doom and the real messengers within the same book who can tell the truth about God in heaven, the same as, there are so many graduates with certificates, Diplomas, Degrees, Masters and PhD holders from various universities across the globe writing about South Sudan’s government and politics in general.

However, few among those graduates population are well informed and a large number of them are not aware about the historical injustices created in form of self-interest against the lives of great heroes and heroes who gave their innocent souls for this country since the Bor rebellion of 1983 to date of the ongoing crisis today.   Among those confused individuals about the current situation, is my brother Mr. Kuir Garang Kuir, awell-known example in that illusion of branding heroes as bad leaders in the eyes of the public through the internet world of fabrication only!    

 In his usual addiction of dismissal writing, last month of in August 31th, 2014 under the headline, “Lul Koang & Philip Aguer: Two symbols of lies & greed for power”, the article was published by the (SouthSudan nation) web site hosted in Canada.  Generally, the article was mostly about both SPLA Spokesperson’s inside Juba and the other one in the bush serving Dr. Riek Machar Teny’s rebellion Group.  In my part, I will not talk about the so-called   Rebels Spokesperson Brigadier General Lul R. Koang, because I know nothing about his individualism characters and his expertise records in the army of South Sudan then, but allow me to do so with the natural gifted individual I know very well with successful records of his achievements, and that person is the current SPLA Army Spokesman Colonel Philip Aguer Panyang, a former representative of the Sudan Relief Association (SRRA) during the  post massacre of the Dinka Bor by the current born rebel minded Dr. Riek Machar, after his first failed attempted coup which was declared in the town of Nasir, in Unity State against the leadership of then  SPLM/A Chairman late Dr. John Garang De Mabior on August 28th, 1991.

First of all,  SPLA Spokesman Colonel Philip Aguer Panyang is assigned as a military ‘s messenger, to take and give according to the orders of the report under the chain command of the overall security from the army chief of general  staff and the nation defence Ministry. Given that simple explanation about the army authority , where does Comrade Colonel Aguer De Panyang become a power greedy seeker or a symbol of wrong here my brother Mr. Kuir Garang Kuir? How would you blame Mr. Aguer De Panyang here?  And why is everybody becoming a victim of your poor judgement in writing, while the real job description of that person required him to do so according to the military high command of each camp?  When did the Former Iraq minister of Information victimized for his role of reports when the United States of America launched a military attack on the country in 2003, Mr. Kuir Garang?  What are the evidences that would prove the SPLA Spokesman for lying and power greedy in his capacity as an army’s messenger in the country? 

For records, the rebels of David Yau Yau massacred innocent civilians of Juet at Jalle Payam followed by Pakeer and Ajuong’s massacre in Jonglei State, in those incidents Mr. Philip Aguer Panyang was the first person who angrily reacted about the failure of the state government under the leadership of former Governor Mr. Kuol Manyang Juuk for not providing the army reinforcement to the affected areas above. To me, that patriotic move is the best example of a humble man of his kind with a caring heart for his fellow citizens, not a power hunter nor lying for any gain of favour from someone Mr. Kuir Garang!  

Please, take it from me that this gentleman in the person of SPLA Army Spokesman Colonel Philip Aguer Panyang is known as one of the most honest, intelligent, corporative, and caring hearted individual with sensible brain of unity throughout his workaholic records in any position assigned to him likewise the current job of the national army spokesman since his appointment long time ago. Where were you all this time to learn about him, Mr. Kuir Garang? 

So that you could have written something about him today with clue and knowledge than just roaming the internet for the purpose of character-assassination only!  Finally, I urge you from today, to take a leave of absence from misjudging honourable and gifted natural leaders like Comrade Colonel Philip Aguer Panyang in order to learn the difference between the military reporter and the power greediness you are associating with the army Spokesman next time. You badly need to give yourself time to know much about certain individuals characters that are serving in the government first before anointing them with all colors of assumption and personal confusion. Likewise in your article you portrayed the SPLA Spokesman Colonel Philip Aguer De Panyang with words “lies and greed for power” just for the sake of internet’s opportunity only!  What a world of big confusion of your own self about the South Sudanese politics brother Kuir Garang Kuir! 


Francis Chagai Bol is a South, Sudanese and a former SPLA member of red Army Battalion.  He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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