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Time is really changing for polygamy and diseases

By David De Dau

I would like to make it clear that this article is not to negatively label polygamy neither to discourage anyone from it but to let you know the magnitude of diseases prevention, control and cure in polygamous families visa vis single wife families. The decision to practice polygamy or have a single wife is absolutely one man’s decision, not even a family.


Majority of Africans practice polygamy. Polygamy is simply defined as an act of marrying more than one wife. During those old days, both men and women were faithful to each other. In this case, women were more faithful than women in the sense that a woman in a polygamous marriage will always and patiently wait for her turn until the only one man among them reaches her. Sometimes it may take a man one or more months to reach all or complete the circle of his wives. This patience on the side of women was actually what held the families together in terms of disease prevention and control. On the other hand, a polygamous man will not get out of the cycle of his wives. There were no reasons for a man to say I just did it and I didn’t mean it for having sex with a woman or a girl he never meant to marry and even if he means to marry her, he has to wait until he took her officially to his house.

In today’s world, both men and women have increasingly manifested their promiscuity and lust to fulfil their body desires. It doesn’t matter how many wives one has, a man still has what they commonly call spare tyres or extra marital relations and the same applies to most women. One friend I was chatting with one time told me that it doesn’t matter how many toilets you may have in your home compound, you may not necessarily stop going to the toilet at work place or at any hotel because you have enough toilets at home. This kind of arguments may be tried hard to justify but it doesn’t still prevent one to contract any disease at any toilets especially the outside compound’s toilets because of the number of persons using the toilets and the differing hygienic conditions.

The same applies to men who have one wife that for as long as one is in an extra marital relationship; you are likely to contract one of the sexually transmitted diseases. Nowadays, both men and women have spare tyres or figuratively using outside their homestead toilets which may inevitably result into contracting diseases to some extent that might not get cured. Men and women in polygamous marriages are more susceptible to contracting Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) or Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). For example, a man with more than one wife; let’s say two or three wives has high chances of contracting STIs and even if he is faithful to his three wives, because he may not sexually satisfy his three wives. Due to lack of sexual satisfaction for his three wives, one of his wives may attempt to fulfil that desire and hence resulting into STIs which may also be transferred to other two women through this one faithful man. Just as it is difficult to know from who did one contract gonorrhoea from a public toilet, it would likewise be hard to know from which one of the three wives or even a man. It is more difficult to prevent, control and even cure sexually transmitted diseases in polygamous families than in single wife families.


In order to prevent, control or even starting the process of disease cure, it is important to know that there are many sexually transmitted infections and disease. Many of these infections and diseases are deadly. For an example AID and HIV are sexually transmitted diseases. HIV and AID is a virus not bacteria. These diseases are very deadly and they kill off the helping T cells. T cells are anti-bacteria that fight off bacteria and other harmful cells. HIV and AID attack the immune system in your body.

Your body gets weaker and weaker as your T cells are getting attacked by the virus. Another STD’s are herpes, gonorrhoea and syphilis. The way that this virus is transmitted is by sexual contact and by open wounds. Having sexual intercourse with a partner is one of the ways of getting the virus. Another way to get the virus is by oral sex. When the mouth makes contact with the private area, the virus can be transmitted through the saliva and if the mouth has a cut or a blister then the virus enters the wound. Herpes is another type of STD.

The symptoms of herpes are itching; small fluid-filled blisters break to leave pitted areas surrounded by inflammation, fever and urethral discharge. Gonorrhoea for women has burning urination, vaginal discharge and painful intercourse. Gonorrhoea for men also has burning urination and urethral discharge. In both men and women the throat and rectal infection is common. Syphilis has three stages of symptoms.

The first stage is primary with one or more elevated open lesions at the point of infection. The second stage is the variable rash, oral and genital lesions, falling hair and general aching. The third stage is paresis. Many of these sexually transmitted infection and disease are very dangerous. One may encourage the use of condoms but there are no guarantees in it. The only way to keep out of this trouble is to be faithful to your wives or wife. The same applies to women to be more faithful to their husbands. Only faith can help in the prevention of such dangerous diseases. 

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