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The death of citizens call for people power action

By:-Chairman Manyang Parek von Chief Parek

The modern dilemma of political parties stems from Globalization. At a national level, Globalization and its consequences have reduced the room for political maneuvers and have shifted decision-making power and management capabilities to supra-national political or international players. Although citizens expect national political actors to decide on their demands and expectations, important issues cannot be resolved by national political decisions makers. Consequently, political parties face a loss of confidence in their capacity to decide on important issues of national interest. This is why at ancient times political thinkers were concerned with the question of the necessary qualities of a good political leader. These ideas does evolved from Plato’s ‘’Philosopher Kings’’ and Machiavelli’s pragmatism (all is acceptable that serves to win and retain power), to modern theories on elites and concurrence development that is referred by Vilfredo Pareto who arose with advent of mass politics. In this regard in democracies, political leaders are empowered through elections to conduct the process of political opinion--building and decisions—making. To what extent they are able to use these capacities depends on the political circumstances. In this context due to poor democracy and mismanagement of institutions of government it led to serious conflict within the ruling movement in our new born country. So our country has now reached a stage of darkness and anarchy because of that political conflict which took place within the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement which resulted into serious crisis and violence leading to war and death of our citizens with distraction of people properties without any hope of peace in short possible time. Therefore there is no sign of hope in achieving peace in our nation. But as believers in hope we can one day be saved, according to Christian faith, redemption- salvation- is not simply a given thing (Rom8-24). Redemption is offered to us in the sense that we have been given hope, trustworthy hope by virtue of which we can face over present peacefully even if it is arduous, can be lived and accepted if it leads towards a goal, if we can be sure of this goal, and if this goal is great enough to justify the efforts of the journey to achieving everlasting peace in our society. Now the question immediately arises. What sort of hope could ever justify the statement that, on the basis of that hope and simply because it exists, we are redeemed? And what sort of certainty is involved here? In this situation South Sudanese no longer fear a violent or premature end and can hope to see bright side to achieving peace under any circumstances. Because the dark door of time, of the future of our nation, has been thrown open to bright light of hope. The one who has hope lives differently; the one who hopes has been granted-he or her/she could not keep to herself; this hope had to reach many, to reach everybody--- spirit and received the Body of the Lord together, alongside one another. As we are facing serious political mess in our country we should therefore understand in great depth the conflict which took place and pin down the issues that led to such conflict and war. In spite the political and economical interests does give rise to all political contradictions without hope in the leaders. However, in some way we want life itself, true life, untouched even by death; yet at the same time we do not know the thing towards which we feel driven. We cannot stop reaching out for it, and yet we know that all we can experience or accomplish is not what we do yearn in the end of the day. Yes, this unknown is cause of all forms of despair and also of all efforts, whether positive or destructive, directed towards worldly authenticity and human authenticity. The term peace is intended but it, does creates confusion which does frighten us in great depth when there is hatred in our leaders’ hearts. Therefore this life makes us think of the life that we know and love and do not want to lose, even though very often it brings more toil than satisfaction, so that while on the one hand we desire it, on the other we do not want it. To imagine ourselves outside the political conflict that imprisons us and as hostage does proof impossible to attempt or overcome. It would be like plunging into the Ocean of infinite love, a moment in which time-the before and after—no longer exists. We can only attempt to grasp the idea that such a moment is to save the soul and spirit of our new born Christian state to leave in peace and harmony as brothers and sisters in Christ in the full sense. A plunging ever anew into vastness of being, in which we are simply overwhelmed with joy. This is how Jesus expresses it in Saint John’s Gospel: I (16:22). Thus, we must think along these lines if we want to understand the object of Christian hope, to understand what it is that our faith, our being with Christ, leads us to expect. In conclusion, to break the ice of political stalemate or deadlock which is going on in the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement does in fact drain the life of our poor citizens which has to be stopped now by people power under any circumstances. Because the ongoing conflict and fight has destroyed our people self esteem leaving them without any hope of achieving peace in the new born Christian state in Africa. It is well stated as famous words by Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States of America from 1861-65 that democracy is the ‘’Government of the people, by the people, for the people.’’ In this case, without involvement of all citizens in the political activities, especially in decision making it does result to serious opposition against the ruling government which is the obvious current political situation which the nation is undergoing through at the moment. Finally our people and world community of good will should realize that the root cause of political conflicts in the SPLM main up of political protagonist’s alliance between secular intellectuals and military elites rather than with divines. As these intellectuals are rewarded with flash Jobs which is a prestige over public opinion and interest which is a clear manipulation in the mind of the public. Therefore this does call radical and progressive action in the near future to save the soul of our nation from disintegrating into small pieces. So to rescue our nation our people and the world community has to come out with a strong tone of action, otherwise without that the country would be faced with human disaster in the history of this country beyond doubt. But it remain a great test to the national army as they are there only to protect and defend our nation from external enemies that might threaten our nation not for them to turn guns against each other without any rationale as there is no war declared officially on this country.

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