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We must not lose focus on the economy!

By Chier Akueny Anyithiec,


“The strong-arm killing of South Sudanese innocent lives will never press them to consider you a better leader in all ground but doing something healthier and beneficial for them will make them consider you their leader for life if you want” I say this quote because the nation currently focusing on power struggle, leaving behind the nation to suffer a good deal which would

have been tackled in active rather than being passive over it. The economic growth and economic development are the ideal

interconnected developmental issues all humankind should consider in all sphere of national development. The background of confusion immensely starts always when there is lack of consideration but there is no any other solution to such a kind, apart

from compromising with great deal of forgiveness. Why shouldn’t we

forgive one another? It is because for people to fix affirm and get to cultivate all the necessarily attributes to human developments needed for better growth.


To start with economic development as the nonstop, strenuous actions of policy makings involve all communal paradigms, those which promote the standard of living and economic health of specificity. Economic development can also be acknowledged as the quantitative and

qualitative changes in the economy of a country with her inhabitants.

For instance, such actions can involve manifold of areas including development of human capital, critical infrastructure, regional competitiveness, environmental sustainability, social inclusion, health, safety, literacy, and other initiatives per se.


When we talk little bit about economy facet, conversely, we better

know that economic development and economic growth; though differs

slightly in characterization, they all go to the same direction and therefore support one another in the process of realization.

And if people want to develop their economy, they should squarely tackle a policy intervention endeavor with the ambitions of economic and social well-being of people, for the people, with the people and to make sure as leaders at top etiquette, you may never develop the economy alone, but through people involved that spread the aspects and do exactly to our expectations.


How can this impulse be achieved in South Sudan?

Since the country got its independent in 2011, apparently three years old

nation of which happens to have low level of education compared to the rest of the surrounding countries; which I always dispute because this is the idea of discouraging our young generations.


South Sudan has got enough man-power, roughly now, 45 percent educated

generation, per the following breakdown; PHD holders take 3%, 7% goes

with Masters’ holders, Degree holders take the large portion of 15%

and Year 3 and 4(secondary school levers) as per the system take larger part of 20% and even above as we suggest today. According to me, the nation got independent at the right time, and with right type

of people required to assist in the economic development if there is away forward. This is still a low percentage yet; a good number of graduates remorselessly have never been absorbed into the organizations of

developmental segments to contribute. It could be a great wonder to find most of them along the street.


An Idle mind is the devil’s workshop! They may not be blamed if in case they involve in dirty politics though it wouldn’t be the time for them to do so because talented University graduates idleness is a

living example in this country. What do you think such persons may think,

come on to assist me here, dear psychologists and economists?


Basically, communities- as per our parental motivations to their young

upcoming youngsters; our parents back at home have been very good at economics and skill development, it may take a person sometimes to understand that they are indeed traditional and social developers.


When there was no education of such kind today, they used to develop

their children by giving them what to do. For sure, these were the ways of keeping their children busy to stop them from straying and involve in uncertainties that may be dangerous to the family at large.


Cattle keepers take their actively growing children to cattle camps to look after their cows; this is by handing over all the rest of

responsibilities to them.  Carpenters take their sons for apprentices

and the same to the mothers take their daughters and show them the

works appropriate for life. To pin these points; the economic growth and development come in the

process of simple to put it as through employment, this is income

generation mechanism for the income to citizens of the country is

exigent pillar that supports and accelerate the rate of quantitative and qualitative changes people see in their lives.


In South Sudan as a juvenile nation, the investors are operating at

abnormal profits because all the current investors and indeed most of

them never employ talented energetic nationals and since they lose

nothing like payment of salaries, they carry away their huge profits.

This is the beginning of the dismay in our country. This is the very reason why the government needs to stand with open eyes in

the field of economic development. All these problems lean with Human capital as the stock of competencies, knowledge, habits, social and personality attributes,

including creativity, cognitive abilities, embodied in the ability to perform labor so as to produce economic value. Economic value can be measureable outputs, we can easily see through the livings of our people. It is a summative economic view of the human being acting within economies, which is an attempt to capture the social, biological, cultural and psychological involvedness since all these interact in

automate. Many concepts explicitly connect investment in human capital

development to education, and the role of human capital in economic development, productivity growth, and innovation has frequently been cited as a justification for government to assist in the process of

educational aspects and job skills development in the processes of

growth. How do we feel as nation lacking jobs and indeed jobs are available?

If you do not show me how to fish the fish, then I will be always demanding you to give me fish! The company came with all its workers as an example right the away from abroad; which simply gives people

dizziness if you always think about it all because the South Sudanese

do not have experiences to work in those positions. Anyway, we are young, we will stay not developing until the time we

gain our experiences from above (heaven), hopefully will fall down as

manna that dropped to Israelites in the desert and this is the point of missing the total effective full human capital! On the other hand, if we talk of economic growth, that could be a marvel of market productivity and rise in Gross Domestic Product

(GDP). With great concurrence, the economists’ point of views on

economic development is that “economic growth is one aspect of the

process of economic development. In term of economic feasibility, factors of production and economic

forces, South Sudan stands at the active ground with no emotion. The

country has all what it takes to establish and depend on its own

economically. Here, we don’t need to be dwarf in thinking. Because, it

may never be practical, to all the thinking that economic development and economic growth may come true without observation or possible overseeing. For now, we cannot yet develop economy since we still have money to buy in our pockets. May we will resort to all economic production

later after we exhausted our meager potential to enrich neighbors.


The writer is an agribusiness graduate, and can be reached by

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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