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By: Achol Deng


Let me start by defining what love is, love can be defined in so many ways. There are so many things that come to mind when I think of love. Love is a beautiful feeling towards someone or something. The unexplainable feeling of willing to do something for someone even-though its above your strength or take your life, the feeling of not wanting to let someone or something go.  Imagine how you feel when you go out at night and admire the beautiful stars. When things seemed to be dull, just go to a nearby flower garden and spent time there admiring the flowers, you will come with a different feeling. You feel on top of the world and forget your problems.  It gives you the courage to say, “I am just like one of the flowers in the garden, so beautiful. Yes I am”. And that’s one of the reasons why we refer to our love ones as “honey, sweetheart, my beautiful angel, my beautiful flower”, and other beautiful names. We take them to beautiful gardens where we light up candles for them to know how much we adore and respect them. We sing love melodies to the amusement of their ears. These are unforgettable memories in our lives and it’s explained how beautiful love is in our eyes and hearts.

There was a young South Sudanese lady who used to be my schoolmate and also my closes friend. We were very good friends and shared all our privacy together, we were actually age mates and grew up together as family friends and also best friends. She comes from a poor family and had bigger dreams of changing her family’s life since she was the first born among four and have been witnessing how hard life has been for the family and how her mother struggle to bring them up with no father. They were two boys and two girls.  At the age of 18 years when she completed her senior 4, 28 years old guy came from America and fell in love with her since she was so beautiful and adorable, they were good lovers and everything seemed to have been smooth for them. They guy took her for a walk, movies and takes her for dinner sometimes. After three months, the guy went back to the States. Two months after he left, the lady realizes she was pregnant. She didn’t hesitate to tell her boyfriend what happened to her, the guy was just amused and didn’t believe his ears. He promised to marry her no matter what it takes. He came back just within two months and they did the most beautiful wedding I have ever witnessed with my naked eyes. Right now as I am writing this, they are in America with their three beautiful children, two handsome boys and one beautiful girl. The girl’s parents own one of the best houses. They made a beautiful God fearing family, that wasn’t easy but they were able to go through because of what they felt for each other (LOVE). 

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