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Bakulu coaches must be banned in South Sudan


By Mogga Emmanuel


The recent accident that resulted into the loss of several lives on the Juba-Nimule highway is the latest event of shock and sorrow to South Sudanese and its neighbors.

We can’t afford to lose such a big number at ago only to accidents that could be avoided or at least minimized.

The ministry concerned with road transport and the relevant ministries must ban the operation of such a bus company in the South Sudan because it’s beyond tolerance and the effects are now too much. 

We can’t continue to allow this company operate at the expense of our lives; life is so precious that we need to guard it well  

It is not in our interest to see every year accidents caused by this company take several lives of our fellow citizens and our brothers and sisters from the neighboring countries.

Accidents happen but this one of Bakulu seems to be taking us beyond to look into why always this bus company causes us these great loses.

This is not the first accident involving Bakulu buses, there are several others that took scores of lives. 

 In 2011 at least 28 people, 11 Sudanese nationals and 17 Ugandans were killed when two buses collided at a checkpoint approximately 40km east of Juba.

The accident which occurred along the 192km Juba-Nimule road involved coaches from the Bakulu and Baby coach companies. 

Again recently an Isuzu brand bus belonging to Bakulu Bus services, registration number UAN 281Z also had a head-on collision with Toyota Land Cruiser Ambulance Registration number NGO 2910 RSS belonging to Nimule Hospital.

In less than two months Bakulu Coach is involved in nasty accidents. In July, a bus belonging to the same company injured 16 passengers along Atiak-Nimule road. This month alone, several passengers were injured along Gulu-Atiak road, when the bus they were travelling in overturned.

The fatal accident on Monday morning on the Juba-Nimule highway, involving a Bakulu bus registration number UAS 073P that collided with a trailer registration number UAD 304E, from Kampala side, is said to have taken lives of at least 35 Ugandans and 15 South Sudanese. The Bus had driven only 10 kilometers from Juba when it caused the fatal accident, the reports of the number of people who perished in this accident is still conflicting with media houses giving different reports  but all we know is that out of all the passengers on board less than ten are said to have survived

Police must launch an investigation immediately but whatever the results Bakulu Bus Company must go and leave other companies to do business. It is too much we can’t continue to watch 

The issue of lives lost due to Bakulu accidents is too much. As a citizen I call on the government to ban Bakulu before it claims more lives in the nearest future, the more we continue to see Bakulu operate the sooner we shall shade tears again. 

The license of this company must be terminated with immediate effect if lives of travelers are to be saved. 

It is time for the government to scrutinize and investigate such companies like Bakulu buses that cause innocent people to die always in the big numbers. 

I hope my cry and that of many others like me is heard to not allow lives to be lost cheaply to these Kampala bound buses. 


The writer is an activist in Juba he can be reached on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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