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Killing Each Other Whatever The Case Is Barbaric

Reports emerging from Tonj East of Warrap state indicate that at least more than 40 people have been killed and many more wounded as Panadel and Panthuc sub-sections of Luacjang community who fought against each other. According to the acting governor of the state Akec Tong Aleu, the clashes were caused by failure to agree on bride price. It is alleged that the father of the girl who hailed from Panadel section refused to accept the bride price from Panthuc section hence fighting broke out, which at first was punctuated with the use of rudimentary weapons like clubs, but later degenerated into full scale war with the use of guns. The governor even alluded to the fact that such clashes are common in the state. These clashes raise very serious questions on some of our cultures, the use of guns on the slightest provocation and where actually these guns come from. It is wrong for any girl to engage in premarital sex for a number of reasons. It increases the spread of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS; it leads to early pregnancies and child mothers with all its associated problems. Reports indicate that South Sudan is one of the countries of the world with the highest number of child marriages and many of these marriages result from either rape or pre marital sex. Child marriages are also a major contributor to the high illiteracy rates among our women. It is said that only 16% of women in South Sudan can read and write therefore, instead of parents engaging in auctioning their girls to the highest bidders should send them to school. However these are small issues if compared to the culture of people resorting to violence to solve their misunderstandings. It cannot be over emphasized that we are fighting to contain a rebellion that broke out almost 10 months ago. This conflict was caused by failure of the political elites to agree in their politics. What resulted is the ongoing war that has claimed thousands of lives of our innocent people. It is also threatening to cause a famine that has never been witnessed in recent history in the world. Therefore states like Warrap that had been spared by the current conflict cannot be seen to be fighting amongst themselves on moreover trivial issues like bride price. Our people must learn to coexist; why should for heaven’s sake members of the same tribe fight amongst themselves simply because they have disagreed on bride price? Our aspirations as a people are the same. Whether one is from which tribe or sub tribe or even clan it doesn’t matter. We all need good roads, electricity, and medicine and health centers. We all need our children to go to school and not worry about what they will eat. These are the real issues that we must be engaged with not killing each other. Killing ourselves on such trivial issues is indeed a thing of the past, barbaric and must be condemned by all right thinking members of our society.

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