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Jonglei protests giving rebels food rations

By Deng Machol

Judi Jongule Boyoris, the Minister for Information and spokesperson for Jonglei state has accused Humanitarian Agencies of supplying food rations to rebel groups, instead of only dealing with governments.

Jongule said that State governments have realized it at time when the humanitarian agencies went to Ayod County.

“They did not go to Ayod headquarter where the commissioner was.” Jongule told The Nation Mirror in an exclusive interview on phone from Bor.

“This is our concern humanitarian agencies should go to headquarters first and then they get permission from the commissioner. The government’s forces are only at the headquarters of Ayod County, but the outskirts of Ayod are under rebel control”

According to Jongole, Ayod County Commissioner should be the right person to direct the humanitarian agencies to the areas where locals are, but not the humanitarian agencies to decide it.

“We have to make it clear to the humanitarian agencies; they must deal with the governments officially, they can’t deal with rebels, unless they have official letter from the governments, whether from National, we do not mind, and if they want to seek a letter from our government here, it is good and this is procedure, that the people need.’ he said, adding, “They should consult us, how could they go, if there is no security there, why did they go there, the State government is much concerned about their security status.”

Jongule also added there are displaced people at Ayod headquarters, says they should get services first but the humanitarian agencies do not actually go there.

“Though the humanitarian agencies are concerned about saving life of everyone including the civilians at the side of rebel groups, we do not have guarantee that they supply food to locals in the areas, if those agencies are actually supplying aid to the locals locked in those areas by the rebels, we do not have problems, but they supply a food to rebels themselves.”

He said this aids rebels to organize to attacks on the government forces.

“We have expressed our displeasure to them but they have not yet responded why they supply food to rebels”

Efforts to reach the talk about humanitarian agencies for a comment were unsuccessful by press time.

Jonglei State has 11 counties, six of those are under government control and the rest are under the rebels’ hands.

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