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What is going on?

In our lead story yesterday under the title, National General Elections to be held in April 2014, a source within the SPLM told us that the Political bureau and the National Liberation council meeting that was called by SPLM chairman, Comrade Salva Kiir Mayardit resolved that they will go on with the 2015 elections and this time pulled even closer to April instead of July. This development comes before even a week went by after the President committed himself to the creation of a transitional government of National Unity where he agreed to share power with the opposition. We also run a story where the minister of Information and Broadcasting Mr. Michael Makuei Lueth told the press in Juba that the rebels under Riek Machar had refused to sign the Implementation Matrix of the Cessation of Hostilities. Indeed we later received a document that shows those who signed the agreement and Riek’s signature was missing. We also received a document outlining the reasons why Machar refused to sign the agreement. In the outlined points Machar talks about a number of issues including the implementation of the federal system to start working as soon as the transitional government starts, a 70% share of the resources by the states, and independent judiciary whose head is not appointed by the president, sweeping reforms in the army, among a coterie of others. When you put together these two developments form both camps; one will be forgiven to ask the question, what is going on? You resolve to go for early elections yet again you are negotiating an interim government of 30 months. On the other hand someone sends delegates to negotiate for peace and come up with agreements and then he turns around to say he will not sign the same agreement he was part of when it was crafted. What happened along the way for them to come up with documents they don’t agree with? Why waste time and money if they don’t believe in the channel that they are using? Let both sides come out clearly and tell the country what they want. The people are tolerant they will listen to you both and see what you have to offer. Whenever one is forced to do things they don’t believe in the repercussion are always grave. If Machar’s group thinks that they can take over government through violence, let them come out clearly and say so and may be the concerned parties devise means of how they can defeat him and his group, other than pretending that they want peace when in actual sense they want peace in order to plan for war.

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