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I support promoting Kiir to the rank of Field Marshal



 I really support Agel Ring Machar’s proposal of promoting President Salva Kiir to the rank of field Marshal. Therefore, the Commander in Chief of National Armed Forces.

The South Sudan Political Parties Youth Forum (PPYF) has called on the National legislative Assembly and the Council of States to promote General Salva Kiir to the rank of Field Marshal with immediate effect. The youth in a statement handed to the Speaker of the National Legislative Assembly, said they represent the abso­lute majority of the population there­fore, their views should be respected. "We the youth opine that the distin­guished, leadership of comrade Pres­ident Salva Kiir has been the key to the achievement of the independence of the Republic of South Sudan, our beloved country," said brother Agel Ring Machar, Chairperson of Political Par­ties Youth Forum, adding that Kiir was with his esteemed colleagues in the High Military and Political Command of the SPLA/M, historically guided the liberation struggle of their people since the beginning of the movement. "We, the youth request that the Nation­al Legislative Assembly and the Coun­cil of States, in a joint session of the two houses, pass a resolution to promote General Kiir to the rank of Field Mar­shal with immediate effect," brother Agel said. Agel said as a leader, he has been exemplary; having selflessly and successfully led the nation to inde­pendence through the most testing tasks, by keeping the dream of inde­pendence alive for over two decades. He said President Kiir has further led people through the CPA and Na­tional Referendum to vote peaceful­ly for independence. "We all know how treacherous that was - he has been and remains the symbol of the unity of our people,' brother Agel said. Through leadership of Kiir, he con­tinued, the world has been able to recognize his historic achieve­ments with admission of South Su­dan to the membership of the Unit­ed Nations without any hesitation.

In the aftermath of last year's crisis, brother Agel said President Kiir has stood firm and committed to peace and spirit of unity among the citizens regardless of what was done to him. Brother Agel said “In an unimaginably forgiving gesture', Kiir has re­leased detainees, who were linked to the alleged failed coup against a democratically elected leader. More so, Brother Agel also added Kiir has advocated and committed himself to unilateral cessation of hostilities and national dialogue and reconcil­iation, including by extending his hand to the rebels and welcoming them to participate in his government. Brother Agel said Kiir should not promote him­self, but it is parliamentarians to do so. Brother Agel said people need to pay back adding, "that we need our presi­dent to be more motivated, so that he can strength his efforts and that can bring peace to our country." The youth leader said, encouraging and motivating General Kiir, will lead him to do more and remain committed to work for absolute peace in the country. The document was also copied to the Speaker of Council of States and Army, Chief of General Staff.


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