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Live up to the latest agreement

The French say déjàvu yet again. On Monday this week, the two principals to the current conflict that is threatening to rip apart our country signed yet again another agreement that seeks to end the conflict peacefully. The parties agreed that they are going to form a transitional government of national unity in 45 days. As it has been the case in the previous agreements signed in May and June; the parties recommitted themselves to the January 24th / 2014 ceasefire agreement that sought to end all forms of hostilities. IGAD and the International community at large have repeated it umpteenth that they are running out of patience with the parties; that if they don’t express interest in ending the war, targeted sanctions are eminent. This can’t be overemphasized. As citizen of this country,  surely we don’t need IGAD and other bodies to tell us that our people are suffering because of this senseless war like it has been tagged. Both parties must express readiness to end this incessant war that has claimed the lives of our people and yet again displaced over a million others. United Nations and other International bodies have warned that we are going to experience the worst famine in modern history because the farmers missed planting because of the war. Surely these people are sons and daughters of this great land. They sacrificed their lives and lost millions of their relatives, friends, son, daughters, fathers, mothers and children in order to have a country that is free and just. A few elites waylaying this country and holding it at ransom is not acceptable. With the current agreement both parties must act with restraint to avoid further escalation of violence. We know very well that on both sides there elements who don’t want the two parties to reconcile. There some elements within government who are intent at keeping their current positions. They think that if the two parties reconcile they would technically lose their positions as the transitional government is formed. These elements have been spiting poisonous venom demonizing the other group by calling them all sorts of names. This certainly can’t be in the spirit of reconciliation. Likewise there elements within the opposition ranks who have made it their business to act contrary to agreed upon positions. They have continuously attacked with impunity government positions which in turn has solicited through, heavy and hard response from government. With this latest agreement we appeal to every stakeholder in this conflict that we have had enough!

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