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Don’t Allow Pot Holes Develop Into Gullies

You need to be a very good driver if you are to use the Juba airport road especially near Panaroma Hotel a few meters away from the road that leads to UNMISS Tongping site. Drivers have to negotiate and dodge very huge and deep gullies that have been made worse by the rain, which has been pouring in recent weeks. The other area on this same road, which gives drives headache is the junction where the Airport road meets with the Ministry road as you are heading to the SPLM National Secretariat, and Juba Nabari next to European Union and the American embassies. The other black spot is near the Custom roundabout. All these places and many more around Juba, started as simple potholes but now have turned into full fledged gullies. When it rains they certainly become crater lakes and if there were some enterprising people they would have started rearing fish in these lakes. When you look at all these spots they are in very strategic areas. Take for example the airport road; it is the main get way to South Sudan. All visitors that are entering and leaving the country have to use this road and therefore it is the face of our country. Imagine someone coming into the country and he/ she is treated to grave deep gullies in our roads that started when all of us were watching. These potholes develop from simple potholes and with time as drivers dodge them they keep on expanding hence becoming the gullies we have. The other reason is due to the failure by the contractors to build water running channels. When it rains all the water clogs in the road and with neglect gullies are inevitable. Like the English say, stitch in time saves nine; we think that those in authority should not allow simple holes develop larger and larger. It is easier to seal a small pothole than waiting for it to widen which requires a lot of money and technical expertise. Yesterday we ran a story where the Mayor of Juba was lamenting the limited funding; saying that the money they collect from local revenues is not enough to meet the city challenges indeed we agree. This is a national capital and hence the mirror of our country, therefore we must do everything it takes to see that we develop it to together. And this calls for more government attention if we are to have a city that we are all proud of.

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