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It is absurd andlaughable

From the 6th December 2013 when a section of SPLM leaders convened that; should we say famous or rather infamous press conference which lit the fire that engulfed the country and has refused to burnout; life has literal come to a standstill. Newspaper, radios televisions across the country and even outside have talked about nothing but the war that the country is still grappling with. From the 6th till now all our talks and discussions are around the same crisis. Whether it is cholera which is still ravaging some parts of the country whether it is famine that has started showing its ugly face, all in one way or the other are connected to the rebellion. We as the media since that date; 80 % of our content is also rotating around the same issue. But we must not forget that the world has not stopped moving. But instead of working tooth and nail to see to it that we reverse this trend, some of the stakeholders are busy dragging their feet in the sand by coming up with preposterous proposals. It was indeed laughable even to those who might be sympathetic to the rebels to read that; they (Rebels) want a federal government where their representation is 70% that of the current government to be at 20% and 10% to other stakeholders. In their proposal they want almost the same share as that in government, in the National armed forces. This is absurd. It totally lays bare the notion that they went to the bush to fight just causes. When you look at their file and rank it is not a proper representation of our country’s diversity. Therefore if one is to believe their accusation against the government of President Salva Kiir how then will theirs be different when they want to monopolize everything. Such outrageous proposals also put to doubt their seriousness to a peaceful resolution of the current crisis that seems intent at destroying this country whose existence is cemented and watered by the blood of men and women who sacrificed their dear lives for the sake of peace and freedom for future generations. These proposals that are flatly unacceptable may be, are also used as baits to continue with the fighting. For, how can one claim to be negotiating for lasting peace and at the same time continue wrecking havoc in different parts of the country like what we witnessed in Ayod county of Jonglei state and Bentiu town of Unity state? We want to say it once again; one person killed in this crisis whether from the rebel or government side is too many!

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