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Invisible Hand in South Sudan Violence

Despite sharp warning against violation of the ceasefire agreement, fighting continues as government forces reported yesterday simultaneous attacked against their positions in Bentiu, Mayendit and Ayod by the rebels of Riek Machar. The attacks happen barely a week after the warning against violation agreement coupled with visit of the delegation of UN Security Council last Tuesday. The question is who is behind the rebels’ courage to defy the International warning? UN Security categorically said any party that will obstruct achievement of peace would bear consequences.


Just within this week, United Nations Security Council delegation visited South Sudan and threatened to impose sanctions on the warring parties.


Ambassadors to United Nations say the Council has made it “very clear” that it is prepared to impose consequences if there continue to be people taking actions that undermine peace and stability of South Sudan, and if there continue to be people carrying out gross violations of human rights. The US Ambassador to United Nations, Samantha Power said, “Our message is very clear to the government and the rebel leader Riek Machar: despite the grievances and irrespective of the differences the two sides have, it is unacceptable to violate the Ceasefire agreement”. The country, however, is in a full gaze awaiting the actions to be taken against the violator of the ceasefire agreement.


 One would wonder if the rebels are on suicidal mission as they courageously defy the stern warning against obstructing peace. Unless there is a big hand like that of Ukrainian rebels that Riek Machar rebel rely on it for defense against International Community’s wrath.


If Riek has lost control of the command of the rebel forces, would the government continue to sit with his delegation in Addis Abba? Power told Radio 101 Mirya FM “When atrocities are carried out by people who call themselves anti-government forces, it is incumbent on Mr. Machar to denounce and to the degree that he has command and control, to investigate and punish anyone who would carry out atrocities”.


If it is confirmed that Riek lost control of the rebels’ command it will make him worthless of the government’s time or attention in Addis and this would in turn prolong violence.


Whatever the case is, the country together with its friends need to come up with a solution to the end the violation and make long lasting solution.

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