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Respond to Governor Rizik Calls for Relocation of National Capital City to Wau

Dau Bol Gak

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Challenging the Article published by Daily Nation Mirror dated Thursday 24th July 2014 in which Governor Rizik Zachariah Hassan Fascinatingly persuade us to relocate the Capital city to his home State. He called for relocation of the National Capital City as to transfer National Government Head Quarter with all its institutional assets to Wau. Wau is not comfortable to be a capital city of republic of South Sudan Government because its location unnecessary for the city. 


The designator of this proposal does not concur with the principle of administrative apportionment, Wau location is at edge west of South Sudan. It has no water body for power and cooling system, space for the industrial development or tourist attraction. In case of invasion, Wau could be reach in just a matter hours due to its proximity to hostile neighboring neighboring Country. Therefore those challenging factors should influence the entire citizenry as not to buy the proposal. The Population density of Western Bahr El Ghazal is too low in accordance with South Sudan National Bureau of Statistics Census stated 333,431Population and areas cover 91, 0760 SQ. KM, which cannot qualify Wau to be the National Capital City. It consists of only three counties. Ramcial was endorsed by the former Leaderships council to be National Capital, but now there is a lot of controversial ideas of shifting, those ideas will not jeopardize Ramcial proposal but if it’s the case then they entire citizen should advocate for referendum of relocation and it has to be enforce into Law.


The Capital city is paramount to be at the central part of the Country but Governor didn’t carry out his feasibility studies as why the capital city is at the central area of any country. The reason is due to fear of invasion from the foreign aggression, but the Central part of this country is Lakes State, which is Ramacial and Mangella along the road to Bor, I thought that you would have propose those Areas, therefore Juba is not supposed to be National Capital city of Republic of South Sudan because either. It’s not at the locus but due to our good neighborhood with Uganda Government we survived during the mid Dec 2013 crisis, I thought our leaders would have revamp Juba to Ramacial or Mangella Bor Road for thrive of South Sudan future not to Wau, which is Neighboring with enemy and disorganized Country such as Central Africa Republic.


Wau has no River for power and cooling system for industries because the capital city would not be without water body, I doubt of your proposal Sir Governor in Daily Nation Mirror dated Thursday 24th July 2014. You have mentioned the issue of Land grabbing in Juba, well the indigenous complaint were known long time before Crisis in mid Dec 2013 but it would suppose be address by the parliamentarian with conjunction of Ramacial planned even in your western Bahr el Ghazal there are issue of Land grabbing and insecurity in State, I may refer you to 2012 incident where there was heavy fighting in Wau, which went on until His Excellency the President of Republic of South Sudan sent delegation.


Land Section for development, Is there any free Large Land for the investors and Government but I doubt whether the state has free land like Ramacial in Lake State, Bor and Central Equatoria where the devolution may take place. Citing to Nigeria in 1991, the Capital of Nigeria, Africa Most populated Country was moved from Logos because of overcrowd, Abuja is well planned city in the Central Nigeria, was deemed to be more neutral city regarding Nigeria ethnicity and Religion Groups but what was designated and blueprint by western bahr el Governor is not marching with World thought and long vision, our beloved icon Dr. John Garang De Mabior blueprint Ramacial in Lake State to be National Capital City when South Sudan attain its autonomy State, Its was long term designated because Ramacial is applicable with industrial development, tourist attraction, Free land for residential, moral ethnicity and it Religion right and I therefore referred you to Russia Capital City was Moscow capital of the Russian empire from 14th Century until 1712, it moved to St.Petersburg to be closer to Europe but its move back due to fear of invasion, I have indicating those few executive example for you as readers to with draw the  proposal


The Writer is a bachelor Degree holder of business administration in Accounting from Kampala University and I can reach through

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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