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Match Up Talks With Actions

South Sudan peace talks had commenced in Addis Ababa and the war is still raging in the town of Nasir and Ayod. This poses a question whether Riek influence over the forces fighting in his name listen to him. One finds it hard to believe they are not respecting what he tells them, especially after knowing that they left their salaries, and comfort to follow him into bush life. It was on Sunday when we learnt of another attack on Nasir by the rebel’ forces against the government position.


 It seems to be no longer news to hear of the rebels attack from within media fraternity. South Sudanese who long to see warring parties make peace have their hopes raised by the visit of the delegation of United Nations Security Council to Juba yesterday. The delegation is the highest in UN organization and if they leave South Sudan without holding anyone of the warring parties at least to account, the hope of South Sudanese would be crashed.


The UN told the world yesterday that it would impose targeted sanctions against the individual obstructing peace. United States and European Union have issued warning against violation before, but only to hit the shadow of the elephant rather than the elephant. IGAD, US, and EU know who is violating ceasefire agreement. UN knows too. It is common knowledge that the rebels have been caught red handed violating the ceasefire agreement many times.


Today South Sudan has heard the UNSC delegation talking tough as the wholesome said, “We will engage Riek Machar as well probably tomorrow and we will deliver very tough message to him. …There would be consequences for those who try to undermine agreement reached in pursuit of peace for the young nation”.

The sad reality is that Riek will continue to deny link with some of those Generals and their forces as to get away with violations. Of course it is noticeable that Riek Machar could not keep his forces under him after 1991 split. Many factions were founded from among his forces. The same scenario is true to his current forces fighting in his name. Last Sunday heavy fighting among the members of his forces is evident to the fact thereof. Reports about Gen. Nyaw turning against Riek’s forces and his willingness to have direct negotiations with the government of South Sudan may complicate peace process, especially if other rebels follow the same path. This will leave Government of South Sudan with too many factions to negotiate with beside Riek forces.

In conclusion, the people of South Sudan would like to see real actions against the violators of peace agreement. The right time is now and not latter. The words are tough enough to console but need to be matched up with actions.

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