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Unmasking foreign conspiracies against our Country

By John Kiboko

The December 15, 2013 crisis attributed to Dr. Riek Machar, a well-known traitor of the 21st century is seemingly seen as leadership failure in part of the political bickering in the SPLM but the author believes not only that but a wider conspiracies of the USA in the world. First we shall look at the factors that brought about the crisis in South Sudan in three parts. The first part will tackle the Political crisis, US Conspiracies and the local collaborators in the name of FDs, second part will deal with the evolution of “Nuer militanism” and their participation in the recent December 15, 2013 coup meanwhile third part will deal with the avoided winter spring in South Sudan and subsequent transition to the coup d’état.

Political crisis in the SPLM party and the American conspiracy behind the doors. South Sudan or the SPLM isn’t the first party or a country in the world to experience such political bickering exploited by foreign powers chiefly or led by the USA. The South American states and leaders faced serious conspiracies that have ended in rendering the country dependent on the US or loss of leaders killed by the American economic cartels/mafia aided by the government (state department and CIA) beginning in 60s to-date. The USA ambassador to South Sudan Ms Susan Page was caught behind the wheel leading to the December 2013 crisis implementing the USA so-called “regime Change policy of the Washington in Africa, South America and the Middle East. History is clear on how US topples foreign regimes whether democratic or dictatorial.

US angered by non-compliance by the SPLM leadership to succumb to their demand for democratization and installation of the would be American puppet president in South Sudan as well cancelling all the Chinese contracts in the oil sector made a U-turn in the Washington’s policy towards South Sudan that, they have once helped to gain independence from Sudan. This negative policy from Obama administration is also sowed in order to uproot the republican’s investments or gains in the SPLM long struggle against Khartoum which ended with an independence state in South Sudan. The US and Obama administration hope to install FDs using Dr. Riek as a ladder because of his huge followers from the Nuer who could take power by military means and later be dislodged in the elections. There was this notion and weird statistics that Nuer militants constitute between 70-85 percent in the SPLA army coming from the former militia used by Khartoum as oil police and other factions created earlier. This came in a wake of the failure of dollar diplomacy in South Sudan. Indeed there are factual narratives of the power struggle in the SPLM over reform agendas which are also coined or misplaced in a way that will never bring any reform but (self-interests whether the FDs or Riek Machar) according to the political claimants.

Former Political detainees (FDs) must learn the American historical facts of conspiracies in Latin America and the recent Middle East crisis in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and the killing of the African hero Col. Gadhafi at the expense of imposing democracy AND potential looting of resources in the energy sector. No human right records have been brought against the US and other criminal allies who have been involved in the extensive air bombardment of civilian’s settlements in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen and Libya and not to mention what is happening next door to South Sudan (DRC and Central Africa). What have the collaborators benefited from the current chaos in those countries? They may want to impose or sponsor the chaos but will they govern this country (South Sudan) through such an illegal means of regime change policy? This is a million dollar question that must not only be barely answered from the street of Juba but require nationalism and patriotism by the participants or the collaborators of such conspiracies for the love of their own country among the nations. It required courage to collectively fight foreign conspiracies than succumbing to them which shall ruin the goodness of this nation and its building to prosper. South Sudanese must be aware that, there is no peace and stability that will be brought by foreign powers but we ourselves must embrace each other to maintain peaceful coexistence and build our country that we shall all admire to work. Foreign missions in South Sudan remain agents of conspiracies against our state using the disgruntled elements including the opposition. Haiti continues to bleed too due to the US conspiracies in the country. The USAID with approval from the state department under pretext of humanitarian and development program helped in financing opposition and violence in the country. The same story befell Bolivia where government requested transparency and accountability of the USAID funding on the projects but instead of a positive response, this instigated US sanctions and cancellation of humanitarian aid to the country.  

South Sudan recent legislation by parliament to regulate the activities of the NGOs in the country has now created outcry from the international community particularly the western allies to the US and UK painting it and the current economic situation and food insecurity in their own way of the normal description of a foreign conditions. The duo described the food insecurity as a grave concern that almost everyone in the country will not have food to live on between January and March 2016 therefore, passing such legislation will hold humanitarian supplies to the needy people. This is a matter of a policy domestically ratified by the house of people’s representatives in South Sudan in effort to also create transparency and accountability in the NGOs sector which will tremendously benefit South Sudanese and not the so-called expatriates. This is the western lens of African’s problems in order to legitimize their illegal activities in the country and a way to counter country’s legislation that regulates the NGOs use of donor’s funds in South Sudan. Less is going to be admiring about the UN, Diplomatic missions and NGOs in the Republic of South Sudan but a continued destruction of South Sudan at large.


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