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Do our young people value morality?

By Ahmed A. Morgan

Today in most cities, the dressing code of our youth is quite disgusting. In Kenya for example, in my view almost every beautiful girl moves naked on the streets, especially in Nairobi. One wonders why some ladies put on very short dresses and walk around the streets and even go to happening places, and as they walk or sit down those dresses keep on pushing themselves up, and then they also keep pulling them down. Some would put on dresses which make every private part of their bodies look as natural as they are. Honestly, one wonders why they would put on very short and tight dresses that expose all their private parts and even make them uncomfortable in public. Is it because they want to feel beautiful and sexy or they want to attract attention? And mind you these are the very type of ladies who go on bitching around how men are bad, heartless, and how they use them as sex objects. Ladies, the way you present yourself to the world is the way one handles you. If you dress decently, you will be respected and you will attract the right people in your life and if you put on skimpy clothes, you will attract people who will not see any value in you but instead see you as a piece of meat to munch. You become less of a wife material, and that is why we have fewer marriages these days. Dress well, respect yourself, close your legs and be careful with your bodies and hearts. Of course the way you dress tells who you are, respect yourself to be respected. Whether you are a Muslim or a Christian it is never good to dress cheap. Yes being naked or half naked is being cheap in the eyes of decent men and women. For instance, if I throw a sweet which has its cover and one which does not have a cover to the floor, which one will, I pick and eat? It is obvious that rationally I would pick the one with a secure cover. So the same applies when decent men make their choices regarding women. Let no one deceive you that your nudity in public attracts men of decent nature; instead it scares decent men away from you my sister. You can only have the crooks hanging around you for this matter. This is the naked truth I am telling you from my experience and keen observation. The habits of such immoral dressing are not only with girls today, but boys also are now doing the same when they put on trousers which are pulled down below their buttocks. Unfortunately some are even not wearing panties as such making their entire upper behind openings to be out for the public. Others among them have also a new style, especially in Nairobi where the pair of trousers have to be so tight that once they are put on, all their male tools look swolen and are vivid to the public. They should know that those things they are showing are called private parts and hence, are not for public view or consumption. We should know that even God had urged us not to display private parts of our bodies in public. These parts are our wealth and are what make one to be called either a man or a woman. Precious wealth is always to be placed very deep hidden and protected from thieves or wrong exploiters. For instance, let us see how God has hidden deep in the ground most of the precious minerals. If we want gold, we need a lot of efforts to mine it from the earth and only it comes out in small quantities. If we want copper, diamond, uranium, mercury etc all of which are expensive minerals, we will have to use a lot of machines and capital in order to mine them. Even oil like petrol or diesel which is used as source of energy is to be got from deep under the ground. They are all well protected by nature because God knows they are wealth of those countries in which they are found. So if we are to extract them, then an investor must put a lot of efforts and money to dig them out. In our case then, especially for our girls, their private parts are the wealth which must always be covered deep under clothes. Any investor who is interested to mine it must actually put efforts and money in order to get it, and of course the scarcer the minerals the higher would be the price it would fetch for the owner  ( in this case your parents would get a  lot in bride price). It is to be noted that when ladies openly show their bodies, they become so abundant and hence, their values go down. Men will always have reduced interests in them, and marriages rarely occur. Most men end up getting satisfied by what they see on the roadsides which make them less interested in going any deeper. I tell you in South Sudan, besides high bride price as a reason for drop in marriages, the code of dressing of our ladies could also be another cause.  I hope my sisters and daughters including parents who are reading this could take this seriously. Let these young ones be reminded that marriages in the past used to be more sacred than today, if at all they are still sacred. In the past, a girl could only see the privacy of a man after marriage. Likewise, a young man could also see the privacy of a young girl after marriage. But of today, these facts are no longer withholding since most of our young girls and boys are almost already walking naked on the roads, schools, University campuses, and even in churches. However, much of the blame for this happening should be labeled on the societal changes at large. One fact is that, this thing called Globalization which came from the Western world is one factor. Today, Globalization came with expansion in media coverage and advancement in cheaper communication technology and devices. Children freely watch movies and other shows intended for adults on their cell phones or other devices through the internet or digital TVs. They imitate dressing styles from other parts of the world ignorantly without control, and of course children are not rational given their ages. The second fact is that, parents too due to economic pressures have forgotten to see what their children are doing or going through. It is not only that, but blind adoption of western laws of how to deal with children also contributed to parents’ dormancy on this issue. Parents today have less control over their children because of such laws which have been copied from the west and pasted into most of our constitutions and lifestyles codes of conducts. However, as the problem is becoming chronic, parents, especially fathers can still do something. If every parent see into it that always they participate in buying the right dress for their children, and also see every day that the child is dressed morally for whatever occasion they are going out for, I believe we can all together fight this immorality and restore sanity into the minds of our children. I insist that fathers take up this responsibility because most women or mothers are also parties to this immorality and contribute in buying those immoral dresses for their daughtors.

May God save us from all immoralities. Amen.

The writer is a lecturer of economics at the University of Juba and for any comments, complaints or compliments he can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   +211912250567 or +254716147016


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