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The West is responsible for the Refugee crisis

By Ahmed A. Morgan

In a previous article on an issue closer to this one I blamed the third world citizens who went into signing their own enslavement documents as they cross into Europe and other western countries. A big number of them ended up dying in the seas and oceans including very young children that might have the potential to improve the futures of these third world countries. In the past, we in Africa were fighting nail and teeth to free ourselves from slavery during the era of the first slave trade by the Europeans, the pains of which some of us are feeling up to now. Today it is not only the Africans but most of the people from the third world are fighting not to free themselves from slavery but fighting instead to get enslaved. They take the risks to cross the Mediterranean Sea into Europe of which some end up as food for the sea creatures. They humiliate themselves to the extent of sleeping outside in the cold and eating from dustbins in Europe and America. But the big question is why and who should be held accountable for the conditions of these people? If we closely look, we find that the majority of these migrants are from Syria, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Jordan, Afghanistan etc. All these countries sending out their citizens who once were in total peace and tranquility as well as well settled are all in wars and crisis at the moment. In my opinion, it is the western world to be blamed for destabilizing these countries. We noted that when Obama was campaigning, he used the slogan “yes for change”. However, most people who voted him into office and others from the rest of the world did not take time to deeply understand the meaning of this slogan. Immediately after taking over office as the president of the United States of America, started what became known as the “Arab Spring” which saw most of the Arabs population rising against their governments in the name of leadership change and democracy, the American style of course. The uprisings were in Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Yemen, Sudan, Syria etc. Few went well while most of the uprisings turned into nightmares. In Egypt, thousands of people were killed and the long serving president Hosni Mubarak was overthrown. An election was held and an Islamic brother Mursi won the election, though was overthrown by a military man Al-Sisi supported by the Americans. Egypt which once was the most secure and peaceful country in the northern part of Africa is no longer the Egypt we used to know. The peace and stability of Egypt is gone in the name of democracy and yes for change, a slogan brought by the Americans. Egyptians are now too in Europe seeking refuge and enslavement. Syria is bleeding today because of the same democracy and slogan of yes for change. Syria was once very peaceful under Hafiz Al Assad and continued to be peaceful under his son Bashar Al Assad who is the current president. The western world using this slogan wanted to change him creating the uprising which failed and turned into the current endless fighting with thousands killed and hundreds being killed still on daily basis. Thousands of them are crossing to suffer more as modern slaves in Europe and some might be given asylum perhaps in USA or Canada after their houses and livelihoods have been totally destroyed in the war. Yet the USA and its allies talk of increasing military supplies and trainings to the Syrian rebels to defeat Assad’s government which means more war still in Syria with all its unwanted characteristics. Iraq was once a very rich and peaceful country under Sadam Hussein. It was the most admired country in the region. The USA and its western allies came with their lies of Sadam possessing weapons of mass destructions. They used it as a reason for invading Iraq and hurriedly had Sadam Killed without any proper justice. They have destroyed and destabilized Iraq beyond repair at the moment. Hundreds of thousands have now been killed since the allies’ invasion of Iraq. Their actions have led to the upcoming of the ISIS in the whole region which will again warrant the ally’s reinvasion of Iraq and perhaps Syria and Iran, which means more death, destructions and mass migration for the citizens into Europe and other countries. Iraqis like the Syrians are outside there in Europe seeking enslavement.Afghanistan was once a peaceful and an organized society. The USA and its allies in the name of fighting Al-Qaida and Taliban invaded it and made it ungovernable till today. Thousands have died and more are dying every day. The whole peace and livelihoods in Afghanistan is destroyed and many Afghans are outside there in Europe knocking doors to be voluntarily enslaved. Somalia was once a very peaceful country in the eastern horn of Africa under Syed Berri. The Americans called him a dictator and sponsored some Somalis to overthrow him. They also attempted to invade Somalia which all led to the current situation with Al Shabab taking over events to our current time. Somalia remained completely ungovernable with insecurity everywhere and Somalis becoming refugees in almost every country of the World. Many more of them are there in Europe seeking to be enslaved. Libya in the northern part of Africa was once a very rich and peaceful country under the long leadership of Colonel Muamar Gadhafi of which every Libyan was proud. The western world ganged up against Gadhafi with NATO invading the country. They overthrew Gadhafi and had him killed in a very humiliating manner. Libya today has lost the peace it used to enjoy and what rule today is chaos and death. Thousands have lost their lives and the country has become the route to sending migrants to the west as planned. Libya has remained unstable and ungovernable with thousands of its population waiting in Europe to be officially enslaved. Yemen once was a very rich and peaceful country under Abdallah Saleh, but now see where they have put Yemen. Even religious countries like Saudi Arabia are made to exercise their small military muscles by bombing Yemen using the USA weapons. This is an American-Israeli war against Iran being fought by Saudi Arabia as the agent in Yemen. It is the people of Yemen dying in their thousands now and others are already in Europe seeking enslavement. Sudan for long now has been destabilized and is suffering from such plots from the western world. Millions of its citizens were killed from 1983 till today with western world being behind the scene. Most of its citizens from South Sudan ended up as modern slaves in USA, Europe, Canada and Australia. Currently, it is the turn of those from Darfur, the Nuba Mountains and Southern Blue Nile to be accepted into modern slavery. In general, strong leaders in the region such as Al Bashir, Salva Kiir, and Robert Mugabe are looked at as criminals and implicated to answer certain questions by the infamous International Criminal Court (ICC) which countries like USA and others in Europe refused to be answerable to by not ratifying the Rome Status. Some of such leaders end up mysteriously getting killed like Lumumba of Congo, Sadam of Iraq, Gadhafi of Libya or even Dr. John Garang of South Sudan. In the light of all the above happenings, the strangest thing is that most people from these countries are blindfolded not to see or reason out these facts. They still increase the purchase of the western manufactured weapons to achieve this objective of the western modern ways of slavery. They strengthen the economies of the west because most of those countries survive greatly on the sales of weapons and other military hardware. However, I think whatever is done by the west; they have calculated it well in their interests. They cause war in the third world in order for the people to flee to Europe and other parts of the world. They try to depopulate the third world through wars that kill most of the people and mass migrations to end up as modern slaves and cheap labor in the west which they now meet to share them just like any good. They send weapons to the third world countries and blame the leaders and the third world politicians of being poor in quality. They are currently robing the third world right from other natural resources to its human resources. The third world countries are compelled to export everything they produce in raw shape and import them as manufactured goods from the west. Most of the intelligent third world citizens who went to study in the west are made not to return home - robbing them through giving them better jobs in the west. I think if it is a matter of the American democracy to come to Libya, Iraq, and Syria etc. Iraq was better off with Sadam than what it is now. Libya was a hundred times better off with Gadhafi than the current Libya. Egypt was better off with Hosni Mubarak than with Alsisi today. Sudan is currently better off with Bashir than with any leader that would be imposed by the impractical western democracy. I would advise our people in the third world to wake up from their long and deep sleep and stand up to the truth. The late President Jommo Kenyatta once said, “The western missionaries came to Kenya with the bible while the Kenyans had the land and resources. They taught the Africans to pray with their eyes closed. When the Africans opened their eyes it was that they now had the bible and the western missionaries had the land and the resources”. For this reason let third world people open their eyes wider enough to see beyond the scene and see the clear reasons for any dramatic generosities from the western world in the form of food aid, foreign aid, green card, and resettlement or what have you. All these finally would culminate into some sort of invasions whether directly or indirectly. South Sudan has been seriously put to such a test at the moment.

May God save usfrom the greed of other people. Amen.

The writer is a lecturer of economics at the University of Juba and for any comments, complains or compliments he can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   +211912250567 or +254716147016

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