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We need to rethink the issue of Dual citizenship

By Ahmed A. Morgan

Why is South Sudan still chaotic, confused, and undeveloped up to this moment? The above question is among the type of questions that is usually asked by most people about South Sudan, especially the foreigners. South Sudanese themselves too ask such questions. The author here too keeps questioning himself as to why South Sudan is remaining in a more deplorable situation which is even worse than the pre-CPA time or pre- independence days. Too many answers pop up in my mind ranging from divine curses to human inflicted causes. Sudan or South Sudan are two countries now which are absolutely rich in several natural resources compared to other countries of the world to the extent of being envied by those countries which have over depleted their own resources. Sudan or South Sudan is a land whose name is registered in the holy bible and some of her people are believed to have come from some biblical holy lands. Sudan or South Sudan with her people very much matches the description upheld in the biblical book of prophet Isaiah chapter 18 that God will punish Sudan. I am not a clergyman, but I am putting our clergymen and clergywomen to task here to change my conviction in this regard or prove me right. The above facts give one every reason to believe in some sort of divine curse dragging our legs in South Sudan which is why I always refer to a search for divine solution to our crisis that has almost defeated the whole world at this juncture. As most of us have seen and are still seeing, the country emerged as a grown up baby with all its teeth that could chew everything, even stones. Corruption which is too a divine curse became the order of the day to the extent one could describe our people as guys who have graduated from colleges of corruption, not with bachelors but with PhDs. We have become a well-known people in the whole world as number one youngest highly corrupt nation. We have become a world well-known country for merciless killings of our own people without any cause, even those who are highly learned who are supposed to rescue lives have become killers. We have become a nation in which is found every sorts of greed and vices which are so inhumane. If we want to find a place devoid of humanity, then it is South Sudan today. Humanity seems not to exist here now. Human beings have become devoid of humanity to the extent one could level them as beings only because in the absence of humanity in a person, the person I think should not be called human being. So some of us in South Sudan are just beings and those with some little humanity left in them could be some sort of subhuman beings. Please I am not good in languages but let the linguists correct me there. I only want to express my feelings. We are so notorious. As all these evils are to some extent blamed on divine origin, it works through us humans as agents for execution. It is known that God would not bring fire from heaven or send an angel from heaven to punish a sinning nation anymore, they do the destruction by their own hands. A good story from Kenya how this works impressed me very much here. During the 1990s there was that Sudanese (South Sudanese now) living as a refugee in Kenya and whenever he went out, the police would demand some bribes from him. One day he gathered his strength to question the policeman as to why he is being always treated like that. Then the policeman asked him as to whether he was a Sudanese or not and as to whether he was a Christian or not. His answers were all affirmative.

Then the policeman told him “it seems you do not read your bible well, because it is written in the book of prophet Isaiah 18 that God will punish Sudan. Do you want God to come down by himself and do that? Please I am fulfilling the will of God, and do not waste my time just give me the money”. So that is the way God works to punish a nation or people of a nation these days. However, as we have already known this, then there exists a solution because treatment always starts by diagnosing the sickness. Nevertheless, we also need to know how this works to derail our development. As South Sudanese, we are currently confused because God scattered us all over the world through the previous wars. After the Anyanya one war, most of our people came back from East Africa and other parts of the world and it became difficult if not impossible to mix with those who remained behind. Because of this we failed to live as one people and as such could not settle to do any developmental works. We continued to fight among ourselves and our enemies exploited that situation making us to continue to suffer till 2005. We thought that our people were going to have some relief since we became an independent state. However little did we know that by God scattering us during the war in the 1980s and 1990s all over the world was another source of curse on us. We erroneously thought that now since we have come from USA, Britain, Germany, Australia, Israel, Sudan, Kenya, Iraq, Libya etc we were going to develop South Sudan in a rocket speed. Instead, coming from different countries with different developmental and political philosophies and interest is the source of our current confusion. We know the adage that too many cooks spoil the broth. This is what we are having. Our people who came from outside the country want South Sudan in no time to become like USA, Canada, Australia, and the rest of the western world. Those from East Africa want it also to become like Kenya or Uganda. Some of them brought along with them the culture of corruption for those who came from highly corrupt countries, and this explains as to why South Sudan very first became among the leading corrupt countries in the world. There is high competition for corruption rather than development.

The end result of course is poverty of the masses, sufferings and wars as we have seen. We also noted that most of these South Sudanese holding powerful positions purporting to develop South Sudan are foreigners in the sense that they are people with dual citizenship. Now do we think that if one has an American citizenship; would that person be working honestly for South Sudan which is just a bush or the USA which is a heaven on earth? Let us be honest to ourselves, for me I would work for USA. This is our situation in the country. Most of our people are pretenders and they are in the country to loot the dollars and send them to their families in their first world countries. We have seen how our citizens were let down during the crises in December 2013 where all those countries came to evacuate their citizens who were non rather than our own black South Sudanese taken away from their duty stations as Americans, Germans, British and what have you. For us with single citizenship, we had nowhere to turn to except die or hide under the government or the rebels depending on certain factors, both of whom were parties in the conflict. Others had to run to UNMISS or escape to Uganda or Kenya as refugees. In my opinion then, the issue of dual citizenship is working to under- develop South Sudan rather than developing it. It has led to corruption of different kinds. South Sudan in fact has become a land of foreigners in their traditional land. Their minds, interests and lifestyles rest with their western countries and not with the plight of the common people.

They only physically exist in South Sudan.  We know that most of our people with foreign citizenship are better paid here in this country. Above all, most of them are also listed in their first world countries for unemployment benefits not withstanding those employed as secret agents for those countries. Our government needs to have a second thought on this issue in South Sudan. A good example is the recent peace in Addis Ababa in which the President was being compelled to sign a rushed peace deal. I for one I’am taking the decision by the president not to sign the agreement at that moment as intelligent and bold. He had shown how a head of a state should behave, and it could have been humiliating for him to sign. Any agreement that could be signed should include a proper implementation mechanism with accountabilities. We all know that the war had claimed very precious lives from all sectors of the society. Peace is what we all need and a peace deal that could be implemented by both parties without return to war. We are tired of seeing our people die in senseless wars. As such one is hoping that after scrutinizing the document, the president would sign it and the other parties should also accept some reasonable and rational points of view that might emerge. Last but not the least, I still hold the opinion that our own people with dual citizenship are helping in derailing development in South Sudan since they are serving their first world countries rather than South Sudan. They take most of our resources to those already rich countries. They work as agents of those countries to secure their interests in South Sudan and each of those countries want South Sudan to be like them, a source of too much confusion on the ground. All these are done without the knowledge of the common man who does not know about those developments.

They in one way or the other have confused the already confused common citizens and the end result is chaos and wars without end. What South Sudan needs currently is peace, patience and setting up a system regardless of who leads the country. Believe me leading a country with confused people is the most difficult thing on earth. Even good leaders like Obama or late Mandela would have found it difficult to lead South Sudan, leave alone President Salva Kiir who is being despised. Adam Smith once wrote that the most difficult commodity to transport is human beings; it is better one be a transporter of other goods. For example if you are driving a passenger vehicle, you will face others who might want you to drive faster while at the same time some may want you to drive slowly. There are those who might from time to time demand you to stop for them to ease themselves while others might even want to take your seat as a driver. All these problems will not exist for a driver who carries cargos. Every one of us thinks that our ideas are the best to govern South Sudan, though it is always easy said than done. We are not able to understand ourselves as we come from different parts of the world and think that we can together govern South Sudan not knowing that we are being used indirectly as agents of those countries that put those ideologies into us. So the conflicts of those ideologies are being implemented by our foreign South Sudanese in the country.

The writer is a lecturer of economics at the University of Juba and can be reached atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. " This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   0912250567 or+254716147016


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