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Uncle Ajou, Abrasive and Destructive Politician 319
The Political Dominance of South Sudan’s Gunclass: A Python in the Mud for Peace and Stability 2320
The Garang I Knew: African Icon Of Visionary Leadership 146
To Cynics, Leaders Will Have To Do More Than Just Seeking Forgiveness 165
Reminiscing The Old Liberation Struggle Days- The Past Is Nostalgic 163
I Don’t Expect Much From TGoNU Other Than Unity And Stability 172
Coming face to face with poverty, hunger 200
The images of South Sudan – Speak of the Urgent Need for Peace Implementation 260
Another son of Africa is denied the Presidency - Overwhelming Rigging in Uganda: 316
Unmasking foreign conspiracies against our Country 310
Is Tribalism good for South Sudan? 266
I don’t know about you; but this was not the South Sudan I had dreamed about 223
It is not entirely about Capacity Gaps; It is an issue of Professional Complacency: 224
On perfecting writing skills – what has worked for me§ 297
Welcome SPLM-IO but there are hurdles to over come 278
Traditional justice mechanisms of reconciliation can be explored to aid fractured communities 293
How Many Would Arrive With Riek If 586 Persons Form SPLA-IO’s Advanced Team? 271
Where will the resources to host 500 opposition delegates come from? 271
Machiek Nhial‘s erred in his article on Eastern Lakes State Gubernatorial selections 585
Prof. John Akec, I disagree with your economic outlook 665
This is my contribution towards a positive coverage of both parties 259
Trends of Gender Discrimination and the Varied Outcomes within the Academia 342
Safer Paths Out Of Our Wartime Economy 361
Jonglei state gov’t utter failure to protect her citizens 285
Transitional Justice is the only way to a right foundation 419
Why South Sudan must open an Embassy in Japan 642
This is how life is in South Sudan 403
Do our young people value morality? 465
Did the President’s Address Meet the Threshold of an Ideal State of the Nation Address? 229
The West is responsible for the Refugee crisis 398
We need to rethink the issue of Dual citizenship 377
When El Bahsir’s prophecy comes back to haunt us When El Bahsir’s prophecy comes back to haunt us 487
Why Africa may leave the ICC 511
Dispatches: Remembering Jemera Rone 548
Feminist or not – Gender equality and women emancipation is a priority 458
The conundrum of imprisoning mothers with their Children 380
Ethnicity Drives The Current Conflict –Explains The Brutality: Kuyang Harriet Logo Mulukwat 548
Give the SPLM reunification and Pagan Amum a chance 399
Blessed rain and old faces: Pa’gan Amum’s return to the SPLM 304
Economic Integration And How It Affects Development Part (1) 2591
We Must Resist Divisive Politics 577
It is ironical to heavily Guard Dr. Garang’s remains While His Family and Vision Remain in Exile 1616
Making sense of the current economic crisis 3702
Rising Youth Unemployment Is A Threat To State Existence 989
Why AKol Aguek Ngong should be voted as Bor County presidency 664
Even If Kiir, Riek, Wani or the Rest Given 20 Years, the Same Result Will Resurface 521
The Conduct of Traffic Officers – is far from being Professional! 1007
Schools are killing our children 604
The scripture 1-4 556
Elections are about having a legitimate government 440
Are our modern girls worth these payments? 620
Who are the targets of rebels; SPLA or the innocent civilians? 427
USA a country of double standards! 495
Why foreign troops may not be desirable 898
The International Criminal Court is struggling to justify itself amid accusations of bias against Africa 695
Why exclusion is reinforced by self-serving leaders? 418
Hepatitis B a Threat To South Sudan 3253
Mechanism of democracy of the Nation (1-2) 568
You, DINKA rude sellers; is it marriage or business? (2-3) 496
The idea of Mobile Courts – A relevant approach to enhancing access to justice 1135
Why the president should not assent to the Security Bill 414
When you have to crisscross the Rubicon 393
Joining East African Community Is Self-Destruction! 2792
Can peace come to our country soon? 369
Between a rock and a hard place:The UN and the protection of civilians in South Sudan 1219
Mr. Nhial Bol, Proposal by rebels on elections are politically motivated 820
Two armies in South Sudan is the self-confession of the failed state 390
Warrap youth want Nyandeng to resign for the wrong reasons 323
Measuring the effectiveness of institutional strengthening of Rule of Law 1360
Lying, Power greediness are not known characters of Col. Philip Aguer 1201
Can political parties’ activities boost democracy? 1033
SPLA in-Opposition Issues an Ominous Press Release concerning UN Helicopters 461
For customary law is to survive must accommodate fundamental change 470
Sign seen at African airport: Africans not welcome here 569
Time is really changing for polygamy and diseases 6067
Abyei from a gulf to a bridge 1248
What if the community communicates? 386
A new type of ‘digital child’ is here, and every parent should have one 497
Weekly moots (debates of law Moots no. (7) Of 2014 Between: Tobacco smokers in the Republic of South Sudan Vs. The National Minister of Environment 407
For how long are we going to sing, coup, coup, coup without finding a solution? 435
Be gentleman in a relationship 646
How to end economic domination by foreigners? 581
The death of citizens call for people power action 523
Bashir’s calculated diplomatic dance 339
Corrupting the ignorant population’s wealth is not sin 337
YABA: The Word That Will Send You To The Mirror 387
Did VP Igga Have His “Foot In Mouth”? 440
Security Bill wrangle is a misconception 1-3 425
Addis talks are interfering with the sovereignty of South Sudan 335
Was Ateny Wek Ateny Hired to Insult? 774
World’s newest nation has unprecedented opportunity to end sexual violence in conflict 219
Celebrate the golden jubilee of the October 1964 Sudanese revolution 549
Never regretting our blood independence! 589
Is South Sudan Peace Process Doomed to Fail? 514
A book that unemployed, hardworking persons should read 1471
U.S. Policy on Sudan and South Sudan: The Way Forward” 430
Weekly moots (debates of law) Moots no. (6) of 2014 Between: Excessive beauty creams users (skins bleaching) & Coming generation’s taxpayers 353
Corruption Costs Developing Nations $1 Trillion A Year 340
We must not lose focus on the economy! 576
Is Bahir Dar starting to reverse Addis’s Failures? 913
Teachers are investment for the future’ 346
How to capture the attention of your audience 419
Small Arms in South Sudan and Sudan: Is that the agenda for Bahir Dar Talks? 364
Can unity be consolidated by uncultured troubleshooters? 403
Poverty and its impact on the nation 2948
Is federalism the source of disparity in South Sudan? 395
Why have parents abandoned their responsibilities? 416
Bakulu coaches must be banned in South Sudan 947
Making a case for the inclusion of women in the Judiciary 475
Explaining the (il) legality of Uganda’s Intervention in the current South Sudan Conflict 2355
xplaining the (il) legality of Uganda’s Intervention in the current South SudanConflict 1459
What the Khartoum Regime Really Thinks 462
Bishops renew message of peace: This War must stop 419
Will the Ministry of Labour Order to Replace Aliens be implemented? 504
What a Fallacy Taking Towns to The People Is! 1252
Killing Each Other Whatever The Case Is Barbaric 352
Jonglei protests giving rebels food rations 367
Black Market, MPs spot on 651
When you have to live with your stepmother 398
Why the SPLM must be dismantled 516
UNMISS – balancing mandate and making unprecedented moves to save civilians 433
The Shooting Down of a UN Cargo Helicopter: Where the evidence points” 365
Criminalisation in politics Column Name: National Concern Rights” 350
Law reform initiatives for women and real societal norms 451
Those boys must be in school 341
Reforms needed in the Armed forces 436
Can a constitutional monarchy end our political and leadership crisis? 8276
What is the shape of a war won against the government or the rebels? 440
What is going on? 343
Declare State of Emergency in Lakes State 332
How do we look on as Youths go to waste? 407
I support promoting Kiir to the rank of Field Marshal 403
Live up to the latest agreement 316
What is politics? 558
Riek Machar caught between a rock and a hard place 320
Don’t Allow Pot Holes Develop Into Gullies 310
It is absurd andlaughable 398
Reforming the SPLM :A requisite for peace and nation building 347
Media crackdown dents our government’s picture 307
Invisible Hand in South Sudan Violence 397
There is a virus of fear running through the body of Christ now that needs to be confronted and blasted 1174
The Failed State: Is South Sudan? 354
Respond to Governor Rizik Calls for Relocation of National Capital City to Wau 1531
Match Up Talks With Actions 332
Well Done Job Security Apparatus 330
Keeping Ebola Out of South Sudan 327
Sacrificing South Sudan 1018
South Sudan’s Crisis: Its Drivers, Key Players, and Post-conflict Prospects 670
Contribution of Politi- cal Parties in Africa 470
Communication: The Basis of Understanding and Empathy 533

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