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Juba University Lacks Basic Students Requirements Says JUSU


By Garang Abraham


The Juba University Student’s Union (JUSU) has submitted strategic plan to Youth Network against Poverty (YNAP) a local nongovernmental organization, to request for financial backing, the organization’s official has revealed.

The Chief Administrative Office in YNAP Stephen Mou on Friday told The Nation Mirror that JUSU President Abuba Evelyn Peter had recently paid a visit to their offices to seek for financial assistance and presented strategic plan to the CEO of the Association.

According to the JUSU president, the visit to the YNAP was to present the challenges facing university students in their quest to acquire knowledge at the campus.  

 “The students in University of Juba under the leadership of JUSU would like to inform you about the conditions we are facing. There is insufficient and poor lecture rooms, shortage of books in the University library, poor food and nutrition and poor hostels which are lacking electricity and water.  The students at Juba University are lacking basic student’s needs,” Abuba revealed.

On his part, Gum Thany Secretary General of JUSU explained 45 goals with aims and objectives to better the student’s welfare at the university. “We need this goals achieved and the Union will continue to knock at different doors while seek for assistance until university students achieve their study freely without constrains in the campus,” Gum said.

“Various helps from outside rendered to the students will build better welfare of the university students. Hostels need to be electrified and at the same time renovated as we request outside donations for the betterment of future students,” he stressed.

The YNAP administrator, Stephen Mou thanked JUSU for the initiative and promised to review the strategy before making any pledge.

“I am glad that some of the students have the vision to help students at the university but at the meantime I cannot guarantee your request whether accepted or rejected. I will let the board know first and by Monday (today) we will forward you the feedback,” Mou assured Student union.

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Funds Needed To Facilitate Rehabilitation In Juba Central Prisons

By Aleer P.David


Tasked to rehabilitate and reform the wrongdoers, the South Sudan Prison Service has encountered a lot of challenges in carrying out this very duty, Prison’s official has revealed.

In an interview with The Nation Mirror yesterday, Col. Paul Puk the Public Relation Officer of the National Prison service highlighted that their work has been narrowed by lack of enough funds hence difficulty in rehabilitation process.

“There is no budget allocated by the ministry of finance to carry out reformation of the inmates and our facilities are not in good standard” Col. Puk said.

According to Col. Puk, the Prison Service used to be supported by UNMISS department in charge of rule of law and United Nation Development Program [UNDP] to enable it facilitate rehabilitation process, but the support has not been effective since the onset of political and economic crisis in the country.

“As the UNMISS focus changed to protection of civilians ,the aid that used to be granted to help Prison service stopped and only UNDP has little support that cannot manage to solve all the issues of prisoners. The work of rehabilitation is not progressing in the states because of insecurity and lack of tools”, He said.

Albeit financial constraints, Paul said that Prison service is going on with rehabilitation program in Juba Central Prison. The inmates according to him, are given vocational skills such that when their sentences elapse, they can come out of the jail with a changed mind and live a responsible life.

He added that the training of the first batch of inmates is over and the second one is ongoing. He said the inmates have been equipped with skills and are only awaiting official graduation. “We are training these inmates in car mechanics, building and construction, electricity work, welding, so that they become self-reliant and law abiding citizens at the end of their jail terms” he explained.

He blamed the judiciary for overcrowding in the prisons. Puk Appealed to the government and other stakeholders to intervene and arrest the situation. “These people who are living behind bars are citizens of South Sudan and they should be treated with care”, he said.

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Minister Dhieu Dau, UN’s Owusu Explore Avenues For Partnership

Min DD

By Lindri Godfrey Alex


The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Stephen Dhieu Dau and the United Nations Resident Coordinator, who is Deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary General, Eugene Owusu, recently met in the Ministry Headquarter in Juba to discuss issues related to the economy in the country.

 Deputy Special Representative of Secretary General UN Resident and Humanitarian Representative in South Sudan Mr. Eugene Owusu (L) and the Minister of Finance & Planning Stephen Dhieu Dau®Speaking to Reporters in Juba.(Photo: By Lindri Godfrey)

Speaking to Journalists, shortly after the meeting, Mr. Owusu they discussed areas of cooperation with the minister in a bid to explore avenues to help the unity government. Owusu said the ministry of finance is a critical partner in the pursuit of peace and plays an important role in engaging all stakeholders in recovery process as the country embarks on the path towards sustainable development.

He explained that the purpose of the courtesy call was to discuss with the minister on how to work together closely on the strategic areas, including national development strategy, critical economic reforms.  Owusu further explained how the partnership can be enhanced to leverage the Africa agenda and the global goals on sustainable development. 

Owusu said United Nations agencies, funds and programs remain committed to support the people and government of south Sudan. 

Owusu is also United Nations Development Program (UNDP) resident representative.  On his part, Minister Dhieu Dau thanked UNDP for supporting the government in oil sector, governance, rules of law and private sectors as well as development of youth and women. 

Dhieu assured government’s commitment to strengthen and deepen cooperation between UNDP and the ministry of finance.  He further appreciated UNDP for continued support and promise to work with all the UN family.

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Eastern Lakes Announces Additional Counties, New Commissioners

By Daniel Laat M’ Kon


Eastern Lakes State Governor Hon. Rin Tueny Mabor on Wednesday issued gubernatorial decrees obtained by The Nation Mirror on Friday for the creations of additional five Counties into three existing counties to give Eastern Lakes eight counties.

The newly created Eastern Lakes state is one among the 28 states created in 2015 by President Salva Kiir Mayardit”

Governor Rin also issued another separate decree that relieved commissioners and appointed new ones for Eastern Lakes State Magar Anyuon, Commissioner of Luo County Headquarters Nyang

Commissioner Manyang Luk was appointed as the Commissioner of Adoor County and the headquarters will be based inAdior, while Tong Kariom was appointed Commissioner of Yirol County where the headquarters will be based in Geng-Geng.

Governor Tueng Mabor in the same decrees appointed Commissioner Majak Kuot to head Aluakluak County,were headquarters will base in former Aluakluak Town of Yirol West County.

Commissioner Diardit Bol Dak, was named as the head of  Ngop County and the headquarters will be  based in Ngop Town while Madit Achiek was names Commissioner of Abang County where Abang will be the headquarters.

Former Aweirial was divided into two counties were Simon Jok Geng will lead Aweirial South with But-Agok named as headquarters’ and Andrew Ayiu Koro named Commissioner of Aweirial South County based in Mingkam/Guolyar.

The decree comes to effect on 17 August 2016 in Yirol town of Eastern Lakes state.

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Moving Story Of Health Students Stuck In Lainya

By Achol Achien Kiir


Two Students of Health Science Training Institute (HSTI) in Juba who paid courtesy visit to Lainya County recently said they are stuck with families in the bush and couldn’t access way out amidst severe humanitarian condition.

Last month, fighting erupted between two rival armies outside presidential palace killing more than hundreds and displaced 10,000 people. Since then the fighting spread to the outskirts of Juba, with mostly Juba-Yei road and Juba-Mundri road seriously affected.

Speaking to The Nation Mirror yesterday on phone, the two students separately said they are trying to get their way to come out of the bushes but in vain because of continued fighting.

Tabu Samson, a second year student said the major problem is to relocate from the main roads to either Yei or Kajo-Keji.

“I am not okay because the situation I am in is really not good, I am in the bush since the crisis and the IO and the government keep on clashing,” Tabu told The Nation Mirror.

“We are trying our best to come out if we can make it from here to Yei or Kajo-Keji so that we will also go and try our way to Juba,” Samson narrated in soft tone. Tabu when asked about where they got power that keeps their phones on, said they are moving in the bush with small solar and chargers that they use so that they get connected with their people and friends. 

The student confessed that only able people go back to Lainya town in search of food after trekking five to six miles in the bush.

 He recounted that the weather is very bad adding that it has threatened the lives of weak people and small children.

“This is a very bad situation, the weather is very cold and people are walking with small children,” he added.

Tabu noted that some of the people with kids were very sick and had no medical kits with them to rescue their situation.

“The crisis has much affected us and the whole civil population of Lainya County is in the bush,” he said.

Tabu however said the main road was very far from them and the distance they left was also very far. He narrated that he went with his brother who also went for holidays but the fighting caught them in Lainya together with their parents. Bakata Lasu, another second year student also in some parts of the bush said they have reached the main road toward Juba but didn’t get vehicles coming to Juba.

He said they are footing and the situation is bad for them with no vehicles which could help them adding that children were much affected.

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Greater Bahr Al Ghazal Fears Vicacell Disconnection

vivacel in point of sale in bor

By Daniel Laat M’ Kon


The states of Bahr al Ghazal regions are in fear of disconnection from South Sudan Mobile operating company Vivacell at any time due to fuel shortage and blockage that has hit Lanyi station that provide the region with network services.

Lanyi station is the general Centre that supplies the whole Bar al Gazal regions with Vivacell network service. The conflict that erupted in Juba 2013 till present has affected the civil population in many ways that force many companies to reduce their services and others are forced to close down service. The Vivacell network became a full fledge GSM operator in South Sudan in 2009. It is the only mobile operator to be headquartered in South Sudan. The Company currently operates in all states.

Director of Telecom and postal services in Western Lakes State, Paul Akim Makoion last Thursday said the network will stop its operations in Greater Bahr al Ghazal anytime. He said the current fighting between Sudan People Liberation Movement SPLM-IO and the government forces along the road have increased fuel shortages at Lanyi station that connects the whole Bahr al Ghazal region with Equatoria. Akim disclosed to The Nation Mirror that he was informed by the Centre manager on Thursday morning that Vivacell may be off service anytime.

Director Akim appealed to the citizen to be aware and don’t get shocked if the service disappears from their phone anytime. He called upon citizens to be patient and use MTN that will only remain working in Rumbek though the company also fears closing down anytime too.

Makoi assured people of Western Lakes State that the mobile network will resumes its service as soon as possible if roads become accessible from internal rebels and rains that has disconnected many roads from bringing goods and fuels.

“The two mobiles operating networks in South Sudan, Gemtel and Zain network have reduced their service in different parts of the country. Rumbek is amongst the states where many citizens miss two operators service for months now” Makoi said.

You can now use Vivacell in Uganda and Kenya through MTN Uganda and Safaricom Kenya. Vivacell have internet access for mobile phones. It offers credit transfer from phone to another phone. This Network is becoming increasingly popular as it has introduced a bonus scheme, where local calls became free for those making International calls, which attracted a lot of customers.

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Aweil State Launches Planting Of Over 500 Seedling

By Kawac Deng


Aweil state Governor, Ronald Ruai Deng, has launched the planting of more than 500 different types of seedling on Thursday, starting at the state council of ministers, state house road and to be carried out at state main roads.

Governor Ruai said the event is ultimate as it will go down in history of Aweil state to benefit the coming generations. He said the next generation will praise officials who initiated the project. “It is our motto with my Mayor, to keep Aweil clean and green,” says the Governor during the ceremony.

The Governor also said hunger is another challenge affecting the state communities. However, he added that the hunger will not come to an end unless state communities embark on agriculture to produce sufficient food at local levels.

On the other hand, Aweil state minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Awein Mawein Diing said the flood surges every year as result of mass clearance of trees in bushes in the state. She said growing trees protect land from erosion and gives them fertility.

“Trees stabilize the soil, prevent erosion, enhancer’s capacity to store water and temperature in the lands,” she revealed.

Aweil Parliament Acting Speaker, Kon Deng Chan welcomed the plan and urged line ministries and other government institutions to bring in their policies to the assembly for endorsement. “I call upon state ministers to prepare plans and bring them to state parliament for approval” he said. Simon Tong Deng, the Aweil Mayor, on his part called on every family across the state to plant at least two young trees. “We do this to make our city be green,” the Mayor explained.  

Speaking also in the launching party, the UNMISS State Coordinator, Ataklti Hailu, applauded the government for the historical achievement. He urged the Government to put plans ahead in managing issues affecting its citizens.

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Security Forces Guarding Freedom Bridge Construction Equipment, Makuei Assures


By Our Reporter


The construction of the Japanese funded Freedom Bridge which is currently suspended over insecurity will be finished by 2018 as scheduled, if the engineers return to the country, according to Government Spokesman and Minister of Information, Michael Makuei Lueth.

Makeui told journalists yesterday after the regular sitting of the council of ministers that a protection force is guarding the bridge’s construction equipment.

“She [the Minister of Roads and Bridges Rebecca Joshua Okwachi] assured us that all the equipment are not touched. There is a force which is there, protecting the equipment plus the South Sudanese who are employed by the company and working there, all these people are there and as such they expect that the work to resume as soon as these people[Japanese engineers] come back,” he said. 

Last Week, the Japanese Ambassador to Juba told The Nation Mirror that his Country has suspended major developmental programs in South Sudan including the construction of the Freedom Bridge along the Nile and the project for provision of clean Water in Juba city until “peace is back and security is ensured.”

Makeu said the council also resolved to form an economic committee headed by the Minister of Finance to visit Kenya “to discuss economic issues of concern.”

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FVP Gai Seeks Economic Support From Kenya


By Chuty Anyar


The First Vice President, General Taban Deng Gai has returned from the Kenyan capital Nairobi, where he has been heading high-level delegation to lobby with the region in regards to the deployment of regional protection force, as approved by the UNSC last Friday.

The FVP told media upon arrival at Juba International Airport that his visit to Nairobi was to seek economic support from President Uhuru Kenyatta administration to salvage the ailing country’s economy.

Akol Paul Kordit, deputy Minister of information who was among the delegation including the Minister of Defense and Veterans Affairs, Minister of Cabinet Affairs, top officials in the Ministry of National Security Services among others, explained that government delegation while in Nairobi presented economic packages plan to Kenya. He said the plan will be followed up technical committee agreed to be formed by both sisterly countries.

“We are grateful as government delegation that went to the Kenya led by first vice president and accompanied by TGoNU cabinet ministers.  The government of Kenya has shown us warm welcome and friendship,” Akol said.

Akol reiterated that the delegation has extended invitation to President Kenyatta to visit South Sudan within the coming period.

He stated that President Kenyatta who served a Special rapporteur of Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) promised to support people of South Sudan in rebuilding the nation through implementing the one year peace deal.

“Kenyatta has promised to continue supporting people of South Sudan and   transitional government of national unity until peace and stability return to the Country,” said Akol.

The deputy information Minister said President Kenyatta has welcomed the economic packages plan   and he will direct   relevant financial institutions to study the detail of package plan.

Akol revealed that the region and international community welcomed the move taken by president Kiir to continue implementing peace despite Machar’s absence.

Since the new first vice president took over the leadership of SPLM-IO, he has so far travel to two neighboring countries of Ethiopia and Kenya in search for peace and support.

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$ 6.7 Million For Food Importation To Be Investigated


By Chuty Anyar


The Secretary General of Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture, Simon Akuei Deng has vowed to investigate how $6.7 million meant for importing food to the country has been used by contracted companies. Deng revealed in a press conference yesterday that the government through Central Bank had approved 6.7 million US Dollars to 25 companies in July 2016 to import food to the Country to alleviate food   shortage in the country following renewed conflict.

“The government did not give Commercial Banks money but it availed hard currency to companies in exchange of local currency to enable them purchase essential food items from the neighboring Countries,” Akuei said.

The Secretary General underscored that the amount which was allocated by Central Bank was for emergency to alleviate the country out of food shortage and reduce   prices of food in the market since several shops were looted during the July fighting in Juba. “Some companies have complied with the procedure to supply what was   given them while others are still trying their way to complete the process because they are still having some issues with commercial Bank in transferring money,” Akuei explained.

According to Akuei, 3.25 million dollars were successfully transferred for importing food and nonfood items out of   6.7 million dollars allocated allocation while 3,450,000 dollars are still pending at commercial Banks.

“Those companies who will not comply according to the undertaking regulated by stakeholders will bear consequences. Some of the  Commercial  Banks  have cooperated  to release  the funds while others  banks  have frustrated  the process  and procedures to import food have stalled above 50 percent,”  said Akuei.

He warned Banks who might default the funds for their interest that they will be interrogated and if found guilty will be fined. The   members of Chamber of Commerce   has met and proposed that those who   will have misused the money   after the investigation will be held accountable and their companies will not be allowed once gain to get involved in future business.

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Overcrowding In Juba Central Prison Alarming


By Aleer P. David 


Designed to accommodate only 150 inmates, Juba Central Prison, the leading prisons centre in the country currently accommodates 1376 inmates about ten times beyond its carrying capacity, the Prison Director Brig. Gen. Michael Makuach has revealed.

 He said the prison was established in the colonial era by the British government and no other expansion program has been put in place to cater for the overwhelming population of prisoners. He said some people are being held for many years in detention for minor offences such as stealing mobile phones and goat’s head. Gen. Makuach decried lack of drugs for inmates.

 “We do not have enough drugs in the health center and ambulances to carry referred inmates to Juba Teaching Hospital for further management” he added.

The revelation followed the tour yesterday by the new Minister of Interior, Michael Changjiek to the facility.  Addressing the prison officials at the department headquarters at the welcoming ceremony, the deputy Director General in charge for Administration and Finance in South Sudan Prison Service, Lt. Gen. Andrew Monydeeng Kuot said his department is in dire need of help from the new administration in the ministry of interior. “We are very glad and happy to receive you in our poor environment today, because it is said “seeing is believing”, so that you witness by yourself” Monydeeng said. Gen. Monydeeng revealed food was also a problem in the prisons. He said about 21 contractors who used to supply food to the inmates were reluctant to avail food to the prison service because of their accumulated bills that have not been paid by the government. He said lack of enough food as a big problem which should be tackled.

 In an effort to alleviate the suffering of those living behind bars and production of enough food in the country, the government allocated 20 tractors to prison service this year so that prisoners can farm and feed themselves. However the above mentioned tools have not put into use going to solve the problem.  

The Director General of the Prison Service, Lt. Gen. Henry Kuany Aguar reported that many of the farms established were not currently functional due to insecurity across the country.

 “It is only Comrade Alfred Manyang, the director for Prison Service in Bor who had tried to do some farming but the crops were spoiled by floods” Gen. Kuany explained.

The Director highlighted that the prison had farms in Yei and Torit but have been shut down due to insecurity.

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