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I am Being Intimated Already: Gen. Paul Malong

The former SPLA Chief of General Staff, Gen. Paul Malong Awan, told SBS Radio Dinka that authorities in Juba are intimadating him. “I am being intimadated already. The only thing they have not done is dragging me out to be hung”, he said. Adding, “I will face it when that time comes”. Gen. Malong says he has been confined in a house arrest at his residence in Hamarat since he returned from Yirol.

Presidential spokesperson, Ateny Wek Ateny, earlier denied that Gen. Malong is under house arrest. But Malong says he has been placed under house arrest. He said that he sought permission from President Kiir to travel to identify through DNA test the body of his daughter killed in a dormitory that was gutted by fire in Moi Girls School in Nairobi. But President Kiir allegedly told Malong through a Minister in his Office, Hon. Mayiik Ayii, that his two deputies, Hon. Wani Igga and Hon. Taban Deng Gai have refused him to allow Malong to travel to Kenya. Observers say President Kiir alleged response to Gen. Malong's request begs the question on the country's chain of command. An attempt to reach the Ministerl Hon. Mayiik Ayii was unsuccessful as call went unanswered.

He also said he has not been released to travel to Kenya as alleged on the social media. “I have not been allowed to travel. If I were permitted to travel I would have been seen traveling to my family”, he said.  Gen. Malong spoke to media following rumor on the social media that President Kiir has given him permission to go to Kenya where his daughter was killed in the fire.

Former Army Chief, Gen. Paul Malong, left, his late daughter, Alakiir Malong, right. Pictured by Paanluel Wel

Gen. Malong denied the allegation that he used the war to acquire financial resources for his benefits.  He said he has not benefited from the war but rather fought the war in defense of the constitution. Malong says the only property he bought in Uganda was long time ago before he occupied the country’s army top post. “I acquired my house in Uganda way back before I become Chief of General Staff of SPLA. I have not bought any property in or during my tenure in SPLA. The documentations bearing the dates of acquisition of the property are available for verification”, Gen. Malong said.

Gen. Paul Malong Awan was a close ally of President Kiir, but his relationship turned sour when he allegedly defied presidential orders deploying soldiers to disrupt civilians planed protest. Gen. Malong was dismissed a week after government rolled tanks and armor vehicles on street of Juba frustrating civilians plan to protest against ongoing war and worsening economic condition. Gen. Malong left for his village in the night he was relieved of duties in army, but the security authorities deployed soldiers with armored vehicles blocking him from proceeding with his journey to Aweil, his home.

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