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SPLM Leaders Declined To Sign Reunification Roadmap


The leader of the SPLM Leaders also known as Former Political Detainees, Pa’gan Amum, has declined to sign a Reunification roadmap proposed by President Museveni. A source close to State House, says the SPLM Leaders “cited lack of inclusivity in the exercise as their main reason for declining to append their signature to the document”, he said.


The SPLM leaders say the roadmap isolates other key groups to the conflict and this according to them, would not yield the desired result. The IO spokesperson, Mabior Garang De Mabior, in a press release seen by the Nation Mirror says that the organization he speaks for was not invited though it is a signatory to Reunification Agreement. He added that SPLM IO is for the spirit of Agreement for Resolution of Conflict In South Sudan (ARCISS), as the main viable mechanism for a long lasting peace for of South Sudan. The organization lamented that Entebbe meeting did not give its leadership opportunity to peace process.


SPLM Delegations to Entebbe Meeting

A source close to State House said that the Former Political detainees believe the conflict of South Sudan has gone beyond SPLM and that any approach geared toward bringing solution should be inclusive. The armed oppositions groups namely SPLM-IO of Dr. Riek Machar, NAS of Thomas Cirilo, NDM of Dr. Lam Makol, among others have not been inclued in the invitation by President Museveni. President Museveni invitation specifically invites SPLM in the Government under President Salva Kiir, and SPLM-IO-Juba under Taban Deng and SPLM Leaders under Pa’gan Amum for re-energization of the Arusha Reunification Agreement. The invitation leaves out the armed groups fighting against government forces. Observers say the effort by President Museveni may not bring to a halt the fighting since the active members of the armed groups are isolated.


The Arusha Reunification Agreement was signed in 2015 with view of uniting SPLM and reinstating the members of SPLM in their previous positions prior to the abrupt of the violent conflict. But its implementation has been cumbersome as members of SPLM affected by the war blame President Salva Kiir of unwillingness to resolve the stalemate.


The main signatory to Arusha Reunification Agreement are SPLM-IG under President Salva Kiir, SPLM leaders under Pa’gan Amum, and SPLM-IO under Riek Machar. But the SPLM-IO split in 2016 bringing to being SPLM-IO-Juba, under Taban Deng now at the side of the government and SPLM-IO-Pagak now fighting against government forces.


In July 2016, J1 dogfight in involving forces of SPLM-IO and government forces abruptly halted the implementation reunification Agreement. Dr. Riek Machar accuses President Kiir and his former Chief negotiator, Taban Deng Gai of attempting a coup against him and seeking to end his life in July 2016. After the fighting Riek fled to Congo and latter went to South Africa for treatment. Dr. Riek is currently in South Africa under house arrest under unclear circumstance.


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