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Stop Illegal Detention, South Sudan Government Told

A South Sudan Human Right Observatory (SSHRO), called on the government of South Sudan to break from unlawful detention of citizens. The rights body issued a press statement following a release of Mr. George Livio, a journalist working for UN Radio, 101 Miraya FM, detained by State Security. Mr. Livio was held at the National Security detention facility for three years without being arraigned in court of law.

Mr. George Livio, a journalist with the UN’s Radio Miraya, has been released from unlawful detention in South Sudan, where he was held at a National Security facility incommunicado and in deplorable conditions for over 1,000 days without charges”, read in part the press released.

George Livio, Released Journalist

SSHRO says the government is systematically harassing, intimidating, oppressing the journalists in South Sudan and this, according to the organization, is sending “a chilling message to those seeking the truth, and… setting the stage for impunity”, read the press release.

Various Human Rights Organizations have previously raised concerns about violations of basic human liberties and restriction on media by the government of South Sudan.

SSHRO praised the government for releasing Mr. Livio from detention; however, the organization says it is extremely disappointed in government for unlawful detention of journalists and infringement of the freedom of media across the country.

“We commend the Government for Livio’s release but condemn the increasingly routine arbitrary detention of journalists on unfounded accusations. This seems a deliberate ploy to undermine press freedom for political reasons,” reads in part on press release.

SSHRO calls on the government of South Sudan to respect the institution of media and allows it to inform in the nation.

The Government must respect the crucial contribution of factual, objective and neutral media to keeping citizens informed and holding the powerful to account, especially under the current extraordinary circumstances”, the organization said.

SSHRO also calls on the government of South Sudan to release all the journalists and political prisoners still under detention in the country. The press release urges government to allow unrestricted access to all the locations of detention in the country to Red Cross. More so, calls on the International Community to compel South Sudan government to cease from the use of violence to silent media and dissenting voices.

South Sudan Human Rights Observatory (SSHRO) is a non-profit network of volunteers, comprises of South Sudanese and non-South Sudanese. Its mission is to gather human rights situation in South Sudan and disseminate the information thereof. The organization is comprised of different experts.

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