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M7 Did Not Invite IO-Pagak to Entebbe Meeting

The leadership of the SPLM-IO in Pagak says President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who recently initiated the reinvigoration of Arusha Reunification Agreement did not invite the SPLM-IO leadership. The spokesperson of SPLM-IO, Mabior Garang De Mabior, welcomes the initiative but wonders as why his organization was not invited since it is a signatory to Arusha Agreement. The meeting was aimed at recommitting the signatories of the Arusha Agreement to reunite the SPLM. However, Dr. Riek Machar, the leader of SPLM-IO, is a signatory to the Agreement, but neither him nor his deputy was invited to attend the meeting.

 Mabior Garang
Mabior Garang, IO Spokesperson

“In principle, the attempts by H.E. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to bring the warring parties of the SPLM together is commendable, any initiative for peace is a noble cause. However, the SPLM/SPLA (IO) never received an invitation to participate in this dialogue and if this dialogue was in the context of the Arusha Agreement, then the exclusion of one of the signatory to that Agreement may constitute a violation”, Mabior said.


The IO mouthpiece said, attempt to isolate some members of the opposition in the political process would further derail efforts to attaining peaceful settlement of the conflict.

“The marginalization of any political faction of the opposition will impede the process of reaching peace and this is demonstrated by President Salva Kiir’s actions in July, 2016; the facts of this are well documented”, he said.


Mabior Garang in a statement also said, the Meeting Held at State House at Entebbe, Uganda “Should have focus on ending the war, instead of focusing on SPLM reunification, which has clearly been overcome by events”.


The SPLM/SPLA-IO urged President Kaguta Museveni, to “use his dignified office to address the fundamental problem”, and avoid engaging in proposals which will bear no fruits. Mabior said, “The resuscitation of the Agreement must be based among many other reforms, security sector reforms and a quick roadmap for the constitutional making process and free and fair elections, and this has been the position of the Government of Uganda in the past”, he added.


Mabior emphasized that, “The failure to mediate in a transparent manner and in an all-inclusive context will never bring peace, it will only lead the civil populations of South Sudan to conclude that H.E. President Yoweri Museveni, has failed his moral responsibility towards the people of South Sudan”, he said.


Last week President Museveni invited the SPLM Leaders also known as Former Political Detainees under Pa’gan Amum, SPLM in the Government under President Salva Kiir, and SPLM-IO-Juba under Taban Deng to meet in Entebbe in Uganda with view of re-energizing the Arusha Reunification Agreement. However, Former Political Detainees declined to sign the resolution citing lack of inclusivity in the exercise. The Arusha Reunification Agreement reinstates the members of SPLM in their previous positions prior to the abrupt of the violent conflict. But its implementation has been cumbersome as members of SPLM affected by the war blame President Salva Kiir of unwillingness to resolve the stalemate.



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