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SPLM-IO Calls on M7 to Initiate Inclusive Peace Process


The leadership of the SPLM-IO called on President Museveni of Uganda to use in influence on President Salva Kiir Mayardit to revive the Agreement on Resolution of the Conflict of South Sudan (ARCISS). The IO spokesperson, Mabior Garang De Mabior, says that the organization he speaks for believes in the spirit of ARCISS as the only viable mechanism for a long lasting peace for of South Sudan.


The SPLM/SPLA IO believes in the spirit of the ARCISS as the only solution to the conflict in South Sudan. The Movement calls on H.E. President Yoweri Museveni, to use his leverage on President Salva Kiir, so that the initiation of a reinvigorated and inclusive political process can be achieved. This is the only way we can rescue the suffering people of South Sudan”, Mabior said in a press statement.

 President-MuseveniPresident Museveni

The SPLM/SPLA in Opposition says it is fully committed to the implementation of a negotiated peaceful settlement as the only instrument for the resolution of the South Sudanese conflict. The IO-Pagak stressed, it welcomes any new process that doesn’t isolate ARCISS. The movement says any efforts isolating ARCISS shall yield fruitless endeavors, and thus, it will not be party to it. According to the SPLM-IO Pagak, “The resuscitation of the ARCISS as the basis for this new political process”, is key to resolving current political crisis in the country.


IO-Pagak says despite its desires for peaceful resolution of the conflict it will defend itself should the government forces attack any of its garrisons.


“The Movement also takes this opportunity to assert our natural right of self-defense and our capability to restore law and order in the country through protracted struggle in the face of the expanding genocidal war by the regime in Juba”, said Mabior Garang.

Mabior Garang urged the government to abandon fruitless efforts but genuinely engage the oppositions with serious political process.


On Wednesday the National Army Spokesperson complained that government military convey suffered attack by the SPLM-IO Pagak forces. The ambush happened, despite the President Kiir declaration of unilateral ceasefire, he said. Also on Thursday IO-Pagak attacked government in Kaya forces killing senior officers before withdrawing.


Last week President Museveni invited the SPLM Leaders also known as Former Political Detainees under Pa’gan Amum, SPLM in the Government under President Salva Kiir, and SPLM-IO-Juba under Taban Deng to meet in Entebbe in Uganda with view of re-energizing the Arusha Reunification Agreement. However, Former Political Detainees declined to sign the resolution citing lack of inclusivity in the exercise. The Arusha Reunification Agreement seeks to reunite and reinstates the members of SPLM in their previous positions prior to the abrupt of the violent conflict. But its implementation has been cumbersome as members of SPLM affected by the war blame President Salva Kiir of unwillingness to resolve the stalemate. 

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