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South Sudan Pins hope on U.S. President Elect to Restore Peace

JUBA, Nov. 24 (The Nation Mirror) - South Sudan’s national leaders and citizens have pinned their hopes on U.S. President elect Donald Trump to support peace and reconciliation efforts in the world’s youngest republic.


The election of Trump as the American new leader on Nov. 8 caught many in the world by surprised, but not in South Sudan where government officials hope his election victory will bring change to American policy on South Sudan government. Obama’s administration occasionally criticized Kiir’s government for lack of political will to end violence conflict and alleviate the suffering of the people of South Sudan. President Salva Kiir sent the New York billionaire a congratulatory note after Trump won a hotly contested presidential election in the United States of Africa.

President Elect, Donald Trump

Kiir pledged to work closely with Trump to restore political stability and economic progress in South Sudan.President Kiir’s Press Secretary, Ateny Wek Ateny, told journalists recently that Juba anticipated cordial relationship with the Trump’s administration.

 “President Kiir is optimistic that a Trump administration will support our peace and reconciliation efforts in line with earlier commitments made by the U.S. government,” Ateny remarked.

Political commentators stressed that South Sudan should re-organize its foreign policy to tap into opportunities that a Trump administration might offer to Africa.

  “The government in Juba has an opportunity to reset bilateral cooperation with the new administration in Washington. It is vital that Juba rest diplomatic ties with Washington for the sake of our security and economic interests,” said Ariik Atekdit, a Juba based political commentator.


South Sudan has since December 2013 been engulfed in violence marred by ethnic targeting, rape, and pillaging leading to a large-scale humanitarian crisis in the country.The international community and neighboring countries have been spearheading efforts to restore elusive stability in South Sudan.

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