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Onyoti Urges Lawmakers To Work Towards Peace Implementation


By Garang Abraham Malak


The Member of Parliament representing Democratic Change party (DCP) in the transitional parliament, Onyoti Adigo Nyikwec has urged lawmakers to unite their ranks and work for unity of the war-torn country.   

Nyikwec exclusively told The Nation Mirror on Tuesday that there was need for parliamentarian to unite their ranks and avoid division along their political interest but work for the betterment of the nation. “Lawmakers should not be under the direction of the Executive since both are separate institutions, members of parliament needs unity for the nation prosper,” Nyikwec told this medium. “People need to collectively work together in order to solve issues affecting the country. When all the parliamentarians are committed and united, peace can prevail,” He added.

Since independence, the legislative arm of the government has been considered by government critic as rubber stamp. “If parliament is divided under the patronage of the Executive then that should not be called a parliament but a different house,” he stressed.  

He said parliament is the last hope of the masses that should advocate strong views reflecting citizen’s aspiration toward their government. The former minority leader in the then national legislative assembly appealed to armed forces to respect ceasefire and consider the suffering of masses countrywide. “Some people are living happily and enjoying while others are suffering moving day and night wondering what to eat and where to sleep,” he said.

 Onyoti stated that the constitution and the agreement are not in harmony and that it has caused heavy suffering to the local population. He further explained that the agreement and constitution are parallel and because of that people cannot prosper.

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