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Peace Can’t Be Achieved Without Political Will, Member Of Parliament Says

Hon Peter Longole Kuam Chairperson of Peace and Reconciliation in national Assembly

By Aleer P. David


The Committee for Peace and Reconciliation in the Assembly has observed that peace cannot be fully achieved without full cooperation of the concerned parties to the peace deal.

In an exclusive interview with the Nation Mirror yesterday, the Chairperson of the Committee in the Transitional National Legislative Assembly [TNLA], Peter Longole Kuam said the international community alone cannot bring lasting peace without political will from South Sudanese political leaders.

“The United Nations Security Council and the international are not enough to bring peace to this country without commitment from the people of South Sudan, without commitment from the government of South Sudan” Longole said. Longole said the leaders are the brain behind the people who are carrying guns and killing people on the roads and everywhere and if they are not ready for peace, the 4000 regional troops may not achieve the desired goals.

He encouraged the leaders to unite, embrace peace without reservations and persuade those who are fighting in their names to put down guns such that reconciliation becomes effective.

The SPLM/A IO whose former chairperson signed the peace agreement with the president  is divided into two camps; Some are still loyal to the former chairman ,Riek Machar and a big portion is loyal to the current chairman who is the first vice president ,Taban Deng. The former political detainees whose former Secretary of SPLM, Pagan Amum signed on their behalf and were awarded two ministerial positions are also divided.Kuam said his committee has found it hard to champion sustainable peace and reconcile the people and communities in South Sudan due to presence of too many guns in the hands of people who are not credited to have guns. He suggested prompt disarmament an important tool to establish lasting peace.

“These people who are holding guns were armed by us. Since we need peace we should design a way to disarm them peacefully”, Peter said. He appealed to the people of South Sudan including their leaders to forgive them and work hard to restore peace.

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