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TNLA Rejects Payment For 19 Months Salary Of Reinstated MPs

By Dach Agoth Mayen


The transitional national legislative assembly has rejected the demand by Members of Parliament who were reinstated recently to be paid 19 months salaries.

Around 27 MPs lost their seats after the outbreak of the violence following the December 2013 bloodletting war that claimed lives and materials in the country. Some of them were dismissed for absenteeism; others for allegedly joining the armed opposition, but then, they were reinstated this year in accordance with the August 2015 peace agreement.

After their reinstatement, the lawmakers petitioned the Legislature leadership, claiming unspecified amount of money. However, the leadership of the Transitional National Legislative Assembly has dismissed the payment request by the MPS, arguing the peace agreement does not stipulate it. The assembly made the position on Friday following the sitting to discuss on the matter.

According to the chairperson of the information committee in the assembly, Oliver Morri Benjamin, “There is no article in this agreement which gives any legitimacy to claim for the period of their absence,” “These very members who are asking for the 19-month salaries to be paid to them were not even considered as members by then until when they were brought back to their seats.”

Some members of parliament, particularly the Former Detainees, argued that they were moved to Nairobi by the Kenyan government and it was not their making to move out from the country but it was due to request by the Kenyan authority However, Morri stressed that the decision reached by the August house is the last and binding and no further claim on the matter. The amount of money claimed by the MPs was not revealed but was just rejected based on the agreement, he said.

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